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South by Southwest 2022 (SXSW 2022): Festival & Parking Info

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The month of March is huge in Austin. That’s when the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) comes to the city! In March music, movie, and art lovers make a beeline for Austin to attend this confluence of music, film, and interactive media. The South by Southwest music festival is one of the major festivals in the country. So here’s what you need to know before heading for it. 

Music lovers missed this festival in the past couple of years, with the 2020 edition getting canceled and the 2021 edition going virtual. Well, get excited again as the upcoming edition will present you with an in-person experience again. Remember that the festival will make the city busy and the parking lots even busier. So, plan ahead if you’re driving to watch the festival. Read more to know more about the festival and parking near the Austin Convention Center!  

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What is South by Southwest? 

Commonly referred to as SXSW, South by Southwest is a festival that features film, music, and interactive shows. This festival conducted by SXSW, LLC, usually takes place in Austin every year by mid-March. Normally, artists, media and tech businesses, and party-goers looking to discover fresh talent attend this event. The first edition of SXSW took place in 1987. While the organizers expected around150 attendees, more than 700 turned up for the event. The 2021 edition took place from March 16-21 with virtual film screenings, live discussions, and special events.  

SXSW Festival

When is South by Southwest? 

The South by Southwest 2022 edition will take place from March 11-20. The film screenings and interactive shows will happen from March 11-20. At the same time, the South by Southwest music festival will start on March 14 and conclude by 20.  

Where is South by Southwest 2022?  


From 1993, the Austin Convention Center hosts the South by Southwest festival. 

How many artists will perform at the South by Southwest 2022 music festival? 

The music festival brings together upcoming and established artists from around the world. The South by Southwest Austin 2022 edition will feature around 323 artists. The lineup includes the likes of Shamir, bbymutha, Sunflower Bean, King Hannah, KT Tunstall, and Haviah Mighty, to name a few. You can get the full list of artists here 

Can I buy a ticket for South by Southwest Austin? 

Yes. You can buy a ticket from the festival’s official website.  

How much does a South by Southwest cost?  

The registration for event tickets has already begun. A Platinum Badge, costing you $ 1,525, gives you access to the entire event for all ten days. If you’re looking to attend the music festival mainly, buy the Music Badge for $1,195. A Film Badge and Interactive Badge costs you $1,195 and $1,270, respectively. You can get access to the festival’s online events for $399. Be mindful that the registration rates will surge at 11.59 p.m. PT on January 13. Check SXSW’s website to know more about registration rates and Badge features.

Where is Austin Convention Center? 

Austin Convention Center

This multi-purpose convention center is located at 500 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78701. It also serves as the home of the Austin Toros basketball team and Texas Rollergirls. The Sport Hall in the center has a seating capacity of 5,285, and Grand Ballroom has around 3,940.  

How can I reach Austin Convention Center? 

The South by Southwest festival venue is around one mile away from Downtown Austin. Drive via the Guadalupe St and W 5th St route if you want to reach Austin Convention Center quickly. It hardly takes around 5-10 minutes if you’re driving from Downtown. However, with the venue being close to Downtown, always be wary of the traffic. The road can get congested heavily during peak hours. So, plan ahead if you’re driving to the venue to watch the festival. Capital Metro’s MetroRail is the public transit service that takes you to the center.  

Is there onsite parking at Austin Convention Center? 

Yes. Two onsite parking garages offer more than 1,600 parking spaces. However, while hosting events like the South by Southwest festival, it is nearly impossible to find onsite parking.  

Is there parking near Austin Convention Center? 

Yes. Many offsite garages offer parking near the venue. The onsite parking gets full quickly during festivals or events. So, it isn’t advisable to drive to the venue if you haven’t reserved a parking spot.  

parking near Austin Convention Center

How much does it cost to park near Austin Convention Center? 

The parking rate depends on the parking lot you choose near the venue. Getting parking at the South by Southwest venue can cost you between $2 and $25 for an hour’s parking. But, it is always best to find parking near the venue to have easy access. 707 East 7th Street Parking, 717 Red River St Premium Parking P3001, 701 Trinity St Premium Parking P3020, Austin Centre City Parking, and 111 E Cesar Chavez St Parking are some of the nearest offsite parking lots to the venue. These lots offer round-the-clock security, contactless parking, and more amenities! Book via the Way.com app or website to get parking near Austin Convention Center or Austin parking for affordable rates. Save up to 60% on parking rates by booking early!   

Austin Convention Center Parking

South by Southwest 2022: Things to know 

  • The festival will take place from March 11-20 at the Austin Convention Center. 
  • The music festival will start on March 14 and conclude by 14. This edition is seat to feature around 323 artists.  
  • The venue is located at 500 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin. The venue is around one mile away from Downtown Austin. 
  • The registration for the event has started. The registration fees will surge at 11.59 p.m. PT on January 13. 
  • It is always safe to get parking at any nearby offsite garages if you’re driving to watch the festival. 


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