Summer water activities FTW!

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Summer is the time of year to make memories with friends and families. Heading to the beach is a summer must-do, with your toes in the sand and the relaxing sounds of the ocean to melt the stress of regular life away. What most people do not realize is that there are so many fun things to be done out on the water. Check out some of our favorite beat-the-heat activities to keep the summer fun flowing!

Pete, Florida

Ah Florida, known mainly for Walt Disney World and Spring break festivities, but Florida also has some of the most beautiful beaches in America.

This relaxing kayak tour is a whole other experience of the Shell Key preserve. You will be taken on a clear kayak – yes clear – through the protected waters and mangroves tunnels of the protected water preserve in Pinellas County. These Floridian waters are used for other travel of dolphins, manatees, rays and a variety of shorebirds, so your chances of seeing wildlife are extremely likely.

To not lose sight of the mesmerizing sea life as they swim underneath you, all you have to do is look down, and with the clear kayaks, you can see the water world below you.

Long Beach, California

Southern California is known for its year-round sun. If you’re itching to hit the water, but want to do something different, check out this Long Beach, Hydrobike day ride! It’s like riding a bike but on the water.

You’ll travel on a water-covered bike path to Naples Island in Alamitos Bay, nestled in the southernmost point of LA county. These sturdy hydro-bikes will keep you upright, and if you are not looking to getting too wet, this activity is perfect for you and the whole family!

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Monitor, Washington

Another staple of summer is beer! What better way to beat the summer heat then chugging a brewskie with friends and family? The answer is – Whitewater Rafting, but to mix things up for you is this amazing whitewater rafting and brewery tour.

This water rafting experience is unique because not only will you be instructed on how to go down the Wenatchee River in Washington, but you will be making stops at three local breweries to try out some local beers. They also include dinner so you can refuel at the end of an exciting day!

New York City, New York

Take a seat and relax on this Complete Manhattan Island Cruise! This is the only cruise in New York that completely goes around Manhattan. As you sail around Manhattan Island, you will have a knowledgeable tour guide telling you all the facts and history that Manhattan has to offer.

If you choose to upgrade to the premier seating, you will get skip-the-line privileges with dedicated wait service and exclusive inside area. This is a perfect romantic getaway for couples, or can be a fun night out for friends!

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