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St. Louis Lambert (STL) International Airport Parking Guide

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While St. Louis Lambert Airport may not be among America’s busiest airports, it still sees around 16 million passengers pass through each year. Just ten miles northwest of downtown St. Louis, the airport serves travelers in and around St. Louis, MO. Finding affordable parking, especially long term parking at St.Louis Airport, can be challenging during peak times. This is probably what puts most folks off from driving down to the STL Airport. Even though driving down to the airport seems the safer (no risk from pesky viruses) and inexpensive option, many people would rather risk public transport! Let’s help you keep your travel risk minimized with this handy guide on finding an affordable STL Airport parking spot.


Broadly speaking,  the official St. Louis Airport parking lots are the closest you’ll get to the airport, but their rates can be rather expensive. Finding parking near St. Louis Airport is the more sensible option if you’re looking to save money or need affordable parking for a longer period of time. Read on for more info on STL Airport parking facilities and St. Louis Airport parking rates.

St. Louis Airport parking options and rates

There are two types of St.Louis Airport parking available at the airport –

⦁Short-Term St. Louis Airport parking
⦁Long-Term St. Louis Airport parking

To access the parking facilities at St. Louis Lambert (STL) International Airport, from the I-70 westbound travelers can exit at 235c Natural Bridge Road; eastbound travelers can use Exit 235c Cypress Road; southbound travelers can take Exit 7b, and northbound can exit 7c, which is a left lane exit.

St. Louis Lambert (STL) International Airport also offers additional parking facilities such as ‘Super Park,’ where visitors can use STL Airport parking spaces for short or long-term parking. Electric vehicles can be parked at Super Park A, where charging is free. To get to St.Louis Airport parking lots A, B, C, D, and E, visitors can take Exit 235c, Natural Bridge Road that continues down to Lambert International Blvd. which is closer to the terminals. There are also free shuttle services available.

St. Louis Airport parking Options at Terminal 1 Garage

Using the parking lot at Terminal 1 is a good option for both long or short trips. All the facilities are within walking distance, so there’s no need for a shuttle service. Passengers or visitors with special needs can use parking areas G through L on every level located at Terminal 1. All special needs parking spaces are located close to elevators for your convenience. Wheelchair assistance is also available.

The following is a breakdown of the hours and rates of St.Louis Airport parking available at Terminal 1:
⦁ First 2 Hours: $5
⦁ 2 to 4 Hours: $10
⦁ 4 to 6 Hours: $15
⦁ 6 to 12 Hours: $20
⦁ 12 to 24 Hours: $23

St. Louis Airport parking Options at Terminal 2 Garage

Parking at the St Louis Airport Terminal 2 Garage a good option for those who are looking to park their vehicles quickly. This terminal is close to Charter flights and Southwest Airlines. There are also STL airport parking spaces reserved for those with special needs. All special needs parking spaces are close to the elevators located at level C of every level of the facility. Wheelchair assistance is also provided.
The following is a breakdown of hours and rates of parking available at Terminal 2:
⦁ First 2 Hours: $5
⦁ 2 to 4 Hours: $10
⦁ 4 to 6 Hours: $15
⦁ 6 to 12 Hours: $20
⦁ 12 to 24 Hours: $23


Parking Lot A

Parking Lot A is located close to Terminal 1, which can be reached by using a tunnel. There’s also a shuttle service available that operates 24 hours a day. This is an excellent option for business travelers. The following is the duration and cost of parking at Parking Lot A:
⦁ 0 to 6 Hours: $9
⦁ 6 to 12 Hours: $12
⦁ 12 to 24 Hours: $15

Parking Lot B

Parking Lot B is another convenient option but for those who need long term parking at St.Louis Airport. The terminals are just 15 minutes away, and there is a free shuttle service available 24 hours a day. The following is the duration and cost of parking at Parking Lot B:
⦁ From 0 to 24 Hours: $10
⦁ During weekends (Saturday, Sunday): $7

Parking Lot C

Parking Lot C offers covered parking spaces as well as non-covered parking. This is a convenient option for large vehicles such as campers, trucks, or SUVs. There is also a  free shuttle service that’s available from the parking lot to the terminals. The following is the duration and cost of parking at Parking Lot C:
Rates Covered Parking:

⦁ 0 to 6 Hours: $6.50
⦁ 6 to 12 Hours: $8.50
⦁ 12 to 24 Hours: $11.00
Rates Uncovered Parking:
⦁ 0 to 6 Hours: $5.50
⦁ 6 to 12 Hours: $7.50
⦁ 12 to 24 Hours: $9.00

Parking Lot D

Also known as the STL Airport Economy Lot, Parking Lot D is the cheapest option available when it comes to parking facilities at St. Louis Lambert International Airport. There is also a free shuttle service available 24 hours a day and departs every 10 minutes. Payment is due at the time of exit.
0 to 24 hours: $7.00

Parking Lot E

Parking Lot E is located close to Terminal 2 and has 250 parking spaces. It is a relatively new parking lot that’s located at the former postal building. Parking Lot E is also the closest to the terminal building. There’s a free shuttle service available that runs 24 hours a day between the parking lot and the terminals. The following is the hours and rates for parking in Parking Lot E:
⦁ 0 to 2 Hours: $5
⦁ 2 to 4 Hours: $10
⦁ 4 to 6 Hours: $15
⦁ 6 to 24 Hours: $20

Airport Parking DTW

Cell Phone Parking Lots

St. Louis Lambert International Airport also provides cell phone parking facilities. These free waiting zones are designed for drivers who have come to the airport to pick up passengers.

Where is Lambert Airport Located?

Lambert Airport is located at 10701 Lambert International Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63145. Lambert Airport can also be contacted at (314) 890-1333.

Lambert International Airport Parking Maps

Main Lambert Airport Parking Map

STL parking

About St. Louis Lambert (STL) International Airport

The St. Louis Lambert (STL) International Airport, formerly known as Lambert-St. Louis International Airport is an international airport that serves the residents of St. Louis, Missouri. Located 14 miles northwest from downtown St Louis, between Bridgeton and Berkeley, STL is also commonly referred to as “Lambert Field” or just “Lambert.” It is considered to be the largest and the busiest airport in the state of Missouri. At its peak, the airport carries out over 250 departures per day to 74 domestic and international destinations.

The airport covers 2,800 acres and has four runways, of which three are parallel with one running crosswind. The runways are between 3,359 meters and 2,744 meters, with the shortest of the four being the crosswind runway, which is only 2,319 meters in length.STL is connected via a light rail mass transit system with MidAmerica St. Louis Airport, located 37 miles away, and serves as a secondary metropolitan commercial airport.

The airport has got two terminals and a total of 5 concourses. All international flights use Terminal 2, which has custom facilities located at its lower level. Passengers could walk between the terminals through Concourse D before the opening being closed during renovations that took place in 2008.

In 2018, more than 15.6 million passengers traveled through STL, which is mainly a focus city for Southwest Airlines, and also serves as a major hub for Cape Air and Air Choice One. St. Louis Lambert (STL) International Airport also has the distinction of being classified as a medium-sized primary hub and is also the second busiest airport in Missouri after Dallas-Love.

Another strong growth factor for STL has been the increase in connecting passenger activity. In 2018, connecting enplanements increased by more than 18% or 1,797,130 passengers. Today, connecting activity amounts to nearly 23% of passenger enplanements. Most of the growth in connecting activity has been in Southwest, which has added 10 new non-stop markets in the past few years.

History of St. Louis Lambert International Airport

The St. Louis Lambert (STL) International Airport enjoys a rich history by being one of the most historical airports in the United States. STL has come a long way from being used as a balloon launch location called ‘Kinloch Field.’ The current site of the St. Louis Lambert International Airport, which was hayfields back then, was purchased by Major Albert Bond Lambert, who renamed it Lambert Field in the 1920s. Major Albert Lambert learned to fly with the famous Wright Brothers and received his pilot’s license in 1911. He also served in the US Army during World War I.
Major Lambert worked tirelessly to transform St. Louis into a leader in aviation and, as part of his plan, leased 170 acres of farmland from St. Louis County with help from the Missouri Aeronautical Society. Major Lambert got the land cleared, drained, and built a hangar at his expense. He then allowed anyone who wanted to use the airfield. This attracted World War I veterans, Frank and William Robertson, who accepted the offer and began a project named ‘St. Louis Flying Field.’

In 1923, William Robertson and the Missouri National Guard formed the 110th Observation Squadron at the airfield. During the same time, the airport also hosted the International Air Races, where prominent American Aviator Charles Lindberg took part in and decided to stay at the airfield as an instructor. When the lease for the land expired in 1925, Major Lambert bought the airport. Robertson successfully secured a contract from starting an airmail service between St. Louis and Chicago, and Charles Lindberg was hired as the chief pilot for the duration of the contract.

For those who don’t know, the mail route was the earliest predecessor of what was to later become American Airlines. During this time, Lindberg decided to participate in the Orteig Prize, which was rewarded to Allied aviators who could fly non-stop from New York City to Paris. Several famous aviators took part, but Lindberg brought the prize home to St. Louis, which brought worldwide attention to the airfield.

In 1928, a $2 million bond was issued to fund improvements for the airport. The airfield was bought from Lambert by the City of St. Louis, and extensive improvements were made, along with extending the land around the site of the original airfield. The new construction included paved runways, taxiways, hangars, apron areas, and other support facilities. The airport was also part of the first transcontinental air-rail passenger service, which was inaugurated by Transcontinental Air Transport in 1929, which later became ‘Transcontinental and Western Airlines.’

In 1959, NASA commissioned McDonnell Aircraft to build the Mercury spacecraft at Lambert. In 1971, the airport was renamed ‘Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.’ In 1977, the airport was further expanded to meet the growing demands.

St. Louis Lambert (STL) International Airport — Facilities

The W-1W Airport Expansion Program involved 550 companies and took 8 years to complete at over $1 billion. Terminal 1 was comprehensively renovated. The terminal is home to The American Airlines Admirals Club, including one of the most extensive USO facilities in the country. Concourse A is currently being used by Air Canada Express, United Airlines, Volaris, and Delta Air Lines. Concourse B is presently reserved for event rental space, while Concourse C serves Frontier Airlines, American Airlines, and a few others, with Concourse D being vacant.

Terminal 2 has 18 active gates, with the previously unused D concourse being renovated and renamed to E gates. The first lounge in Terminal 2 opened in 2018 and is operated by Wingtips. It is also the only everyday use club at the airport.

STL is considered to be a pet-friendly airport. It has two outdoor rest areas for those who are traveling with pets. The airport offers a large, gated space, complete with park benches, plastic mitts, trash cans, and fire hydrants. One rest area is located at the upper level of the main terminal outside exit MT-6 and features a synthetic turf. The other rest area is at the East Terminal is located outside the baggage claim at the lower level near Exit ET-15 and features natural grass and tree shade.

There’s also a new Starbucks and Three Kings Public House restaurant recently opened in the airport. The popular Vino Volo opened its second location at Concourse A. Visitors to the airport will also find plenty of options in eateries, shopping cafes, and bars, along with language assistance and wheelchair assistance, interfaith chapels at both Terminals, and vacant spaces available to rent for business meetings or social events on airport premises.

STL Airport Parking Information, Discounts, and Coupons

Parking at  St. Louis Airport can be expensive, especially if you’re parking for several days. Here are some ideas to find the best St. Louis Airport parking rates, discounts, and coupons to make it more affordable.

Official Airport Parking Page

Find official airport information like rates, live availability, and news. The airport site links to report on the airport, flights, and passengers.


The official Lambert Airport parking page has detailed information about parking at Lambert Airport around the clock. The information shared here will allow you to track the different promotions offered at the airport to bring down your cost of parking. Lambert Airport has a website that announces all updated information related to flights and boarding times for travelers.


Way is perhaps the leading provider of affordable airport parking spots all over the United States and Canada.  You can book STL Airport parking on the Way app and website in less than a minute.  Way.com has helped passengers locate suitable St.Louis Airport parking lots – with or without valets – throughout the country. The Way app is available for both iPhone and Android users; you can easily find the perfect parking spot and make parking reservations for short term or long term parking at St.Louis Airport.

Lambert Airport Tip

Boarding Your Flight – The TSA recommends that all passengers arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the time for boarding their designated flight.

Things to do on your next layover

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