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Syracuse St Patrick’s Parade 2023: All You Need to Know

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Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated in several places across the country. But, there’s this one place that goes a little extra. It is, of course, Syracuse in New York! In March, the Syracuse St Patrick’s Parade brings Ireland to right your doorstep. So, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to jig with the step dancers

The Syracuse Parade is marking its 41st anniversary in 2023. Along with the dancers and marchers, thousands of spectators will join the festivities. With parking at Salina Street restricted for the day, you will have to find alternative options.

Here’s more info about the parade and getting parking near the parade route.

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What is the Syracuse St Patrick’s Parade? 

The Syracuse St Patrick’s Parade celebrates Irish-American culture and Syracuse history. The parade is a prominent reflection of the Irish and American culture, with the displays of green color, religious observances, eating, drinking, and the parade.

Newspaper/television personality Nancy Duffy founded the Syracuse St Patrick’s Parade. The idea of the parade came from her strong wish to bring her Irish heritage and culture to the streets of Syracuse. The parade is one of Syracuse’s main highlights of the year, and the event is one of the ways the Central New York community welcomes the spring season. The streets of Syracuse get immersed in a festive mood when the parade rolls down Salina Street.  

When is the Syracuse St Patrick’s Parade 2023?



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The parade will brace the streets of downtown Syracuse on March 11, 2023, beginning at 12 pm. The theme Syracuse St Patrick’s Parade 2023 is “Running Through Tipperary” to celebrate Irish traditions like rambling and roving. The parade will also celebrate the vibrant Irish and other immigrant communities established in Syracuse. As usual, hundreds of Irish step dancers will dance down Salina Street for the parade.  

What is the route for Syracuse Parade 2023? 

According to the official website, the parade will begin at W Genesee St & N Salina St. The endpoint will be at S Salina St & W Onondaga St. 

Has the registration begun for Syracuse St Patrick’s Parade 2023? 

2023 parade registrations began on January 1 and ends on February 24, 2023. You can check the website or social media profiles to receive an update about the parade registration. 

How can I get to Salina Street? 

North Salina Street is around one mile away from Downtown Syracuse. It usually takes you around 5-10 minutes to reach the street from Downtown. So, it is better to drive if you’re planning to watch Syracuse St Patrick’s Parade.  

Is there parking at Salina Street during Syracuse St Patrick’s Parade? 

Street parking will be restricted during the event. Unauthorized parking will earn you a parking ticket. So, it is better that you book a parking spot in advance if you’re driving to attend or watch the parade. 

Is there parking near Salina Street? 

Yes. Many offsite lots near the street offer you secure parking spots.

As street parking is restricted, you can ensure parking if you book one in any offsite lots near the street or Downtown. Use the Way.com app or website to reserve a cheap parking spot near Salina Street. The parking includes amenities like accessible parking, contactless parking, and more. Save up to 60% on parking rates by booking early!    

St Patrick’s Parade 2023: Some quick info 

  • The 2023 edition of the Syracuse St Patrick’s parade will take place on March 11, from 12 pm.  
  • “Running Through Tipperary” is the theme of this 2023 edition of the parade. 
  • The 2023 edition also marks the 41st anniversary of the parade. 
  • Try to ensure a parking spot near the parade route in advance. Since street parking will be restricted, book a parking spot in any nearby offsite garages. 
  • The St Patrick’s Day Parade New York 2023 will take place on March 17, starting at 11 am. 

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