John Wayne (SNA) Airport Parking Guide

Rates and Options for Parking at John Wayne Airport

Short-Term Parking at SNA

There are four parking structures that are conveniently located next to the airport terminal. Visitors will have to pay $2 per hour up to $20 per hour for parking for a 24-hour period. Parking lots are open from 4:30am and close at midnight. Those visitors for Terminal a can use lots A1 and A2 (Delta Airlines, American Airways and WestJet), while parking lot B2 serves visitors for Terminal B (United Airlines and Alaska Airlines). Lot C is used for Southwest Airlines and Frontier Airlines.

There’s also curbside valet parking which is accessible at the upper, department level in front of Riley Terminal. Service opens at 5:00am and will cost $10 for an hour and $30 for a 24-hour period. FlashValet service also provides vehicle pick-up and drop-off via text messages. FlashValet also offers a car wash service along with auto detailing for passengers.

Those who are at SNA to pick up passengers can take advantage of the 2-hour parking facilities offered at lots A1, B2 and C, which are located on the lower spaces next to the terminal entrance. Visitors are also allowed to wait in their vehicles temporarily at the cell phone waiting lot, which is located at the corner of MacArthur Boulevard and Campus Drive. The cell phone waiting lot only offers 18 spaces free of charge, which means you need to contact the airport to check for availability.

Long-Term Parking at SNA

Those who are looking for cheap long-term parking at John Wayne Airport should expect to pay around $4.95 per day for basic, exterior parking spaces, while indoor or valet services will cost $7 per day. The best part about finding parking space at SNA is that most of the parking lots are located within a short 5 to 10-minute drive to the terminal. There are also shuttles which operate 24/7 to keep foot traffic circulating throughout the airport. Operators offer free shuttle service to and from terminals, the duration of their service will depend on the traffic conditions.

Located 35 miles south of city of Los Angeles, the John Wayne International Airport (SNA) serves the Orange County area. The airport, also known as Orange County Airport, is considered to be one of the busiest airports in the United States. Since the airport is located within the Santa Ana municipality, it is also known as Santa Ana Airport. The John Wayne International Airport (SNA) is seen as a convenient alternative to the overcrowded Los Angeles Airport.

The John Wayne International Airport is the only commercial airport service operating in Orange County, California. The airport serves more than 3 million people who reside in the 34 cities within Orange County, California and a total of 10 million passengers every year.

In 2018, the total number of landings and take-offs at SNA reached 25,000, which were mainly to 20 non-stop destinations within the US and to Canada and Mexico. The largest airlines operating from the airport are American Airlines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Southwest Airlines.

SNA is one of the two airports in Orange County that accommodate general aviation. It’s served by two fixed base operators and one limited use generation aviation facility, and is also home to more than 450 aircrafts. Spreading over an area of 500 acres, the SNA has two runways, a 5,700-foot main runway, and a 2,887-foot general aviation runway that serves private and commercial aircrafts.

The airport has three terminals. .Passengers can use one of the 8 boarding gates in Terminal A and 15 boarding gates in Terminal B, while Terminal C hosts boarding gates 15 to 22, with boarding gates 22A, 22B and 22C reserved for Southwest Airlines and Frontier Airlines.

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John Wayne Airport – A History

The history of the John Wayne International Airport, also known as Santa Ana Airport or SNA, is even more colorful than its famous namesake. The first airport that was built in Orange County back in 1923 started out as a private landing strip, built by aviation pioneer Eddie Martin on a piece of land owned by the Irvine Company, which is now the 55 Freeway and MacArthur Boulevard. This is the same year that Eddie Martin also founded Martin Aviation, which is one of the country’s oldest aviation firms. Back then, the airport was known as the Eddie Martin Airport, and it was from here that the legendary aviator Howard Hughes staged his world record-setting speed flight.

The county eventually planned to build a new airport nearby Called Orange County Airport, which came at a cost of $50,000. Construction for the new airport began in 1941, and opened for business in the same year. Soon after, war broke and the airport was taken over by Army Air Corps, which they named Santa Anna Army Airdrome. The army had also built a number of buildings and barracks and extended the runways during this period, which lasted until 1946.

From 1950 to 1959, the airport was well-known as the venue for drag racing aka the Santa Ana Drag Strip, which was the world’s first commercial drag strip which was using an airport runway. In 1967, the Eddie Martin Terminal was constructed. The 22,000 square foot terminal could accommodate up to 400,000 passengers at a time. Fast-forward to 1979, and the airport was renamed to John Wayne Airport in honor Orange County’s most famous resident. To mark the event, a 9-foot tall bronze statue was commissioned by John Wayne Associates. Today, passengers and visitors can see the statue of “The Duke” on arrival level at the airport’s Thomas F. Riley Terminal.

In 2011, the John Wayne International Airport was named a local history civil engineering landmark by the American Society of Civil Engineers and is one of only three airports worldwide that’s been bestowed with this honor.

John Wayne Airport — Facilities

Considering the small size of the airport, the small size works in its favor. This means you won’t have to look far to find good food options while you’re there. The food that’s available in these eateries are also reasonably priced, as compared to other airports. There’s also plenty of options in beverages, with the Belgian Beer Bar and the Vino Volo wine lounge serving delicious brews.

All three terminals are conveniently located at close proximity with one another, which is convenient and makes them easier to find. Some of the additional facilities that SNA provides include, wheel-chair rental service, art exhibitions, baby care rooms, electric power outlets, telecommunication devices for deaf passengers and visitors, and an animal relief area. Baby care room is well-equipped and located next to Terminal B. Those who are travelling with pets can access the animal relief area located on the first level just outside Terminal A and Terminal C, and along the secure side of the main terminal close to Gates 12 and 13.

Other facilities which makes John Wayne International Airport unique is that it hosts a rotating selection of exhibits, which include three-dimensional sculptures called ‘The Flight of Ideas.” The University of California, Irvine also focuses on the institution’s success for the past 50 years. SNA also has an airport arts council that sponsors the Student Art Contest and Exhibition which is held annually.

For those passengers or visitors with extra time on their hands, one interesting place to visit while at SNA is the Lyon Museum which was founded by Major General William Lyon in 2009. The museum is located in a hangar on the west side of the airport and is focused on World War II military vehicles and aircraft. The museum also hosts the Collings Foundation, which is an annual flight experience program that takes place every spring. The event gives the general public the opportunity to fly in the iconic Boeing B-17 Fortress or a B-24 Liberator. For a limited time each year, the museum also features a rotating selection of the many antique cars that were owned by General Lyon.

The airport is also home to a nine-foot tall bronze statue of the airport’s namesake, John Wayne, which is a memorial for the famed Hollywood actor who was among the top box office draws for three decades until his passing in 1979.The statue which can be viewed in the terminal’s arrival area is made up of two tiers and visitors are even allowed to touch it.While the airport closes at midnight, due to local ordinances on engine noise, many travelers prefer SNA because of its close proximity to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm, which are both just a few minutes away.

The entrance to the airport is at the city of Irvine, California, which borders the airport from north to east, while the Costa Mesa municipalities and Newport Beach borders it from south to west. John Wayne Airport is accessible from the San Diego Freeway (I-405) and the Costa Mesa Freeway (SR-55) along with the San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor Toll Road (SR-73). It is important to note that cash tolling is not accepted on the Toll Road in Orange County.

Where is John Wayne Airport Located?

John Wayne Airport is located at 18601 Airport Way, Santa Ana, CA 92707. John Wayne Airport can also be contacted by calling (949) 252-5200.

John Wayne Airport Parking Maps

Main John Wayne Airport Parking Map

john wayne airport parking


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Passenger Drop-Off

Those who are coming to the airport to drop off passengers can park their vehicle in the terminal parking structure that’s located close to the terminal of the passenger’s respective airline. All entrances to parking are available on the Departure level only. Rates here are economical and passengers can expect to pay $2 for up to an hour. There are also dedicated two-hour parking spaces that are available at ground level of Parking Structures A1, B2 and C. From there, it’s just a short walk to the elevators, ticket counters and security checkpoints on the departure level.

It should be noted that only ticket holders will be allowed beyond the security checkpoint. Those who bring their vehicles to SNA to drop off a passenger can stop briefly at the white curb at departure level roadway. Curbside parking is not allowed, and visitors are prohibited from parking at the red colored curb or any other restricted area.

Passenger Pick-Up

Before leaving for the airport, visitors are advised to gather information on the flight number, time of arrival, airline and terminal and designated meeting place. Those who are there for picking up passengers have the option of either using the cell phone waiting lot or terminal parking facilities of the airport. Rates for using the terminal parking structure is $2 for an hour, with dedicated two-hour parking spaces also available at the lower level of Parking Structure A1, B2 and C.

Main Street Parking (Off Airport)

One of the most economical options for visitors of SNA is the uncovered Main Street Parking lot that’s located at 1512 Main Street, Irvine. There’s also a free shuttle service that runs to and from the Riley Terminal, which is available to passengers every 15 minutes. All shuttle buses are equipped with wheel-chair lifts. Pick up locations for the shuttle service is located at the Terminal on the Arrival Level at the third island of the Ground Transportation Center for Terminals A and B, along with Terminal C Arrival Level, which is located just north of the crosswalk to the B2 parking structure.

Parking for People with Disabilities

John Wayne International Airport offers easy access for people with disabilities. This includes extra wide and accessible parking spaces that are conveniently located at all parking facilities provided at the airport. In order to use these spaces vehicles that are parking in the accessible spaces need to display a valid Disabled Person Parking Placard or a license plate. Those people with disabilities who want to use the valet parking facilities will also have access to wheelchairs.

Height Restrictions for Vehicle Parking at SNA

Vehicles that are over-sized will have to be parked at the top levels of the A2 and B2 parking structures where the parking height clearance is 9 feet 4 inches. The specified parking lots are located across the roadway from the Terminal and can be accessed from the Departure Level or upper level of the airport.Visitors to the airport should take note that there’s no access to parking for oversized vehicles at the lower levels, which means ever vehicle that is higher than 9 feet 4 inches will have to be parked in the Main Street Parking Lot. The following is a breakdown of the maximum height clearance for vehicles that are going to be using airport parking facilities:

  •         Parking Structures A2 and B2 (Top Level only):  9′ 4″
  •         Parking Structures A2 and B2 (Employee Parking/Rental Car Return): 6′ 10″
  •         Parking Structures A2 (Level 1):                             8′ 2″
  •         Parking Structure C (Upper Level):       8′ 2″
  •         Parking Structure A1 (Upper Level):     7′ 10″
  •         Main Street Parking:   No height restrictions
  •         Airport Roadways:       14′ 2″

For parking information, you can contact SNA at (949) 252-5200.

John Wayne Airport Parking Information, Discounts and Coupons

Parking at or near John Wayne Airport doesn’t have to be expensive, even if you’re parking for several days. Here are some ideas to find the best rates, discounts, and coupons to keep it affordable.

Find official John Wayne Airport information like rates and news. The airport site links to information on the airport, flights, and passengers.

Way Parking sells extra inventory from parking operators near SNA, often at a discounted rate. also sells LA parking in downtown and other popular neighbourhoods. In addition to their website, there’s also an app available for Android and iPhone.

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