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Ten Things Driving a Ford F-150 Says About You

  • What your car brand says about you
  • Jeannie Assimos
  • 4 minutes

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When you drive a Ford F-150, you certainly make your presence known. Here’s what else we know about you:

1. You love the great outdoors more than everyone else. A Ford truck needs a little dirt on its tires. As Toby Keith sings, your truck is “king of the mountain,” and you can be found “lost on a backroad in the drivin’ rain.” You’re the off-road-loving friend to call when someone’s stuck in the mud or blocked by a fallen tree. You can handle any rugged terrain — and want the city slickers you encounter on the road to know it. 

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2. You’re not a city mouse. Even if you live in the city — and the majority of Ford F-150 owners do — you resent the idea of looking too urban. You’re all country, no matter where you live. (But you probably wish you lived in a rural area because city parking in a giant truck is the worst.)  Also, you’re not a mouse. You’re more of a…mountain lion? 


3. You work hard—or you want people to think you do. Like your truck, you’re built “Ford tough.” Ford F-150 owners are especially proud if they can call their vehicles their “work trucks.” Built to haul big loads and navigate difficult terrain, F-150s are favorites of farmers, contractors, and SWAT teams. In fact, recent design upgrades accommodated for the door handles to better work with work gloves. 

4. You’re playing country music on the radio. Because that’s where the songs about Ford trucks are. 

 5. You’ve named your truckAccording to one Ford survey, a good quarter of F-150 drivers call their ride by name. Whether you do so in public or not is up to you. (Say hi to Betty for us!) 

 6. You help your friends moveOr you should. You have the storage space, the towing ability, and — be honest — you probably brag about your hauling capacity all the time. You’re the friend with the truck, and take that responsibility seriously. 

7. You enjoy a good power trip. Some call it confidence, some call it aggression, and others call it compensating. Whatever it is that gives you that “out of my way” energy, you and your truck demand respect on the road. The Ford F-150 is the king of any road it’s driving on — it’s twice the size of the cars around it — and navigates dirt roads with ease and city streets without a care in the world. (Its size advantage reduces potholes and curbs to a small car’s problem.) 

8. Your truck is your wingmanWho needs a pickup line when you have a pickup truck? According to one survey, a clean black Ford pickup truck is the way to a woman’s heart. (We don’t make the rules, just report on them.)  Why so swoon-worthy? Well, you’ve got the cash to fill ‘er up, you take care of the things you love, you’re (hopefully) rugged and handy, and your macho vehicle is likely tricked out with all the comforts and conveniences of a luxury car.  


9. You’re not a “Ford truck man.” You’re a Ford truck woman. Gone are the days of boys-only truck ownership. Women are a growing demographic of pickup truck owners. Not only are more women embracing careers in the trades, but they’re also discovering trucks to be multi-purpose, family-friendly vehicles. 

10. You appreciate the classics—but can also look to the futureYou want an All-American classic and can’t resist the allure and prestige of America’s best-selling pickup. You value quality and heritage and drive your Ford with pride.  

You also love the latest and greatest in technology and comfort — you want your work truck to actually work for you — and might even have your eye on the soon-to-be-released, game-changing Ford F-150 Lightning all-electric truck.  

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