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Texas Drivers License Name Change- Easy Ways To Do It

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It is quite easy to get a name change on your driver’s license in Texas if you follow the processes correctly. So how exactly do you go about changing your name on your license in Texas? Here’s how:

Not getting a name change of your existing driver’s license in Texas can also cost you a lot. There are many occasions where getting a name change is mandatory and unavoidable. You may need a name change in situations such as marriage or a change in residential address. In case you fail to make the change at the right time, you may have to pay the penalty of $20 or produce the proof in 20 days, whichever is earlier.

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Name Change Process for Your Drivers License in Texas

If you are looking forward to making a name change, see to it that you do it in 30 days or less. If you plan for a name change after marriage, then you may produce the following

  • Your marriage certificate
  • Divorce order
  • Proof of license cancellation
  • Verified marriage certificate issued by the Department of State Health Service.

Types of Name Change for Your Drivers License Texas

Name Change Other Than Marriage

A court order is the most valid document that Texas considers for a name change. This is to ensure that you follow all the legal guidelines while making a name change. Sometimes, a person may wish to either change their name or their gender or do both at a time. While doing so, they need not go through two different procedures and also pay nominal court fees for both together.

Gender Name Change

To notify the DMV about your gender name change, you can fill out the Petition of Name of Adult Form which is available online. You can also fill out the Order Granting Change of Name of Adult form to notify them about the necessary changes.

Even if you don’t file the petition, they may request for the gender change in license directly at the court. In case there are any difficulties in making it through the process, the applicant can approach the Attorney for further assistance.

Legal Name Change

A legal name change can happen only with the help of your biometric proofs. In some areas, your background is also verified. Mostly, the court cannot make any exemptions where the degree of felony is checked before making the name change. Else, they must be discharged from prison for more than two years or complete their probation.

Name Change with Social Service Administration

If you are changing your name with social service administration, then you need to fill out a Social Security SS-55 form which is available online. For this, you need to submit your copies of identification, age proof, and marriage certificate. You will then receive the changed license over mail with the submitted copy of the documents.

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Documents to Keep Handy For Your Drivers Permit Texas

The name change process for your Drivers license in Texas is less time taking. For this, you’ll need the following documents:

  • An SS 55 or an SA form which you may fill in physical or print format.
  • Copies of the court order, divorce certificate, or marriage certificate.
  • Any ID proof like your passport or state ID card.
  • Your birth certificate, certificate of citizenship, or certificate of naturalization.

Make sure that you submit the original proofs. In the case of using copies, the chances of returning your Drivers license are more. Once the name change in your Drivers license is complete, your documents will be returned. After this, you can use your license effectively.

Steps to Receive Your New Drivers Permit Texas

Unfortunately, you cannot make name changes to your Texas driver’s license online. The following are  the steps you need to follow while doing so:

Go to the DPS Office

To get your new Drivers license, you should visit the Department of Public Safety (DPS). This should be done within 30 days of making the name changes to your Texas driver’s license.

Fill out the necessary documents

Download the application for a name change as soon as you can. Once you do this, keep proof of your name change and visit the DPS office to finish the process.

Produce your identity proofs

Remember to carry all your identity proof documents with you as you go for a name change of your drivers license in Texas. You may produce the ID proofs of your choice such as:

  • An ID proof valid for more than two years.
  • A valid passport.
  • A US citizenship certificate.
  • Proof of permanent residence if you are a green card holder.

Pay the fees

You’ll be charged a nominal fee for the name change which you are to pay at the DPS office. It may cost you around $11. It may cost you $150 to $300 for court filing. To get an accurate rate on the name change, you may get in touch with the district clerk’s office.

Name Change Process Out of Texas

The process to change your name out of Texas, though a bit different, is comparatively easier.

First, contact the DPS and ask them for the details you’ll need to share. Then, keep the proofs of your name change ready, like your marriage or divorce certificate. Also, have your residential proofs with you, like the mortgage license, vehicle registration license, tax renewal license, and so on. It is also ideal to have any other emails you’ve received from the Government for the last 3 months. Finally, submit the SSN number too along with the application. You may also have to pay a processing fee of $10.

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