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The Comprehensive Syracuse Airport Parking Guide

  • Airport Parking Tips
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 11 minutes

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Are you planning to drive down to Syracuse Hancock International Airport (SYR) to catch your flight? The SYR Airport serves Syracuse city and central New York state. So you can imagine how busy the airport can get. Getting parking at SYR airport can be a pain at times. You will do well to book parking as soon as you book your flight from Syracuse Hancock Airport‚ÄĮ. Our Syracuse Airport parking guide will help you find the perfect parking spot.

With new airlines and routes added, the airport has started getting busier. It means that you need to reach early at SYR Airport if you want to get a parking spot without any hassle. So, where can you find Syracuse Hancock Airport parking? Are SYR parking rates cheap? Know everything about this airport via our Syracuse Airport parking guide! 

Book parking at Syracuse Airport for rates as low as $3 per day

SYR Airport parking options 

There are around 4,000 parking spots that offer short-term and long-term parking at SYR Airport. You can get onsite parking via Garage Parking and Open Lot Parking. The Garage Parking lot is a multi-storied parking facility that offers over 2,000 parking spots within walking distance from the terminal. The lot provides covered and accessible parking spots. Open Parking Lot is a surface lot that offers parking spots close to the terminal. An overflow parking lot opens when the Open Lot Parking gets full. The Garage Parking lot has large, illuminated signs at the garage entrance that indicate parking spots at all levels. A Cell Phone Lot located in the Observation Area provides free parking for a limited period. The airport doesn’t allow parking at the curb line, so use the Cell Phone Lot when you’re at the airport to pick up a passenger.  

Where to park at Syracuse Airport

Garage Parking and Open Lot Parking are the two main parking that offers nearly 4,000 SYR parking spots near the terminal. Both the lots offer short-term and long-term parking spots, and garage Parking offers covered parking via a multi-storied parking facility. Park your car at the Open Lot Parking if you want surface parking. An overflow parking lot opens when the surface lot parking gets filled up. Use the Cell Phone Lot to get free parking at the airport. Continue reading our Syracuse Airport parking guide to learn more about SYR Airport’s short-term and long-term parking. ¬†

Where to park near Syracuse Airport

Where to park near Syracuse Airport

How much does it cost to park at Syracuse Airport? 

The SYR parking rates depend on the lot you choose and the parking duration. Syracuse Airport parking rates start at $5 for an hour, and it can go up to $15 for a day’s parking.  

How much is long-term parking at Syracuse Airport? 

The Syracuse Airport long-term parking rates depend on the lot you choose for parking. Both Garage Parking and Open Lot Parking areas offer long-term parking near the terminal. Open Lot Parking is the most economical onsite lot offering daily parking at $13. The long-term parking rate increases to $15 while parking at the Garage Parking lot. Be aware that both lots charge the daily parking rate after six hours of parking. Do you want to get a long-term parking spot at a cheaper rate? Then it is better to check out the nearby offsite parking lots near the airport. Most of these offsite lots offer long-term parking at much lower rates than the onsite ones.  

Lot  Duration  SYR parking rate 
Open Lot Parking  Per Day   $13 
Garage Parking  Per Day  $15 
Offsite parking near SYR Airport   Per Day  $3 

How much is short-term parking at Syracuse Airport? 

The short-term Syracuse Airport parking rates depend on the lot you choose and the duration of your parking. Both Garage Parking and Open Lot Parking areas provide parking near the terminal. Open Lot Parking offers short-term parking for $5 for the first hour. The parking rate surges to $7 for 1-3 hours and $9 for 3-6 hours. You have to park at the Garage Parking lot to get covered parking. For the first hour, the lot charges you $6. The parking rate increases to $8 for 1-3 hours and $10 for 3-6 hours. Both lots charge a daily parking rate of $13 and $15 after six hours. Are you looking for cheaper hourly parking at SYR Airport? Then try booking a parking spot at the nearby offsite lots. Continue reading this Syracuse Airport parking guide to know more about the airport.  

Lot  Duration  SYR parking rate 
Open Lot Parking  1 hour  $5 
  1-3 hours  $7 
  3-6 hours  $9 
Garage Parking  1 hour  $6 
  1-3 hours  $8 
  3-6 hours  $10 

About¬†Syracuse Hancock International Airport‚ÄĮ¬†

SYR Airport had annual passenger traffic of around two million before the pandemic. The airport is located about five miles northeast of Downtown Syracuse and 65 miles south of Watertown. Sprawling around 2,000 acres, the airport features a single terminal with two concourses and two asphalt runways. Charlotte, Chicago-O’Hare, and Atlanta are the busiest domestic routes operated from SYR Airport. The airport offers direct flights to around 24 domestic destinations via major carriers like American, Allegiant, Delta, United, JetBlue, and Frontier. Do you want to know about getting to the airport and how to spend time before boarding? Our Syracuse Airport parking guide has that covered! 

How to get to Syracuse Airport 

Central New York Regional Transportation Authority (Centro) offers bus service in Syracuse doesn‚Äôt directly service the airport. Passengers traveling to the airport can take Centro and get down at ‚ÄĮWilliam F. Walsh Regional Transportation Center, around 5.5 miles away from the airport. From there, you have to take a taxi/rideshare service to reach the airport, and it nearly takes around 10-15 minutes.¬†¬†

So, hiring a taxi/rideshare service or driving to the airport is the ideal way by which you can reach the airport from Downtown. Take the I-81 N route if you want to reach SYR Airport quickly. Ideally, it takes about 10-15 minutes to reach the airport if you’re driving. However, be always cautious of the traffic on the road to the airport, especially during peak hours and seasons. And ensure an airport parking spot or parking near Syracuse Airport in advance if you’re driving to the airport.  

SYR Airport parking starts at $3 for a day

Taxi/rideshare service 

It is the fastest way by which you can travel to SYR Airport from Downtown. Taxi operators like Syracuse Taxi offer you a ride from Downtown to the airport. Usually, it takes around 10-15 minutes for the ride. But, the ride time can increase during peak hours or seasons. Expect to shell out between $40 and $70 for a ride. 

Lyft and Uber are the two main rideshare companies that offer service to the airport from Downtown. The rideshare fare depends on the ride type and time of your ride. Hiring a Lyft service can cost you between $15 and $30. At the same time, an Uber service charges you between $10 and $25 for a ride. The fare can surge during rush hours and peak seasons. So, ensure to check the rate before you book a ride.  

Things to do at Syracuse Airport 

Are you confused about how to spend your time at the airport?¬†There are a few options at the airport that keeps you engaged at the airport. And, our Syracuse Airport parking guide will help you with that! There are no pay-per-lounges at the airport.¬†But,¬†there is The Gregory J. Harris Military Courtesy Room, a free military lounge that offers service to US military personnel and their families.¬†The lounge provides non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, free Wi-Fi, and more! Take a look at the¬†‚ÄėDiscover the Airport‚Äô exhibit‚ÄĮwith¬†interactive displays, a close and detailed¬†sight¬†of aircraft landing gear,¬†and other equipment.¬†The exhibit is located on the main floor, towards the center of the terminal.¬†Another option to spend your time is using¬†the free Wi-Fi at the airport.¬†¬†

Dining and shopping at SYR Airport 

Head to SYRenity Bar & Market in Terminal A if you‚Äôre looking to taste some local wine, craft beer, and dine-in meals. Johnny Rockets offers Angus‚Äô beef cooked-to-order burgers, fries, and hand-spun shakes in the hallway to Terminal B. Middle Ages Bar & Restaurant provides delicious sandwiches, French Onion Soup, Breakfast Burrito, and great in-house beers. If you‚Äôre looking for ‚Äėgrab-and-go dishes, visit Say Si Bon or Middle Ages Grab & Go. Dunkin Donuts is your destination if you‚Äôre craving donuts. ¬†

Are you planning to buy any electronic gadgets before flying out? Then visit the eSavvy Tech Shop in the hallway to Terminal B. CNBC Smartshop and Heritage News & Gifts are the other shops you can try out!  

Where is Syracuse Airport? 

Syracuse International Airport is located at 1000 Col Eileen Collins Blvd, Syracuse, NY 13212.  

What time does Syracuse Airport open? 

The airport operates 24/7 throughout the year.  

How early to arrive at Syracuse Airport? 

It is safe to reach SYR Airport around 90-120 minutes before the scheduled departure time.  

Is there free parking at Syracuse Airport? 

Yes, only when you park at the Cell Phone Lot located in the Observation Area. You cannot leave your vehicle unattended while you park at this lot. Leaving your vehicle unattended can get you a parking ticket.  

Can I park at Syracuse Airport for more than a day? 

Yes. Both lots allow you to park your car for more than a day, and the lots charge you the daily parking rate for each additional day you use the parking. Open Lot Parking and Garage parking charges you$13 and $15 respectively for every day.  

Is there monthly parking at SYR Airport? 

Yes. You can get monthly parking for $225 a month.  

How to get cheap long-term parking at SYR Airport? 

To get cheap Syracuse Airport long-term parking, you need a book offsite parking near Syracuse Airport. You can get an offsite parking spot near SYR Airport for rates as low as $3 per day.  

How to find accessible parking spots at Syracuse Airport? 

There are designated parking spots for accessible parking in Garage Parking and Open Lot Parking.  

How far is Syracuse Airport from Syracuse University? 

The airport is around 14 miles away from Syracuse University. 

How far is Syracuse Airport from Ithaca? 

The airport is around 64 miles away from Ithaca.  

Syracuse Airport parking guide‚ÄĮ‚ÄĮ¬†

Both Garage Parking and Open Lot Parking offer short-term and long-term parking spots near the terminal. The lots are around a 5-minute walk away from the terminal. Open Lot parking offers short-term parking for $5 for the first hour, and the daily parking rate is $13. Garage Parking provides long-term parking for $15 a day. Cell Phone Lot located in the Observation Area offers free parking at the airport. Both onsite lots have designated accessible parking spots. Do you find the onsite parking rates higher? Do you want to have SYR parking at lower rates? Our Syracuse Airport parking guide has that covered!  

SYR‚ÄĮAirport parking information, coupons, and discounts‚ÄĮ¬†

You know how hard it will be to get a parking spot at one of the busiest airports in New York state. One option to ensure a parking spot is by pre-booking. But, the onsite lots tend to fill up quickly, especially during peak seasons. So, it is always safe to have a backup parking spot. Use the Way.com app or website to find an SYR parking spot for rates as little as $3 for a day. The parking includes amenities like camera surveillance, 24-hour lot attendants, accessible parking, and more! So, always book via Way to get secure and cheap SYR Airport parking! 

Syracuse Airport parking guide‚ÄĮtips¬†

  • There are nearly 4,000 parking spots at SYR Airport available via Garage Parking and Open Lot Parking.¬†¬†
  • Both lots are near the terminal. Open Lot Parking offers the most economical long-term and short-term parking at SYR Airport.¬†¬†
  • Enroll in the¬†SYRiously¬†Fast Express Parking Program to have hassle-free parking and payment at the onsite lots.¬†¬†
  • Use the Cell Phone Lot for free parking at the airport.¬†
  • There are designated accessible parking spots in both lots.¬†¬†
  • Ensure to check out the offsite parking lots to get cheaper parking spots near SYR Airport.¬†

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