San Francisco (SFO) International Airport Parking Guide

Rates and Options for Parking at the San Francisco Airport

Here is a look at the short term parking rates to expect at San Francisco International Airport.

Short-Term SFO Airport Parking Rates

Garage Time Rate
SFO Domestic Parking Garage Per 15 minutes $2
SFO Airport Long-Term Parking Garage Per 15 minutes $2

SFO Terminal Parking Rates

Garage Time Rate
SFO International Parking Garage (Garage A and G) Per 15 minutes $2

Long-Term SFO Airport Parking Rates

Garage Time Rate
SFO Long Term Parking Garage and Lot Per day $25
SFO Domestic Parking Garage Per Day $36
SFO International Parking Garages (Garage A and G) Per Day $36
SFO ParkVALET Per Day $45
After 24 hours Per 15 Minutes $2

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San Francisco International Airport is a world-class international airport, which is located 13 miles south of downtown San Francisco, California, United States. It is in the unincorporated San Mateo County near San Bruno and Milbrae. While the airport is essentially located in San Mateo County, it is managed by the San Francisco City and County.

San Francisco International Airport is the largest airport in the Northern California region. After the Los Angeles International airport, this is the second-busiest international airport in the state of California. It also serves as the fifth largest hub for the United Airlines. United Airlines considers this international airport their premier gateway to the Pacific. The airport also serves as a hub for Alaska Airlines.

Serving approximately 56 million domestic and international passengers annually, San Francisco International Airport is among the 10 largest airports in the United States and one of the 25 busiest airports in the world. When you look at the airports in the Bay Area, San Francisco International Airport is the largest one. This is one of the busiest airports in the United States and it handles a lot of flights every year.

In recognition of its outstanding facilities and exceptional service, San Francisco International Airport has received several local, national and international awards. This includes the likes of the SkyTrax Passengers’ 2018 Passengers Choice Award for providing the best customer service in a North American Airport. It also won the California Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award in 2017 for sustainability. This is the highest environmental award that the state of California bestows on any institutions.

Considering how busy international airports can be, parking can be a big concern for most people. However, the good news is that there are a lot of parking spaces available for use at San Francisco International Airport.

This guide has been designed in order to help you find the best possible parking options depending on your schedule and preference. If you are looking for a comprehensive guide to find the best parking spot, based on your needs, at San Francisco International Airport, you have come to the right place. You will find no better resource for information about parking rates, details on permanent and temporary parking spaces, maps, tips and things that you can do while waiting at the airport.

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Information About San Francisco International Airport

Being one of the busiest international airports in the world, San Francisco International has to accommodate a lot of people that spend plenty of time there for a number of reasons. Whether you’re at the airport because of a long layover, to take a flight off somewhere, see off relatives flying out of the country or pick some guests up, there are many facilities at the airport to make your time there enjoyable. There is a reason why this airport won the Passenger’s Choice Award for the best customer service in 2017. Let’s take a look at the things you can do while you wait at San Francisco International Airport.

Eating Options

San Francisco International Airport has an award-winning program when it comes to culinary options. In fact, the airport is upsetting the trend of underwhelming and overpriced food at airports. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick lunch, a sit down dinner or a hearty breakfast, this airport has something for you.

There are particular standouts for an amazing culinary experience at the airport. Napa Farms Market has a sizable selection of both pizzas and rotisseries. It has plenty of go-to options to choose from including tout sweet pastries, acme bread and Cowgirl Creamery Cheese. You can find this place in Terminal 2 after the security retail area. Koi Palace Express has expanded its presence to the San Francisco International Airport. You get to enjoy their classic dim sum, noodle soup, roasted duck and chicken among many other things right at the airport. Find it in the food court near the entrance to Gates 80-90 and the International Terminal Main Hall food court near the Boarding Area G.

With so many places to choose from and so little space to write about, the last notable entry for an amazing culinary experience at San Francisco International Airport is the SF Giants Clubhouse. An ode to everyone’s favorite baseball team, this place features a digital wall which shows sports, news, movies and has an interactive entertainment space to make your time there fun while you wait for the scrumptious food. Find this place near Terminal 3 Boarding Area F near the Gate 82. Enjoy ballpark specialties like Gilroy Garlic Fries and Crazy Crab sandwiches, among many more items.

Drinking Options

For people waiting at the airport for too long, the best thing to do is grab a cold one or your favorite alcoholic beverage while you bide the time. Luckily, there are some amazing bars at San Francisco International Airport where you can enjoy what you want.

The only late night option you have in the International Terminal at the airport is the Andale Mexican Bar and Restaurant. Open until midnight, this bar and restaurant is a sigh of relief when you see the departure board display a long delay time for your flight. You can help yourself to a spicy bloody Mary while you enjoy a breakfast burrito at 11 pm because they’ll serve that to you throughout the time they’re open. Find it in the International Terminal in Concourse G near the gate G91; you’re sure to have a good time there.

If you’re in Terminal 1 flying with Delta, Northwest or Frontier Airlines, you have just one option for a full service bar: Perry’s. It’s the only real place you’d want to go to get yourself a drink. A long standing San Francisco tradition, Perry’s was founded in ’69 on Union Street. Strong drinks, a large variety of beer and fast service at the bar are what this place is famous for. What else do you need?

Oh and if you’re looking to purchase a quick gift bottle of the finest Napa wine on your way to wherever it is you’re going, you can pop into Napa Farms Market. They have a pretty good selection of Napa wine that you can sip on with your food while you wait. Terminal 2, after the security retail area is where you’ll find this place.

Things To Do

If you’re not much of a fan of drinking your airport anxiety away and your tummy’s full, you shouldn’t worry about getting bored. There are plenty of other things that you can do to while away your time at San Francisco International Airport. It hosts everything from a museum to art exhibits, a library, an aquarium, musical events and even a yoga studio. All of these places are accessible quickly through the Bay Area Rapid Transport (BART).

You want to take those annoying ear buds off and enjoy some live music while you spend your time at the airport? It’s possible! You can enjoy a range of musical performances from live jazz to pop and even folk music. The “You Are Hear” program on Fridays will make your waiting time worth it. Here’s some detailed information about locations and schedules so you can choose what you want to go for.

The aquarium in Terminal 1 is a particular favorite with the kids but adults enjoy it just as much as the little ones. You can expect to see everything from a Phillipine coral reef to animals from tropical rain forests. They are all displayed in three display cases on the wall which have their own controlled environments. Expect wildlife from the marine life, fresh waters and the Amazon rain forest there.

Aviation enthusiasts can seriously nerd out at the San Francisco Airport Commission Aviation Library and the Louis A. Turpen Aviation Museum. They’re in the International Terminal’s Main Hall and they have a very big collection. Everything from photographs, literature to actual artifacts on the commercial aviation history, are there on display. Then there are many other exhibitions across the terminal where you can enjoy ancient arts to pop culture and even Italian motorbikes. Take your pick and you will see it there. Did we mention that San Francisco International Airport has the first ever accredited Museum at any airport?

Travelling is pretty stressful. If you want to let it all out and just relax, the yoga room in Terminal 2 is just waiting for you. Painted blue, lit dim, hardwood-floored and a spacious 150 square yard of bliss equipped with mats and a mirror. You’ll almost forget you’re even at an airport.

Airport Lounges

For those who want to just lounge around at the airport while waiting for your flight, you will have a pretty good time at the San Francisco International Airport lounges. Enjoy the AmEx Centurion Lounge. The food they offer is much better than other lounges, their bar is pretty well stocked and the bar tender does not skimp with the champagne pours.

Then there is of course, the United Polaris Lounge. The food and service are great, while the bar has a good selection of wine from Merlot to Malbec and offers plenty of space with two floors and amenities to help passengers rest up, relax and recharge. If you have plenty of time at the airport, you should really get something to eat in their dining room. Their shrimp cakes are to die for.

Where is San Francisco Airport located?

San Francisco SFO airport is located at San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, CA, 94128. SFO airport can also be contacted by calling +1 650 821 8211 or 1 800 435 9736.

Online SFO Airport Parking Reservations

One of the most convenient methods to find yourself a parking spot is none other than This easy-to-use online platform makes life more convenient. There is a selection of parking available for purchase online through this website. Just use any mobile device browser, your desktop browser or even the app to book your parking spot before you even get there.

San Francisco Airport Parking Maps

Main San Francisco Airport Parking Map


San Francisco Airport Parking Maps

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