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Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEATAC) Parking Guide

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Your Guide to SeaTac Parking Rates and Options

At the Seattle Tacoma Intercontinental Airport, you have an abundance of parking options, including daily and hourly parking options, and both can be found near the terminals. There are also loads of SEA Parking lots that offer contactless parking spots for rates way cheaper than the official lots. 

Seatac Parking Options

airport parking seatac

There are around 13,000 parking spots at the SeaTac Airport. This includes both short-term and long-term SeaTac parking. The Southern and Northern hourly parking lots are towards the entrance of the domestic terminals, which ensures that you can get to your destination quickly and safely. People who are going to be at the airport for the short term can choose to park at the hourly parking lot, especially if they are coming to pick someone up or drop them at the airport.

However, there are times when you need to leave your car parked at the airport for a whole day or even several days. In such cases, then you can choose to park at the SeaTac economy parking or daily parking lots.

SeaTac Parking Rates

SeaTac parking rates range from $6 for General Parking to more than $34 per day on the Terminal Parking floor.

Here’s the list of parking rates for both short-term parking and long term parking at SeaTac airport:

Short-Term SeaTac Parking Rates

SeaTac General Airport Parking (Floors 1-3, 5-8):Hourly$6
SeaTac Terminal Direct Parking (Floor 4):Hourly$7

Long-Term SeaTac Parking Rates

There are several options available to travelers when it comes to long-term parking at SeaTac International Airport.

SeaTac Off-Site Airport Parking:Daily$5-$7
SeaTac General Airport Parking (Floors 1-3, 5-8):Daily$34
SeaTac Terminal Direct Parking (Floor 4):Daily$42

Seatac airport lounges
The Seattle-Tacoma Airport, also called SeaTac, was built during World War II and is the 9th busiest airport in the United States. The SeaTac airport serves the western Washington area and is located about 7 miles towards the south of Seattle. The airport routinely sees a lot of passengers go through its doors. However, it isn’t the biggest airport in terms of size, as it only covers about 4 square miles.

The airport has daily flights to cities in Asia, the Middle East, and North America, and it is the main base of operations for Alaska Airlines, which has its headquarters near the airport. The SeaTac airport is the only major commercial airport that is serving the Seattle and Tacoma metropolitan area.

There are plenty of SeaTac parking spaces available both at the airport and at several off-site garages and lots that are located near the airport. This SeaTac parking guide is designed to help all travelers to the SeaTac airport find the best airport parking options, depending on their personal preferences.

About Seattle Airport Parking

The Seattle Airport is 15 miles from downtown Seattle. This makes rideshares to SeaTac uber expensive (pun intended!) and driving down to the airport the most inexpensive option. Of course, to really save some money, you’ll have to find affordable SeaTac parking. If you were looking for a comprehensive parking guide for the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, you have come to the right place because you’ll find info on how to find safe SEA parking, Seattle Airport parking maps, SeaTac Airport parking rates, short-term and long-term parking options, right here. 

Parking Options near Seatac Airport

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Things to do at Seattle Airport

The best thing about Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is that there is an extensive array of things you can do at the airport. There are modern amenities aplenty here. Its modern layout and many entertaining features ensure your stay at the airport will be a pleasant one. Checking out the local artwork, dining at the many local restaurants, indulging in a massage chair, and shopping at high-end boutiques—there is something for everyone here.

Even music fans can catch some live music at the airport, as live performances are scheduled throughout the week at all the terminals. You can also check out the schedule to find out where these performances are taking place and get some extra excitement before your flight. Here are some of the more interesting things you can try out at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport:

Hanging Out at Central Terminal

The Central Terminal underwent significant upgrades during the mid-2000s, and that has transformed the comfort appeal and aesthetic of the SeaTac airport. The new layout is bright and open, with a giant wall of windows lined up on one side and offer stunning views of the planes landing and taking off. It is a great place to hang out with kids. The best part is that there is free Wi-Fi available throughout the terminal to stay connected with the outside world. You can easily find a great place to nap near the many windows by pulling up a rocking chair alongside it and dozing off.

Shopping Options Galore

There are plenty of shops at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport—standalone and unique shops mixed with standard airport bookstores and duty-free shops. If you’re looking for artistic jewelry, dĂ©cor, gifts, and novelties, head on over to Fireworks at the main terminal where most of these items have been created by local artists. The Ex Officio is a great place for outdoorsmen and women that love to shop for travel clothing and accessories. Other airport shops include an aviation shop named Planewear and a high-end MAC makeup boutique.

Dining Options at the Airport

One of the best things about the Seattle-Tacoma International airport is that it offers an extensive range of dining options for travelers. The food court at the SeaTac airport provides the standard fast-food options like Sbarro Pizza and Pasta, Qdoba Grill, and McDonald’s. However, there is much more variety available for food lovers, including many fabulous lounges and restaurants serving local food sprinkled all over the airport.

The best out of the bunch is Anthony’s Restaurant and Fish Bar, which provides fresh shellfish and fish. There is a wine bar chain named Vino Volo that sources and provides small servings of local wines. You can also try out signature cocktails and upscale burgers at the Rel’Lish Burger Lounge.

The SeaTac Airport Parking Guide

The Seattle Tacoma International Airport has several parking spots with multiple locations for drivers to choose from. The airport has around 2 parking options inside the premises and multiple parking options in off-site lots and garages located near and around the airport.

Since most travelers are in a hurry and preoccupied when they visit the Seattle Tacoma International Airport, they are guilty of neglecting the importance of parking in the overall package. Parking your car in designated spots not only saves you from tickets down the line but also ensures that your car is safe and sound. You can also park your car in a long-term parking spot as you travel outside the country. You can then pick up your car on the way back.

The abundance of parking options available to travelers at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport means that they will not have to wait around to park their vehicles. There are massive lots situated close to the airport. The massive number of passengers that the airport sees regularly means that there are times when things can get a bit chaotic and tricky when it comes to parking your vehicle. This is why we have created this SeaTac International Airport parking guide. It will assist all travelers and passengers coming to the airport to help park their cars without experiencing any problems.

This guide is designed to provide you with all the basic Seattle Airport parking options that are available onsite as well as provide you with off-site SeaTac parking options. The SeaTac airport parking guide will consist of important information about parking reservation services and long-term and short-term parking options.

Seatac airport parking

Where is SeaTac Airport located?

SeaTac Airport is located at 17801 International Blvd, Seattle, WA – 98158. SeaTac Airport can also be contacted by calling (206) – 787 – 5388.

SEA Parking Map

Main Seattle Airport Parking Map


SeaTac Airport Parking Map


SeaTac Airport Parking Information, Discounts, and Coupons

Based on the rates we have posted above, we expect you to know how expensive parking can be at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport by now. The rates are bound to go further if you’re planning to park your car for an extended period. The best way to save on parking fees is by snagging a coupon for SeaTac parking. 

Considering the high cost of Seattle Airport parking, it is vital that you look around to save on the costs by getting updates on promotions and keeping track of discount offers available through different portals. Here we have mentioned some of the resources, discounts, and SeaTac parking coupons you can use to ensure that parking is affordable for you at the airport:


The official page for the Airport will have a lot of information related to parking available around the clock. This information will help you keep track of promotions that can lower the cost of parking. The airport also has a web page used to keep travelers updated with flight information and boarding times. The official page for the Seattle Tacoma International Airport can find ongoing parking promotions before you head to the airport. Just scan the page for a while and see if there are any promotions that you could otherwise have missed. If you’re going by luck, chances are that you will spot a discount or promotion offer.


Way, a car parking reservation service, offers travelers with several car parking options and premium rates. You can select a rate that is most affordable to you. You can always find a car parking spot if you book one from their website.

Once you have booked a car parking spot, you’ll get an online reservation, which you can use to access the car parking facility. You can download their free app on your iPhone or Android device. The app will make it easier for you to book a SeaTac parking spot anywhere you are in the world.

Final Word on Seattle Airport

There is parking for everyone at Seattle Tacoma International Airport, and the good news is that all types of vehicles will find parking here. There is over 48 electric vehicle charging stations that are located on the 4th and 5th floors of the airport parking garage. Drivers can charge their cars for free, but they will be subjected to the standard parking rates. There is also motorcycle parking available here, and the parking rates for this are the same as the cars.

For drivers with cars that exceed the height charge, there are parking spots available in the over-height parking area in the airport. You can find out this area by checking out the over-height parking signs at the airport. There is also an extended parking facility offered to drivers with SeaTac, offering extended parking options like weekly and monthly parking rates. You will need to sign-up for monthly parking, but the weekly parking rates will apply automatically.

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