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Sunroof Installation Cost: Types and Prices of Each Sunroof

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  • Silas Smith
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If you have bought a new car, the sunroof installation cost can be a significant share of the total price. Even if it is a built-in sunroof or an aftermarket variety, you will have to spend a few hundred dollars for a cheap option. 

If your car does not have a sunroof and you plan to get one soon, we will help you estimate the installation cost. The total cost of installing a sunroof includes the cost of the material, tools needed for installation, and labor costs. Read along for the types of sunroofs, the cost of each, and the cost to have each sunroof installed. 

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Why do you need a sunroof?

The basic sunroof, which was not made of glass, was aimed at allowing more air into the car. Glass roof systems can also increase the amount of natural light coming into the car and get awesome views.  


Back in the day, only luxury cars had glass sunroofs built-in or as an extra option. But now, car owners have various choices, and installation costs will change with each of them. Read about the different types of sunroofs below. 

Types of Sunroofs 

You can always differentiate between sunroofs depending on the material used, how they function, and more. For example, traditional sunroof panels are made of non-transparent material, while modern panels are made of normal or tinted glass.  


In addition, you can also choose between manual or electrical sunroofs with control buttons. Also, the installation costs for each of these will vary. Some of the common choices for sunroofs are given below. 

  • Panoramic sunroofs: These are larger and wider than the rest of the sunroof systems. You will get a broader view, and more light and air will circulate in the car. But compared to the rest of the options, these are expensive. 
  • Spoiler sunroofs: Depending on the size of the vehicle and budget, you can go for a spoiler sunroof. The glass panel that acts as the roof can tilt and slide along the exterior part of the car. 
  • Pop-up sunroofs: If you want to save money, then choose a basic pop-up sunroof. These can be detached when you want and can be operated manually. Installation costs will also be lesser compared to the rest. 
  • Moonroofs: One of the most expensive varieties apart from panoramic roof systems is the moonroofs. When the sunroof is activated, the glass panel moves in between the headliner and the car’s roofing. Moonroofs are usually electrically controlled, which makes the installation complex. 

How much does it cost to install a sunroof? 

As you have read above, each type of sunroof has a different cost. Similarly, some of them can be easily installed, while others must need help from a professional. For instance, if it is an electrically controlled sunroof, the installation process can be difficult for you to do on your own. Therefore, given below are the different sunroof installation costs. 

  • Panoramic sunroofs: $1,500 to $3,000. 
  • Spoiler sunroofs: $700 to $1,100. 
  • Pop-up sunroofs: $400 to $900.  
  • Moonroofs: $1,200 to $2,500.  

What is the cost of installing an aftermarket sunroof? 

Along with the price of the unit, the panoramic sunroof installation cost is usually the highest compared to the rest. The sunroof’s size and the car’s type will also determine the cost. For example, to install panoramic roof systems in high-end cars or sports cars like the Camaro, you might usually have to spend $1000 more than in normal car models. 


At the same time, aftermarket sunroofs are cheaper compared to the factory option moonroofs. For example, an aftermarket moonroof will cost between $1,100 and $2,500 and add another couple hundred dollars for installation. 

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How to install a sunroof in your car? 

Even though some roof systems are very easy to install and take a few minutes to get done, it is always best to ask for help from a professional. If you plan to install one yourself, there is a high chance of damage. On the other hand, a car sunroof installation specialist can help you get the best results and can do it in much less time.

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