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Steer Clear of Black Friday NYC parking tickets 

  • City Parking
  • Celine Jerly
  • 5 minutes

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No better way to burn off the Thanksgiving dinner than a good Black Friday NYC shopping run! But in your hurry to hit the aisles, don’t forget to check for parking signs. Contrary to popular belief NYC parking rules are enforced on Black Friday. It’s not a good deal if you have to spend your Black Friday savings on a pesky NYC parking ticket.  

While you are looking forward to Black Friday deals, the city is gearing up for a busy day of traffic violations. It’s because most people think NYC parking rules are suspended on the day after Thanksgiving. It’s not – the courts and government offices are all open. Past year records show at least 50% more parking tickets are issued on Black Friday. A major contributor is ASP (Alternate Side Parking) violations – the tow trucks are on a roll for the holiday season.  

Black Friday NYC Parking Tickets & Troubles 

There’s, of course, a buzz in the air – especially around the city’s popular shopping hubs. From Bloomingdale’s on Fifth Avenue to Target outlets in all five boroughs, the best Black Friday deals in NYC are up for grabs. And the truly dedicated bargain-hunters make a beeline for the stores at the crack of dawn. But arriving early might not be enough for a guaranteed parking spot. In NYC, there’s never a good day for last-minute parking spot hunts – on street or off street. Black Friday could only be worse! 

NYC Black Friday sale crowds

When you are focused on the big Black Friday savings, there’s hardly any time to think about parking. And the misinformation about the parking ticket holiday makes things complicated. Parking on NYC streets without checking the posted signs can easily drain more than your savings towards parking tickets. And, if you are really unlucky, you might have to settle booting and towing fees too.  

Congested public parking lots are the next big challenge when you manage to keep your car off the streets. Frantic shoppers trying to park as close to the doors aren’t the most careful drivers or pedestrians. Keeping the holiday spirits up is not easy when you have to compete for a parking space. But it’s not all that grim – with a bit of planning and discipline, you can steer clear of Black Friday NYC parking tickets and troubles.  

Keep up with NYC Parking Rules  

Even with the best-laid plans, you can get carried away with holiday shopping. Parking on the streets is a big risk when you are chasing Black Friday sales. There are no discounts on maximum parking times and meter limits. Temporary restrictions can play spoilsport, too – even when you are confident of all NYC parking rules, make sure to check posted signs to avoid an NYC parking ticket.  

Car parking on NYC streets

Remember, NYC alternate side street parking is back on as soon as Thanksgiving ends. Look for street parking signs with brooms crossing the “P.” You can also use the NYCDOT Parking Sign Locator to ensure there are no restrictions on the street you plan to park. Following NYC parking authorities on social media will also help you stay updated and better plan your Black Friday NYC parking. 

From finding a parking space to feeding the meter and keeping an eye on time limits, NYC street parking on Black Friday will only slow you down. Isn’t it better to leave your car at a secure parking lot or garage? There is no need to worry about safety or time limits – and if you pre-book a spot, there is no waiting in lines either. If you are worried about parking rates, remember that it’s Black Friday, and discount parking at NYC garages is not a myth.  

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Best Discount Parking in NYC on Black Friday 

Figuring out where to shop in NYC on Black Friday is easier than finding cheap parking in New York City. But not anymore! With super apps and websites like Way.com, finding discount parking in NYC is as easy as online shopping. Enter your destination, and the best parking deals near you will appear in a click. Now, just compare rates and amenities at each garage to get the best bargain.  

Pro Tip: Don’t wait till Thanksgiving to book a Black Friday NYC parking space. It’s never too early to book your spot online. Early birds also get better discounts and rates on online reservations at the top-rated parking lots. 

NYC BLack Friday parking deals banner way.com

When you pick a parking lot near a big store or mall, go for those at least a couple of blocks away. A quick walk will save a lot more time on parking. The demand for parking spaces right outside a popular shopping center peaks during Black Friday. You’ll find better parking rates and deals at alternate garages within walking distance of the store.  

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