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How to Temporarily Change License Address in Georgia

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If you plan to move to Georgia for a vacation or a short period, you must know the process for a temporary change in your license address in Georgia. Similarly, keeping track of the deadline is important so you don’t cross it. 

It is equally important to make the necessary changes in your license address in Georgia, whether you’re relocating temporarily or permanently. This article focuses on everything you need to know if you are planning to go for a change in license address in Georgia. 

How to Temporarily Change License Address in Georgia

Eligibility to temporarily change your license address in Georgia 

You’re eligible for a temporary change of license address in Georgia if you meet the following requirements: 

  • You must hold a valid license– See that your driver’s license is updated and not nearing expiry. 
  • Your move must be temporary with a purposeAs you go for a temporary change in license address, make sure to mention the purpose. The purpose is important as it decides how long your tentative license is valid. 
  • Make sure to limit your travel within Georgia– Even on getting a temporary license, don’t drive outside the state. Driving outside the state also means that you may have to pay penalties. 
  • There shouldn’t be any violations in your name– Make sure there are no pending penalties or any other incidents against you by which the DMV may deny your license address change in Georgia. 

Documents needed for a temporary license address change in Georgia 

There are some mandatory documents you’ll need to carry for a temporary change in address in Georgia that you need to know. These are: 

  • Your current driver’s license- Remember to carry your original driving license. 
  • Proof of address change- This proof can be anything, such as a utility bill, your original driver’s license, a bank statement, or a house rent agreement. Most importantly, these documents should not be older than two months. 
  • Payment fee- The last step to process a temporary license add is to pay $10 as a processing fee. You can either pay the fee by cash, card or check.  

What is the step-by-step process to temporarily change your driver’s license address in Georgia? 

If you’re planning to go for a temporary address change in Georgia, here’s what you should be doing: 

  • Carry all the necessary documents- Make sure to carry the most important documents, such as your existing license, an address, and the renewal fees. 
  • Next, visit the Georgia DMV office- Locate the nearest Georgia DDS (Department of Driver’s Service). 
  • Then, fill in the necessary forms– Remember to add your name, date of birth, license address, and updated address. 
  • Pay the necessary fees– Since you know the acceptable payment mode, see that you pay the necessary fees before the deadline. 
  • Lastly, wait for your new driver’s license to arrive- Once you complete the steps mentioned above, you must wait for the Georgia DMV to process your new license. It takes almost 7-14 days (about two weeks) for the DMV to process your license.

Time limit to make a temporary license address change in Georgia 

You can apply for a temporary license address change in Georgia within 60 days (about two months) of moving in. Also, your temporary license is valid only for 120 days (about four months) of moving to the city. Make sure to include both addresses as you request an address change to make the verification process easier and smoother.  

Restrictions in making temporary license address change in Georgia

Here are some of the restrictions in making a temporary license address change in Georgia: 

  • Time limit- Since you’re applying for a tentative license in Georgia, keep an eye on the expiry date. 
  • Non-renewal- Unlike the other license types, you cannot extend your temporary license. 
  • Inability to use it as proof- Unlike the other identity documents, you cannot use a tentative license as proof within the state. 
  • Not applicable to all license types- You cannot go for a temporary address change in Georgia if you’re applying for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) or Learner’s license. 

Other things to consider  to make while going for a temporary license address change  

Since you have an idea of how to make a temporary change in your Georgia license address now, keep the following things in mind too: 

  • Keep the other organizations informed of your address change- As you change your driver’s license address in Georgia, firstly inform your bank and credit card company too. 
  • Maintain your original license as proof- Even though you are eligible for a temporary license, keep your original license as proof to produce when needed. 
  • Finish off your purpose of visit before the expiry date- As you know, the DMV cannot extend the temporary license period in any way. Therefore, see that you meet your purpose of visiting before the deadline. 

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