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Texas to Florida Drive: Routes, Stops, and More

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If you want to go from Texas to Florida, prepare for a long journey. Proper planning and preparation are needed before you embark on the Texas to Florida drive that is thousands of miles long. Are you down for a road trip? A Texas to Florida drive can be a perfect choice during the summer, as that is long and passes through the beautiful landscape. 


From the best routes to the time taken and essential stops, we will help you with the necessary information for the Texas to Florida drive. Before starting your car, make sure you choose a route and make hotel reservations. 

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How far is Texas from Florida? 


The distance between these two states will depend on where you start and end during the drive. For instance, if you start in Houston, Texas, and your destination is Miami, Florida, the drive will be more than 1,180 miles long. It will take 20 hours, depending on the number of stops you make and the speed you drive. In general, the distance between Texas and Florida by road is 1375 miles.

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How far is Texas from Florida by plane? 

Again, the distance from Florida to Texas by plane will depend on how fast the aircraft is and what route you take. Layovers will also play a part in determining how long it will take to reach the destination. But the shortest distance from Texas to Florida by air is 1,142 miles. Using Way.com, you can easily find affordable airport parking spaces.

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How long is the drive from Florida to Texas 

You have three possible routes to take for the Florida to Texas road trip. Each of these is more than 1,350 miles long. In addition, you may have to pass through tolls on all of these routes. Texas to Florida drive hours will vary depending on each route and what highways and interstates you pass through. Each of these three routes is listed below. 

Interstate 10 West 

Depending on traffic conditions, this is one of the fastest routes to drive from Florida to Texas. You will cover a whopping 1,387 miles through this road trip which will take more than 20 hours and 30 minutes. Considering the time taken for stops in between, the drive will take much longer. 

Interstate 20 West 

Unlike the I-10 West, you should avoid taking a right before the Shreveport Regional Airport. Pass through Shreveport and Jackson. Again, the traffic conditions will determine how fast you can pass through this route. The total distance is 1,369 miles, and the time taken will be more than 20 hours. 

Interstate 75 North and Interstate 10 West 

You will start differently in this route. The I-75 North will take you through Houston, Beaumont, Lafayette, and Baton Rouge. Coming in at around 1,370 miles, it is shorter than the route via I-10 West. You will encounter tolls on this route and also need to make multiple stops. Considering all these, the journey will take more than 20 hours and 30 minutes to complete. 

Whichever route you take, make sure you take the necessary rest in between. For convenience, divide the journey into smaller drives. By doing so, you can plan visits to popular destinations on Texas to Florida drive. A few suggestions include Big Thicket National Preserve and Mississippi Delta. If you have car troubles during the drive, Way.com has an extensive coverage of car services to get you back on the road.

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What are the stops to take during the drive? 

The exact halfway point during your drive from Texas to Florida or vice versa is at a small town called Fort Bayou Estates in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. If you want to make a stop at the halfway point, the nearest city, Mobile in, Alabama which, is 48 miles from the town mentioned above. In addition, the nearest major city is New Orleans. 


Some of the popular stops are Key West, Everglades, New Orleans, Sanibel Island, Galveston, Pensacola Beach, South Padre Island, and more. Since you will pass through 5 states during the Texas to Florida drive, make a list of attractions, you want to visit while planning the drive.

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