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Suwannee Spring Reunion 2023 Is Coming to Florida

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Suwannee Spring Reunion is a unique music festival that occurs every year in Live Oaks, Florida. You can enjoy the numerous performances by a stellar lineup of artists along with passionate fans. It takes place in a picturesque venue surrounded by lush greenery and wildlife.  

We have prepared a complete guide for those who want to participate in the Suwannee Spring Reunion 2023. You can find the festival lineup, schedule, information about tickets, and even parking below. So get your bags packed for this music festival in the latter part of March. 


What is Suwannee Spring Reunion? 

Every year during the start of spring, Suwannee Spring Reunion takes place. It is a celebration of music and fun for hundreds of thousands of attendees. From music fans, couples, and entire families join in on this celebration on the banks of the Suwannee River. The 2023 edition of the Reunion marks the 5th anniversary of the festival. 

Apart from watching the concerts and shows you can also camp at the venue for four days. There will be special kids’ tents to keep them entertained with activities, especially tailormade for them. Kids aged 12 and below can enter the Suwannee Spring Reunion for free, along with a parent or guardian. Tickets are on sale right now. Get the Early Bird tickets to save big on prices.¬†

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Which are the Suwannee Spring Reunion 2023 dates? 

In 2023, Suwannee Spring Reunion will be from Thursday, March 23, to Sunday, March 26. During these four days, there are multiple performances on five stages at the festival venue. 

Where is the Suwannee Spring Reunion 2023 location? 

Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park hosts the music festival every year. The venue is a favorite campground in Live Oak, Florida. It has many activities, including a bird sanctuary, a playground, a lake, cabins, and disc golf. The five stages for the Suwannee Spring Reunion 2023 are: 

  • Porch ¬†
  • Amphitheater ¬†
  • Music Hall¬†
  • Tent Stage ¬†
  • Music Farmers Stage¬†

The complete Suwannee Spring Reunion 2023 schedule is available as a downloadable pdf.  

Which artists will perform at this music festival? 

Suwannee Spring Reunion 2023 lineup Image Credit: suwanneespringreunion.com

Some of the best artists from across the country will be part of the Suwannee Spring Reunion 2023. A few of them are mentioned below. 

  • The Infamous Stringdusters¬†
  • Sam Bush¬†
  • Big Richard¬†
  • Sierra Hull¬†
  • Keller Williams¬†
  • Peter Rowan¬†
  • Leftover Salmon¬†
  • Mile Twelve¬†
  • Caleb Caudle¬†
  • Quartermoon¬†
  • Medicine Springs¬†
  • Verlon Thompson¬†

Visit the official event website for the complete Suwannee Spring Reunion 2023 lineup.  

Where can I locate Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park? 

The Music Park is located at 3076 95th Drive, Live Oak, Florida. You can find this venue 7.6 miles from the Woods Ferry River Camp. Apart from concerts and music festivals, it is a popular camping ground that has parking, cabins, and tents. The festival entrance is at 9379 County Road 132, Live Oak, Florida. 

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How to get to Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park? 

The popular campground and music park are easy to locate at Live Oak. If you drive to the venue, there are two major routes you can use. From Interstate-10, take exit 283 and continue north on US 129. It is a 4.5-mile drive, and you can also use Interstate 75 to get here. 

If you start from Live Oak, drive 7.8 miles along the US-129 North and get here in around 15 minutes. Similarly, you can also drive via Co Rd 795 and Us-129 North to get here in less than 20 minutes, covering a distance of 10.1 miles. 

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Similarly, if you begin your drive at White Springs, take US Highway 41 North and County Road 132 SE. If you take this route, it will take 19 minutes to get to Music Park. 

How to get tickets for the Suwannee Spring Reunion 2023? 

Different kinds of tickets for the event are on sale now. The early bird tickets of two different tiers have already been sold out. Tier 3 Early bird tickets are now on sale and cost $175 each. General admission tickets that get you access to the music, venue, and camping for four days sell at $175 each. 

For students and military personnel, special rates are available for the Suwannee Spring Reunion 2023 tickets. Both of them can get tickets for $160 if they provide the necessary ID. Apart from tickets, there are passes, including a car pass which goes for $15. Every vehicle entering the festival grounds needs to have a car pass displayed. For primitive RVs, the passes are $50 each. 

Each of these tickets for the Suwannee Spring Reunion will increase in price in the next few days. Buy them as soon as possible to save big on ticket prices. You can now get the tickets for the festival through the website. 

Is there parking at the Suwannee Music Park? 

Yes. There are different designated areas for parking for each type of vehicle. Make sure you park your car at the designated car parking spaces. Also, there are special areas for parking golf carts, trucks, and RVs. Also, do not park your cars in someone else’s space. In addition, there are special accessible parking spots. ¬†

If you park your car in any other unspecified area, it will be towed at your expense. Also, for the complete sets of rules and regulations at the festival grounds, see here.  

What are the different options for parking for the festival? 

Apart from parking at the festival venue, you can also look into options like on-street parking and private garages. Street parking in this neighborhood is extremely hard to find. Since it is a location far away from the city, there are no street parking spaces close to the Suwannee Music Park. But you can always find safe and cheap private parking garages near Music Park. These can save you money on parking and keep your car safe while you enjoy the weekend at the Suwannee Spring Reunion. 

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Why should you get an off-site parking garage for the Suwannee Spring Reunion 2023? 

Off-site parking garages near Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park offer premium features like valet parking, covered parking, and ADA/Aisle access. For added safety, they also have camera surveillance and 24-hour security personnel along with lot attendants. In addition, you can pre-book spaces at these lots online.  

How to locate cheap off-site garages near Suwannee Music Park

All you have to do is to search for off-site garages near Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park through an online service. For example, the Way.com website will help you locate all nearby garages within minutes. On the Way.com website or the Way mobile app, enter the location and time for which you need parking. 

Once you enter these parameters and search, Way will display a list of active off-site garages. Each garage will also have the features and charges specified. All you have to do is to choose one garage and pay the corresponding charges. By using Way.com, you can pre-book these garages way before the day of the Suwannee Spring Reunion. Also, you can get additional discounts and offers by booking parking spaces through the Way app. 

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