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SPYSCAPE New York: Uncovering the Secrets of Espionage 

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Are you ready to test your spy skills? SPYSCAPE is one of the best modern facilities in NYC to test your skills through immersive challenges. There are a variety of experiences at the facility curated for fans of the spy lifestyle. Along with tasks and challenges based on real-life events, there are superhero sections where you can test your knowledge, brain power, and other similar traits. 

SPYSCAPE in New York is not only a place for edutainment. You can also enter a museum with some of the unique spy gadgets and artifacts that can only be found here. Make sure you check out every single gallery filled with different challenges.  

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Those who have been to SPYSCAPE consider it one of the ideal locations to hang out. You can bring your family and friends to have a great time. We will help you with a basic guide on what you can do at this facility. Read more about working hours, tickets, and SPYSCAPE parking in this guide. 

Where is the location of SPYSCAPE?

928 8th Ave, New York, NY 10019 is where you will find SPYCAPE NYC headquarters. This facility is in the middle of many popular museums and other attractions. Some of the notable destinations in this neighborhood include the Museum of Arts and Design, Carnegie Hall, the Museum of Modern Art, Radio City Music Hall, and the Trump Tower. 

How to get to SPYSCAPE? 

Thanks to the numerous public transit facilities, the location is easy to access from any part of New York. You can choose from different buses and subway lines to get to SPYSCAPE. Some of the subway stations closer to the facility are 59 St- Columbus Circle, 7 Avenue, 50 Street, and 57 Street stations.   

Similarly, you can drive to this venue through different routes. The time taken will reach the facility from any part of the city will depend on traffic conditions. If you start from downtown Brooklyn, there are two routes, the fastest of which is through FDR Dr. It will take you around 21 minutes to complete the 7.7-mile journey. In addition, you can also drive via 6th Avenue or Aven of the Americas, which is only 5.7 miles long. 

You can drive 4.1 miles from New York through Hudson Street and 8th Avenue to reach SKYSCAPE in nearly 18 minutes. Or you could drive a little longer through West Street and 10th Avenue to reach the destination in 20 minutes. 

SPYSCAPE features 

Seven gallery areas focus on different aspects of the spy lifestyle. Each of these has themes based on real life or your favorite spies from movies. The themes at each of these zones include deception, encryption, Cyberwarfare, etc., that can test your understanding and efficiency to be a real-life spy! The new Batman experience will let you deep dive into the world of DC characters and solve mysteries to save Gotham City. 

You can learn more about the life and history of espionage at the museum. The shop sells a wide range of apparel, stationery, gifts, games, gadgets, books, and more. You can visit the online SPYSCAPE store here

When is SPYSCAPE open? 

On weekdays the venue is open from 12 pm to 8 pm. Similarly, on Saturdays, SPYSCAPE hours will begin at 11 am and end at 8 pm. The venue will be open on Sundays from 11 am to 7 pm. You need at least an hour and a half to enjoy the experiences at SPYSCAPE completely, so the last entry will be 90 minutes before closing. 

How much are the entry tickets? 

You can choose to visit SPYSCAPE alone or bring your team to enjoy the experiences and maybe compete with each other. Each one of you can create a personal profile that will include the assessment of the tasks you take part in. 

Some of the popular SPYSCAPE tickets at the NYC headquarters include VIP Flexpass, All Access Pass, SPYSCAPE experience pass, Batman experience, and the Spy Date experience. While most passes offer only fixed entry times, others allow flexible entry into the facility. In addition, the VIP Flexpass has many perks, including a complete personal profile and a limited edition cap. 

A VIP pass costs $75 for children and $95 for adults. Similarly, the All Access Pass charges $45 per child and $58 for adults. If you want to enjoy a thrilling date with your partner, get the Spy Date experience for $70 for two adults. In addition to all these SPYSCAPE passes, there are other features like ‘Story Mondays,’ team building, and gift passes. For more details about each ticket and to purchase them visit the official website. Purchase the passes online to avoid the onsite fee. 

Parking options near the facility 

The NYC HQ of SPYSCAPE has an official parking lot at 308 West 55th Street. You can locate this space between the 8th and 9th Avenues. It is right next to the popular Barcelona Bar. But the limited number of spaces can lead to high demand. Also, you can find cheaper and safer parking elsewhere. Free and metered parking is available at 8th Avenue, West 55 Street, West 56 Street, Broadway, West 53 Street, and many other streets within 10 minutes from SPYSCAPE. 

Despite being cheap, there are risks of parking tickets and crimes associated with parking on the streets. Street parking regulations like alternate side parking and street cleaning schedules can land you in trouble if you are unaware of them. Even minor violations can result in hefty fines and other harsh penalties, including getting your car towed. 

Off-site parking near SPYSCAPE

Off-site garages near SPYSCAPE can help you park without any worries. The private garage spaces are safer and easier to access than the rest. There will rarely be any rush at the garage, and you can park at rates cheaper than other alternatives. Besides, there are no risks of theft or violations thanks to features like camera surveillance and security personnel.  

If you have trouble finding an off-site garage in this location, use Way.com. The Way mobile app can also help you locate cheap and convenient private garages near SPYSCAPE. The search process takes a couple of minutes, and you will get a wide range of garages to choose from. For your convenience, we have located one of the best places for parking. Read more about it below! 

307 W 50th St Garage

Located near Hell’s Kitchen, this commercial car parking on West 50th Street is only 0.3 miles from SPYSCAPE. You can park your car at this facility and reach the spy facility in just 6 minutes through 8th Avenue. In addition, you can also park here while visiting Lorraine Hansberry Park and Longacre Theatre. Other destinations like Walter Kerr Theatre and Broadway Theatre are also within a mile of this parking facility. 

The 307 W 50th St Garage is open every week from 6 am to 11 pm. There is no overnight parking or in/out privileges. It is operated by Icon Parking and has covered self-parking rates as low as $21 for 10 hours. Apart from this, you can enjoy accessible parking and contactless parking at discounted rates here. 

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