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How to Use SunPass for Orlando Airport Parking

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We’ve all been there – scrambling for change to pay for airport parking, because we’ve somehow ended up in the cash-only lane, or our card isn’t working in the machine for whatever reason. It can be embarrassing, but not only that, it can cause a lot of inconvenience for you and the people in line behind you. At this point, everyone just wants to get out of the airport and back into their own homes. Fortunately, Orlando Airport parking has found an incredible answer to this all too common problem. Enter –  The SunPass.

How to Use SunPass for Orlando Airport Parking

Sunpass for Orlando Airport Parking

What is a Sunpass?

The SunPass is Florida’s answer to the toll problem. The user purchases, activates, and then installs a SunPass Mini Transponder or SunPass Portable. A minimum amount of money is needed to begin using the device, but once it’s up and running, drivers can zip through high occupancy vehicle lanes and toll roads without having to stop and count coins. Once your balance goes down to a certain amount, you’ll need to refill it, which can be done quickly online.

How does SunPass Parking work at Orlando Airport?

So this device helps you get through toll roads, but what does that have to do with parking? Orlando Airport parking lots have caught on to the simplicity of the device and started making it possible to pay via SunPass.

If this is your desired method of payment for Orlando Airport parking (and, really, why shouldn’t it be?), the steps are simple. First, enter the parking garages through the lanes that are specially marked E-PASS/SunPass lanes. You won’t need to pick up a parking ticket – just drive on through. Then, find your parking spot as usual. When you’re ready to leave, exit again using one of the marked E-PASS/SunPass lanes. Just like going through tolls, a scanner will scan your device and the fees will automatically be deducted from your account. You’ll be paying the listed price for parking without any additional fees. If you need a receipt for reimbursement from your company, you can simply log in to your account on the SunPass website and find the event on Orlando Airport parking.

How to Use SunPass for Orlando Airport Parking

A final word of caution – make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account to pay the parking fee when you exit. If you don’t, you could incur an additional fee through SunPass. Again, funds are simple enough to add by checking your online account.


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