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Are There Termites in Pennsylvania? Find Out!

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Are you a Pennsylvania resident who’s planning to build or buy a home? Should you be worried about termites attacking your precious home? But first, are there termites in Pennsylvania? 

Yes. One particular termite species in the state cause considerable damage to homes in Pennsylvania. So, homeowners must be vigilant to avoid these insects invading their homes. They cause so much property damage yearly in the country. As a homeowner, it will be scary to see hollowed-out wood on your home’s foundation as these insects pose a severe threat. 

So, how can you know that these insects have infested your home? Keep reading our article to know in detail about termites in Pennsylvania.  

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Are there termites in Pennsylvania?

Yes. The state comes in Zone #2 of the Termite Infestation Probability Zones (TIP Zones). It indicates that homeowners in the state are likely to sustain moderate to severe damage, and there is a high risk of termite infestation.  

Homeowners in Pennsylvania should know the various species of termites native to the state, how to identify these insects, and what to do if these infest their homes. 

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What are the types of termites in Pennsylvania? 


Normally, there are two types of termites that you can find in the state. 

Subterranean termites: These are the most common termites in Pennsylvania, posing a severe threat to your property. They’re especially difficult to spot. You can easily identify them with the mud tubes they create as entrances into the wood they tunnel through. These insects prefer warm days after rain, so the spring months are the busiest for them.  

Though spring provides an ideal environment for their infestations, these insects also seek warmth during the winter. So areas near furnaces or chimneys may also pose a threat during the winter. Between March and June, homeowners should remain vigilant for them during daylight hours. 

Drywood termites: These insects are not native to the state. However, they hide in wood while transported between sites, like wooden furniture or wine crates. Because this insect type prefers dry areas, so watch for wood in your attic. 

When do termites swarm in Pennsylvania? 

These insects ideally swarm in Pennsylvania between April and June, with May being the busiest month. Termites are on the move during this time because they are looking for new places to create colonies and reproduce. Watch for symptoms like flying termites, mud tubes, and wood damage during this time. Suppose you suspect that insects have infested your home. Then it is best to immediately contact a professional pest control service to identify and treat the problem. 

How can you detect termite infestation?  


Termites are scary because they can stay undetected for long periods. These insects can eat away at your home’s foundation, wooden structural beams, and supports, tunneling them out before you know it. You can observe these signs.  

  • Discarded bodies: Although ants are common in the state, they usually do not threaten homeowners. But ants and termites have almost similar appearances. An ant, like a wasp, has a tiny waist, whereas a termite has a wide, tubular waist about the same size as the rest of its body. 
  • Termite tubes: This is the simplest way to detect these insects in your home. Subterranean termites, native to the state, prefer wood close to concrete or the earth. So it will be common to find earth-coated entrances into the wood in your cellar or basement. 

Also, check for swollen walls or floors, tiny round holes in the drywall, and peeling or bubbly paint. 

Does home insurance cover termite damage in Pennsylvania? 

Ideally, home, renters, and condo insurance policies don’t cover termite damage. Insurers consider that homeowners can prevent damage due to infestations, so you must pay for the damage out of your pocket.   

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Are termites bad in Pennsylvania? 

According to Termite Infestation Probability Zones (TIP Zones), Pennsylvania comes under TIP Zone #2 (moderate to heavy), indicating that termite damage is very likely. 

What are the most common termites in Pennsylvania? 

Subterranean termites are the common types that you can find in the state. 

Are termites a problem in Philadelphia? 

You can find these insects in every state except Alaska, and they are especially common in Pennsylvania and the southeast. 

Can termites survive winter? 

Termites are active throughout the year, even in the winter. However, the daily routine of subterranean termite colonies changes during the winter. In cooler climates, these insects naturally move deeper into the ground to get the warmth they need to survive. 

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