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What is Tesla Dog Mode? Find Out.

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Are you traveling with your furry friend in your car? If it’s the summer season, your car’s interior can become extremely hot, reaching deadly levels in no time. But there may be situations where you need to get into a store, meet a friend, or do some chores that keep you away from the car for some time. It can be worrying as your pet needs to stay in the car. But if you’re driving a Tesla, the Tesla Dog Mode will solve all your worries instantly! 

Do Teslas have dog mode? Yes, all the models have this awesome feature. But having this feature doesn’t mean you can leave your furry friend in the car for a long time. What exactly does this mode do? How long can you leave your pet with Dog Mode in Tesla on? If you’re a dog owner, this article will make you smile. 

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What is Tesla Dog Mode? 

Tesla Dog Mode is a climate control option that lets you set a comfortable temperature inside your car while parking. It helps you to leave the car for a short time, keeping your pet safely inside.  

The greatest plus of this feature is that you can check the temperature of the car’s cabin using Tesla’s app. You can also watch your dog via a cabin-mounted camera that you can access from your phone, ensuring your dogs safety even if youre far away from the car. The Dog Mode in Tesla displays a message on the touchscreen at the center informing passersby that the temperature inside the car is ideal and you’ll be returning soon.  

The origin of this feature 

Well, if you think that Dog Mode was Elon Musk’s idea, it is wrong! Musk eventually got this idea from a Twitter user. The user asked Musk if he could include a Dog Mode for the Model 3, and the tweet pretty much detailed it’s working too. Musk replied, “Yes,” and the mode was born.  

How does Tesla Dog Mode work? 

It is very easy to use. Follow these steps to turn it on. 

  • Find the fan symbol at the bottom of your touchscreen.  
  • When the “Keep Climate On” menu appears, choose the “Dog” option.  
  • Then, set your preferred temperature.  

Now, you can leave with the assurance that your pet will be cool and safe. But we never recommend leaving your pet for a long time in the car.  

If you want to use voice commands in your Tesla, say, “Turn dog mode on” to turn it on. Also, remember that the mode won’t turn if your car battery level is below 20%. So, we recommend avoiding leaving your pet in the car in such conditions.  

How do you turn on dog mode on a Tesla Model S? You can do the above steps in all models to turn on this feature for your furry friend.  


Is Tesla Dog Mode legal? 

While most states allow you to leave a dog alone in your Tesla, there are many additional laws and restrictions you must consider. It includes leaving your pet in the car on a hot or cold day without proper ventilation or for a long period. So, the Dog Mode in Tesla is the perfect feature to tackle these situations. However, the laws haven’t yet caught up with this technology.  

There are scenarios where this feature attracts unwanted attention. For instance, only a few law enforcement personnel and people recognize that your pet is safe inside the car with the Dog Mode on. But not everyone takes the time to read the message on the touchscreen. It can result in some breaking your car’s glass to save your pet or a citation from an enforcement official. 

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Tips to avoid unnecessary issues 

If you have activated the mode, do the following before you leave. 

  • Check the laws in your state and area. Some states have strict regulations against pets in cars than others, and some even protect people who break a glass to save an animal’s life. Understanding the laws will help you know the legal risk in your area and plan your usage of this feature to reduce incidents. 
  • Always have additional signs on your car’s windows notifying that the feature is running and the pet is safe. Depending on the window’s tint, people may find it hard to notice the Tesla Dog Mode notification on the touchscreen.  
  • Never leave your pet for a long time in the car. The longer you’re away, the more likely someone may decide to help your pet by breaking a window. Also, a single HVAC failure can be tragic for you and your pet. 

Do all Tesla models have Dog Mode? 

Currently, Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X can all get Dog Mode over-the-air updates. The Model S and Model X have the most spacious layouts for pets that use the mode for a long time. However, the only exception is the original Tesla Roadster, which doesn’t have this feature. Irrespective of your model, always update it to the latest version to have Dog Mode programming current. 

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How long is Tesla in Dog Mode? 

Ideally, this mode will remain active while you are away. Powered by the same battery as your car’s motor, the mode consumes around four miles of range per hour. For instance, with a fully charged Model 3, you could tentatively leave the mode on for around 68 hours before turning it off. 

If the battery charge decreases below 20%, the mode will remain on as long as possible. But eventually, it will turn off when the battery loses all power. So we recommend you return to the car as soon as possible. 

What is the minimum charge for Tesla Dog Mode? 


Your car’s battery should have at least 20% charge for it to turn on and function.   

Does the Tesla app turn on Dog Mode? 

Tesla’s update in April 2022 enables you to turn on the Dog and Camp Mode directly from the app. But you must always enable the “Keep Climate On” inside the car.  

Where is Dog Mode on the Tesla app? 

Climate screen in Tesla
Image courtesy: https://www.tesla.com/

While using the app, you can activate and control the mode by swiping up from the gray bar on the “Climate” screen. 

Does Dog Mode lock the car? 

No. The Tesla Dog Mode does not automatically lock the doors. You have to manually lock the car when you go out. When you turn it on, it keeps your cabin temperature comfortable for your pet. It displays a message on the touch screen informing passersby that the pet is safe. Also, you can leave a sign on the window informing passersby that the mode is working so that some won’t try breaking the window glass to save your pet.  

Does Dog Mode drain the battery?  

Turning on the mode drains the battery charge on average by 2-3% per hour. However, this can vary based on the temperature outside and weather conditions, the cabin temperature setting, and the efficiency of climate systems in your car. However, newer models are optimized to decrease battery drain. 

How much does a Tesla with Dog Mode cost? 


It is available in all models. So the cost depends on the model you prefer. The cheapest option is Model 3, starting at $40,240. However, buying a Model X can cost up to $134,240. 


Does Tesla Model Y have Dog Mode? 

Yes. You can turn on this mode when your Model Y is parked.   

Does Tesla Model X have Dog Mode? 

Yes. Model X comes with this feature.  

Which Tesla is good for dogs? 

If you love to ride with your furry friend often, the best option is the Tesla Model X. It has a spacious cabin, easy-entry Falcon wing doors, and Autopilot, and it offers a quiet and smooth drive.  

Does Elon Musk love dogs? 

Yes! His love for his dog even made him redesign Twitter’s interface. Musk replaced Twitter’s bird logo with the Shiba Inu — or doge — meme. Following this, the price of dogecoin, a cryptocurrency supported by Musk, surged by 20%. 


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