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Get Your Taste Buds Ready for the Taste of Chicago 2022

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The celebration of food and life is coming soon to Chicago. Are you ready for the Taste of Chicago 2022? It is not only Chicago’s largest outdoor food festival but the biggest food festival in the world. The festival will present you with all you can eat, and it is not just food. Read about the Taste of Chicago 2022 performers, dates, and parking information.

What is the Taste of Chicago 2022?

The Taste of Chicago festival is the largest food festival globally and is held every year in Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois. It is not just a food festival as some of the best artists from the country and Chicago will perform on the festival grounds. You can also enjoy rides like the Ferris wheel and witness the culture and life of Chicago.

Taste of Chicago Parking

After taking a break due to the pandemic, this year, the festival will return in three Chicago neighborhoods starting in June. There will be an estimated 30-40 eateries participating in an event spread across the city this year.

What is the schedule of Taste of Chicago 2022?

It will start on Saturday, June 11, 2022, and other neighborhood taste pop-ups will occur on consecutive Saturdays, June 18 and June 25. You can learn more about Taste of Chicago 2022 dates and performances from the festival’s official page.

Apart from these, a bite-sized Taste in Grant Park will occur between Friday, July 8, and Sunday, July 10, 2022. The food festival, which has a rich history of over 40 years, is a free-admission event.

Taste of Chicago festival 2022
Image Credits: kcox5342 on flickr

The pop-up on June 11 will be at Austin, Pullman will host one on June 18, and the final one-day neighborhood pop-up on June 25 will be at Little Village.

Which venue will host the Taste of Chicago festival in 2022?

The primary venue of the Taste of Chicago 2022 will be Grant Park. But the city is planning to expand the festival into multiple areas of the city even though the size of the festival will be small compared to pre-pandemic years.

Taste of Chicago festival
Image Credits: Joshua Blount on flickr

The neighborhoods which will host the one-day pop-ups include Austin, Pullman, and Little Village. Grant Park will again host the ‘Bite Size’ Taste.

What is the Taste of Chicago 2022 lineup?

It is expected that dozens of restaurants in and around Chicago will participate in the Taste of Chicago 2022 festival. There will be pop-up spots, and do not miss the rows of food trucks.

Taste of Chicago 2022 concerts
Image Credits: freeflight046 on flickr

Both local and international cuisine will be on show at the Taste of Chicago 2022. Every vendor will offer the best traditional and innovative recipes from Chicago. For information regarding the Taste of Chicago 2022 concerts, look for updates from the social media handles and the festival website.

How much are the festival tickets?

Taste of Chicago tickets
Image Credits: Dan Perry on flickr

Admission to ‘The Taste’ is entirely free for all. But for buying food and beverages, you need to get tickets which are sold in strips. There will be 14 tickets in a strip, and you can get one of these strips for $10; the price is subject to change in 2022. The highlight of the festival is that you can watch all the main stage evening music concerts and displays by local artists for free.

How to get to Grant Park?

Getting to Grant Park from Downtown Chicago takes around a minute by car. You can drive 0.3 miles via East Ida B. Wells Drive and S Columbus Dr to reach the venue without heavy traffic. Keep in mind that some streets will be closed during the festival.

How to find parking near Grant Park?

The food festival sees hundreds of thousands of people flowing into the festival grounds every year. The Taste of Chicago 2022 in Chicago is expected to have similar participation since the country is slowly recovering from the pandemic-induced break.

More visitors lead to high demand for parking. Chicago parking can be tricky, especially if you are new to the city, finding affordable parking near the venue can be tricky. If you are looking for cheap and safe spaces for your car, parking garages near Grant Park are plentiful.

Taste of Chicago 2022 dates
Image Credits: freeflight046 on flickr

Using Way.com and the Way parking app, you can easily locate off-site garages and lots near the venue. The app will list all the nearby garages along with the parking charges and facilities offered. These garages offer discounted rates for premium parking features, including valet parking, contactless parking, and aisle access.

Parking Lots and Rates near Grant Park

Lot NameParking Rate 
1255 S Michigan Ave Parking$17/day
20 E Randolph St Parking$14/day
398 E Lake St Parking$16/day
60 E Lake St Parking$20/day
710 South Wabash Avenue Parking$30/day
318 S Federal St Parking$21/day

Are there health policies for the festival?

The festival organizers are strict in ensuring the health of the attendees and the staff. Food from different vendors is checked for quality and ensures proper refrigeration and waste disposal.

Even though there is no Covid-19 policy in effect, it is advisable to use a face mask. You can keep that mask on while inside the festival grounds unless actively eating or drinking.

There is no notification about the need for vaccination proofs or Covid test results. Keep an eye out for updates from the social media handles of the festival.

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