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Tesla Elon Musk Yacht: Real or Fan Art? 

  • Tesla
  • Celine Jerly
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You read that right! As cool as a Tesla superyacht sounds (and looks), we are yet to hear if Elon Musk himself is on board. Oh! And if you are here because of Musk’s vacation pics – that’s Zeus, a luxury yacht he chartered. But we can tell you more about it and Elon Musk’s Tesla Yacht rumors. 

Tesla is already a household name, and like everyone else, we can’t wait to see what the brand pulls off next. Many fans (and the internet) believe it’s a self-sustaining superyacht. Elon Musk has conquered land and is exploring space tech – so the next obvious destination is the sea, right? And if Musk needs a sign, we found it back in 2017. An Indian designer created an impressive concept that many believe is the perfect fit for superyacht supremacy.  

So, here’s what we know about the Tesla Model Y yacht concept:

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Who designed the Tesla Model Y yacht? 

Though many web pages report that Tesla “announced” their plans for a self-charging superyacht in 2017, the Model Y is a concept shared online by an Indian product designer. Dhruv Prasad’s idea for a self-sustaining yacht was quickly picked up by hopeful fans who thought Elon Musk would take an interest in the design. However, neither Musk nor anyone from Tesla has acknowledged the rumors or hinted at expanding the brand into luxury yachts.  

Model Y – Tesla SuperYacht Features 

Sleek and silent – if Prasad’s concept sketches become a reality, the Tesla Model Y will be a game-changer. The fully electric design introduces self-sustaining features like a solar panel on the roof to power two lithium batteries and a turbine that turns waves into energy.  

How big is the Tesla yacht? 

If built to match the specification in the concept sketch, the Tesla superyacht will be 131 ft (40 m) long and 26 ft (8 m) wide. The vessel is aerodynamic, with the front narrowing to a sharp tip and a “low lying” area at the back with a jacuzzi, which can be closed off in an emergency like bad weather. Yes, it does look like a giant squid, and that’s good – Tesla is synonymous with unique and futuristic.  

The yacht’s interior is massive – nothing like you’ve seen before. It takes up much of the top deck and is flooded with natural light. Light pierces through the unique roof and the slit-like windows. However, the design allows no deck space on the roof like other yachts. The lower deck is also big enough to host a private party. And though there are no sleeping quarters, the yacht has berths and lounging areas to relax.  

How much will the Tesla yacht cost? 

$700 million is the price tag for this dream boat! And at that rate, Elon Musk could be the only person who can afford it. But may we remind Tesla hasn’t confirmed or denied their plans to build a superyacht. So, anything we know about Elon Musk’s yacht plans is speculation only.  

Wait, so the Tesla Model Y Superyacht is not real? Let’s not give up yet, because Elon Musk has given us hints about his interests for the future. And now that we have a concept sketch that’s kept fans at the edge of their seats for over five years, he might as well give in. But no one knows what Musk’s next move is – hopefully, he plans another trip to Mykonos and needs a sustainable superyacht. Fingers crossed! 

So, what’s all this about Elon Musk on a yacht in Mykonos? 

Does Elon Musk own a yacht? 

No yacht, no houses – Musk is so busy, all he needs is his $70 million private jet that’s made 134 flights in 2022! So, unlike his space race rival Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk does not own a yacht. But you are not alone if you think you spotted pics of him shirtless on a luxury liner. The paparazzi shots are very much real and are from a brief vacation in Mykonos, Greece. 

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When was Elon Musk in Mykonos? 

July 2022 – Musk took a rare vacation with friends last summer, and there’s proof – a lot of it. The billionaire was spotted relaxing aboard Zeus – a superyacht he chartered for about $7000 per day from online boat-rental company SamBoat. A group of friends, including Ari Emanuel (Endeavor CEO) and his wife, joined him on the luxurious boat.  

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