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Save more with Black Friday parking in San Francisco

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Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Affordable Black Friday parking in San Francisco could be the perfect deal to kick off your holiday savings this year. Here’s all you need to know to ace San Francisco parking on Black Friday 2021.   

San Francisco is no stranger to parking troubles. The city is a regular on the list of Worst Cities for Parking in the USA. If not the frantic parking spot hunts, San Francisco parking tickets will scare you right off the streets. $20 garage space is any day better than an $80 parking fine. SFMTA hopes to improve the situation with pay-by-plate tech and demand-responsive meter pricing. But you can’t hang around waiting for miracles. The quick solution is to find your way around affordable San Francisco parking lots and garages – especially before the Black Friday shopping rush.   

If you are still willing to risk street parking in San Francisco on Black Friday, keep this in mind:  

San Francisco Black Friday Parking Rules  

You’ll spot ‘Day after Thanksgiving’ on SFMTA’s Holiday Enforcement Schedule, but it’s not a parking ticket-free holiday. All parking meters in the city, including color-capped ones, will be enforced. White, red, and blue zone rules are applicable, along with nightly street cleaning restrictions. But you will get a respite from parking rules applicable on RPP Zones, daytime street cleaning, and unmetered yellow and green zones. General parking time limits are also suspended on Black Friday.   

Make sure to check all parking signs posted on the street before leaving your car. Keep an eye out for temporary restrictions and demand-responsive pricing. Prices surge in busy neighborhoods during peak demand periods. Parking a few streets away from your shopping destination could help you find lower meter rates. However, keep track of the time limits and move your car before the meter expires. Multi-space parking Pay Stations feature pay-by-plate technology. If parked in these spots, you can remotely extend your meter limit using an app or another Pay Station.   

traffic on Market Street san francisco

Worrying about time limits and parking tickets will take all the fun out of your holiday shopping spree. Not the best bargain for Black Friday parking in San Francisco? Try…  

Affordable San Francisco Parking Deals  

High parking rates keeping you away from secure SF parking lots and garages? Take a look at this San Francisco parking ticket report, and you might change your mind right away. If not, here’s why you should:  

  • Parking at an off-street garage or lot not only helps you avoid parking tickets but also guarantees your car’s safety. Make sure to choose well-maintained parking lots with the latest security features.  
  • You can park for as long as you need without worrying about time limits and expired meters.   
  • Park anytime you need – want to get an early start? Find a 24×7 parking lot you can drive into before the crowd swells.   
  • Avoid the chaos at on-site parking lots and save more time. Parking away from the mall or store will help you enter/exit quickly.   
  • A short walk will also save you more on parking rates, as parking lots closest to the shops face high demand during the sale.   
  • Don’t drive up to the first parking lot you see near your shopping destination. Pre-book your Black Friday parking in San Francisco for the best deals at top-rated garages.  
  • Many parking lots and garages offer special rates and exclusive discounts on online reservations. The key is to book a spot on parking apps or websites like Way.com at the earliest.   

San Francisco Shopping Destinations  

Black friday parking in San Francisco downtown

Union Square is San Francisco’s go-to shopping destination. Luxury and commercial stores surround the plaza. Macy’s is kicking off Black Friday sales early this year, and you can pre-book the best Macy’s Union Square parking spots online right now.   

Westfield Mall is only five blocks from Union Square, at Market and Fifth Street. There are over 100 shops and restaurants at this indoor shopping center, and you can expect to spend more than a couple of hours exploring the five floors of retail stores. For Westfield San Francisco Black Friday parking, check out these SoMa parking tips and tricks.   

If you are headed to the waterfront, souvenir shopping at Pier 39 is great to pick up unique gifts and get away from the Black Friday rush in the city. However, it is a tourist destination, and finding Pier 39 parking would be easier online.   

Embarcadero Center is just across from the Ferry Building. If you plan to shop outdoors, it’s a good option – check out affordable San Francisco Ferry Building parking spots for a hassle-free experience.  

If you have any other San Francisco Black Friday shopping destination, don’t wait – get on Way.com now and find the best parking deal near you.   

Black Friday parking in San Francisco  Banner Way.com

Start your holiday savings early with Black Friday parking in San Francisco! Get the best bargains right here on your screen and book a guaranteed spot near the city’s top shopping destinations.  

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