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Statistics of car thefts in America

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There is a funny saying in America about stolen cars: ‚ÄėIf driven carefully, report it as stolen.‚Äô Car theft is a grave crime involving tremendous financial and emotional anguish among its victims.

Car thefts statistics

Car theft has a substantial impact on both individuals and the community. Car thefts will cause not just mental distress but also can also affect your car insurance premiums. In addition to the initial deductible costs, after the incident, insurance premiums can rise significantly. There are also the adverse implications of car theft to the whole community as it will be linked to increased crime rates by car insurance companies.

Models of vehicles under threat

The Way.com research and content team found that the following cars were targets of car thieves more than the likings of car owners. We have compiled car theft statistics by model below:

  • Ford F-Series pickup (full size) – Stolen 38,938 times in 2019 (most stolen model 2006)
  • Honda Civic – Stolen 33,220 times in 2019 (most stolen model 2000)
  • Chevrolet pickup (full size) – Stolen 32,583 times in 2019 (most stolen model 2004)

In the interest of public awareness the analyst team at Way.com have compiled the below car theft statistics: 

The above infographic is educative of car theft statistics by model and most stolen cars by states. Please note that the above-stolen vehicle reports do not include car theft statistics of 2021.¬†When you look at the car theft statistics by state, California leads the way with the most vehicle thefts. Vermont, on the other hand, has nominal vehicle theft rates. Considering the population of both states, California had a motor vehicle theft rate of 0.004%, while Vermont boasts a rate of 0.0004% ‚ÄĒ approximately ten times fewer motor vehicle thefts per capita.

Looking at these car theft statistics you might think of selling off your car or not owning a car. We believe that is an extreme reaction to this information. Have you heard about stolen car insurance? A stolen car is covered by auto insurance, but only if you have comprehensive coverage. If you do, you’re protected against outright theft as well as damage to your vehicle caused by a break-in. You will be compensated up to your vehicle’s actual cash value (ACV), barring your deductible.

Unfortunately, no other sort of auto insurance covers theft, so if you don’t have comprehensive coverage, you’ll be on your own to pay for a replacement vehicle. If you are looking to get cheap auto insurance for yourself, do not tamper with comprehensive coverage or you will regret the decision. Get your cheap auto insurance by playing around with other factors. Car insurance without comprehensive coverage is like having a TV remote without batteries.¬†¬†¬†¬†

To learn more about stolen car insurance, get in touch with Way.com. We have experts who can guide you in getting the nitty-gritty details of car insurance sorted out. When looking for cheap auto insurance do not be like a night owl lost in the headlights. We at Way.com can be your way to cheap auto insurance without 

Car thefts America

Please note that we did not find many details on Chicago car theft statistics to include in our studies. As when there is a  development we will update this study.



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