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Six Unique Car Wash Locations

  • Cars Explained
  • Jeannie Assimos
  • 3 minutes

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Car washes that offer fun and enjoyable experiences for both those washing their cars, as well as those watching it happen, can be found all over. From the simple home-style car wash with no added frills to full blown safari style parks. Complete with splash pools, food courts and more than a few activities for children and adults alike. Finding a car wash that fits your budget and lifestyle has never been easier, and the following six unique car washes are just as diverse as they come.

Jurassic Car Wash in Austin, TX
If you’re a Dino-Evolution enthusiast and absolutely love dinosaurs, don’t miss Jurassic Car Wash. Located on South Lamar Boulevard between Mopac and Barton Skyway, the car wash is actually directly next to an indoor playground for children, as well as a full-scale replica of a dinosaur fossil dig site where kids can hunt for bones and fossils.

Happy Bays Car Wash in Sanford, FL
Located on the corner of Water Oak Way and Water Oak Court, Sanford, FL is home to one of the happiest car washes in the state with a 1950s theme. Not only is it an incredibly affordable car wash located directly across from a Winn-Dixie grocery store for those who want to pick up their groceries after they’ve gotten their vehicle sparkling clean. It also hosts a giant playground, full arcade room and restaurant where you can grab an affordable meal after dropping off your car.

Car Wash at SeaWorld Orlando
The world’s largest marine life theme park offers an experience for those who love their vehicles almost as much as their pets. With three different off-site car wash packages to choose from, SeaWorld will help keep your car spotless and shining as brightly as Shamu.

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Car Wash by Splash Kingdom
A car wash that will not only take care of your car like any other, but also features an entire theme park and place to grab a bite to eat after, look no further than the Splash Kingdom Car Wash. This DFW institution is visited by children and adults alike who enjoy splashing around in the giant water playground before and after their car is spic-and-span. According to a theme park’s PR Agency, the total experience takes approximately two hours, so plan accordingly. If you are in an absolute hurry, you can take advantage of the 10 minute express exterior car wash that is offered with every visit to Splash Kingdom.

Grand Prize Car Wash at Cedar Hill, TX
Looking for something closer than Splash Kingdom but still want to get your car clean while enjoying a few simple, classic carnival attractions, consider visiting the Grand Prize Car Wash in Cedar Hills. While there isn’t a single splash pool or food stand to be found here, but this car wash does offer 10 token-operated carnival games where you can win tickets for various prizes from the prize counter, including an unlimited free car wash.

Green Forest Car Wash in Hawthorne, CA
This car wash features a jungle theme with monkeys, giraffes, elephants, and more. They have over five locations to choose from, including their fun-filled Las Vegas and San Pedro car washes.

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