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Efficiency Meets Style: A Review of the Smallest Toyota SUV

  • Cars Explained
  • Evelyn Brown
  • 3 minutes

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When it comes to SUVs, size doesn’t always equate to superiority. Larger crossovers and truck-based SUVs can, in fact, be behemoths with costly maintenance and less-than-stellar aesthetics. For most drivers, opting for a smaller SUV would be a smarter choice unless you require a people-hauler or a robust vehicle capable of towing heavy loads. When it comes to subcompact SUVs, the smallest Toyota SUV might be a great choice!

The compact Toyota C-HR may be petite, measuring in at a mere 172.6 inches with a cozy quintet seating, but it is not the only smallest Toyota SUV. Stick with us till the end of this article to unleash all the aspects of the smallest SUV in Toyota’s arsenal!

Smallest Toyota SUV - Car Expenses

Pros and Cons of Toyota C-HR: The Smallest Toyota SUV  

Toyota’s C-HR is a subcompact crossover that easily outshines its competitors. Measuring a mere 61.6 inches in width and 172.6 inches in height, it is indeed a spunky hatchback. It is even more petite than their much-loved Prius. Its youthful appearance and sleek, sporty finish certainly makes it stand out from the rest.  

The smallest Toyota SUV also boasts an advanced hybrid system. It seamlessly switches between electric and gasoline power to provide maximum fuel efficiency. It is perfect for urban drivers who value efficiency, performance, and innovation. Moreover, this vehicle combines the latest technology alongside an eye-catching design. 

Just like all the other Toyota models, the C-HR comes equipped with Toyota’s top-notch Safety Sense 2.5 driver assistance package. Unfortunately, its sluggish acceleration and the engine’s weak performance leave so much void for the manufacturers to fill up. All this makes it a slow-moving, albeit stylish option for a compact SUV. 

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Other Compact SUVs Manufactured by Toyota 

While the C-HR takes the crown as the minuscule prince of Toyota’s SUVs, it is not the only compact option in the lineup. The Corolla Cross puts a playful spin on the beloved Corolla sedan, adding a lift gate and sporty handling to the mix. With a 169-hp engine and a respectable 25.5 cubic feet of cargo space, it’s a step up from the C-HR in terms of performance.

Meanwhile, the RAV4 takes the cake as Toyota’s star SUV, boasting practicality, comfort, and safety in one. With generous cargo space and quick acceleration, the RAV4 outshines its smaller counterparts. moreover, its hybrid powertrain options deliver excellent performance and fuel economy. 

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What does C-HR stand for? 

The term C-HR stands for “Compact High Rider.” From that aspect, Toyota’s C-HR is a car that defies categorization and combines the sleek lines of a coupe. With the elevated ride of an SUV, it blends the best features of two different automotive worlds. 

What is the MSRP of the Toyota C-HR? 

This vehicle can be yours to own at a price point of approximately $24,280, including the destination charge. 

Will Toyota discontinue C-HR in 2023? 

Toyota has announced that its smallest SUV, the C-HR will bid farewell to the U.S. and Canada in 2023. The Corolla Cross subcompact crossover and RAV4 compact crossover, will be the ideal alternatives to the beloved C-HR.

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