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The Atlanta Airport parking challenge and how to resolve it

  • Airport Parking Guide
  • Renee Martin
  • 7 minutes

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How do you find parking at the busiest airport in the world? Here’s all the info you need on finding affordable Atlanta Airport Parking. 

Why is Atlanta Airport so busy?

Why is Atlanta Airport so busy?

It’s all about location, location, location! Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is in a geographically advantageous location. ATL is located in a strategic eastern part of the United States and serves as a major entry point for international travel. Also, it is within a two-hour flight of 80% of America. This and the fact that it is the primary hub for one of the world’s largest airlines, Delta, combine to make ATL Airport the busiest in the world.

Where can you park at Atlanta Airport, the busiest airport in the world?

How to find cheap parking at Atlanta Airport

Atlanta Airport has four types of parking: Hourly, Daily, Economy, and Park-Ride. There’s also offsite parking which costs only $5 per day, can be booked ahead, and provide shuttle service to the terminals.

The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) sees almost 104 million passengers pass through its terminals every year, making it the world’s busiest airport. With Atlanta Airport holding this title for decades, it’s easy to imagine the crowds that throng the airport daily. Located only seven miles south of Atlanta’s business district, the airport’s central location makes it easy to access. Therefore, driving down to the airport and parking there is a smart way to save some dollars. If you’re wondering about how to go about finding parking at Atlanta Airport, you have come to the right place. Here is a complete and comprehensive guide on all the information you require about Atlanta Airport Parking.

You can broadly classify Atlanta Airport parking into two types of parking – onsite and offsite Atlanta Airport parking. This can be further categorized as follows:

Onsite Atlanta Airport Parking

  • Long Term Parking
  • Short Term Parking
      • Domestic Terminal Parking
      • International Terminal Parking
  • Gold Reserve Parking
  • Park-Ride Reserve Parking

Offsite Atlanta Airport Parking with shuttle service

Onsite parking rates and options

ATL Airport’s onsite parking facilities have options tailored to meet your needs based on how long you need to park and how much you’re willing to pay for it. A breakdown of the various Atlanta long-term and short-term parking lots is given below, along with Atlanta Airport parking rates.

Short-term parking at Atlanta Airport

If you are just dropping off or picking up a friend or family member, or you need to park in a place with easy access to the terminals, the ATL short-term parking options are best suited for you. Here are the Atlanta Airport short-term parking alternatives you can choose from.

Atlanta Airport parking lot Atlanta Airport parking rates
Hourly Parking (North and South Lots) $3/hour – 1st hour

$3/hour – 2nd hour

$4/hour – 3rd – 6th hour

$24/day after 6 hours

$24/day for each additional day

Daily Parking $3/hour

$14/day maximum

Economy Lot $3/hour

$10/day maximum

ATL West Parking $3/hour- 1st – 3rd hour

$14/day after 3 hours

$14/day for each additional day

Park-Ride Lots $3/hour
Peachy Parking offsite lot with shuttle $7.50/day

Long-term parking at Atlanta Airport

Find parking near Atlanta Airport for rates starting low as $3/day

Long-term parking is available at the Hourly Parking Lot, Daily Parking Lot, and Economy Lots.

Atlanta Airport parking lot Atlanta Airport parking rates
Hourly Parking $24/day
Daily Parking $14/day
Economy Parking $10/day
Peachy Parking offsite lot with shuttle $7.50/day

International Terminal Parking

More than 1,100 parking spaces are available in the International Hourly lot, just stepping away from check-in and arrivals. In addition, the International Hourly parking deck has 14 close-in parking spaces for alternative fuel vehicles and 14 vanpool and carpool spaces.

Atlanta Airport parking lot Atlanta Airport parking rates
International Hourly $24 for the first day, $12 for each additional day
International Park-Ride Lots Temporarily closed
Peachy Parking offsite lot with shuttle $7.50/day

Reserve parking at Atlanta Airport

Gold Reserve Parking

The Gold Reserve Parking Program is a facility where you get the valuable advantage of having a parking space reserved especially for you. The exclusive Hartsfield Jackson Airport parking Gold Reserve Lot is completely covered, situated next to each of the North and South Terminals for the best accessibility.

Park-Ride Reserve Parking

The Park-Ride Reserve Parking Program gives its members the advantage of parking their cars in a specially reserved lot on the South Terminal Parkway. In addition, since the lot is a few minutes away from the airport, members can enjoy a free shuttle service to the terminal.

Offsite Atlanta Airport Parking Options

Whether long-term or short-term, the rates can set you back using the official Hartsfield Jackson Airport parking lots. Offsite parking is cheaper, especially if you are parking for the long term. That’s why we have prepared a list of the best parking solutions for you, from great discounts and coupons to shuttle arrangements. Offsite ATL Parking will not only be easier on your pocket but will help you save precious time.

Best options for parking near ATL

Peachy Airport Parking

One of the most popular options for secure and reliable Atlanta Airport parking, Peachy Parking offers secure parking at well-maintained lots. You can choose between indoor, covered, and outdoor parking options. Peachy Parking lots are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with automated entrance and exit gates and frequent 24-hour shuttle service to and from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Moreover, their friendly staff is always on hand to assist you.

Peachy offers complimentary bottled water at the exit on request to all guests who park in their indoor or outdoor parking lots. They also offer a wide range of car care and detailing services. There are also 32 spaces with facilities for electric charging. Peachy Parking indoor lots are climate-controlled and perfect for your car during adverse weather. You can find their lot at 3100 Sylvan Rd, Atlanta, GA.


The Way App has been the parking app of choice for some years now, with over 50 million cars parked across the length and breadth of North America. The Way App and website combine everything you need to enjoy a premium parking experience near Atlanta Airport. You’ll get to choose from several excellent contactless ATL Airport parking facilities at reliable and safe parking lots. It’s pretty easy to use too. If you’re flying from Atlanta, you can choose from several top-rated offsite ATL parking lots that offer discounted rates. In addition, the Way App offers an easy way to book airport parking near all the top airports in the US, including Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

Where should I park at Atlanta Airport? 

Atlanta Airport offers both Hourly and Daily parking. If you are only picking someone up or dropping them off, Hourly Parking is the best option. However, if you want overnight parking, you should park either at the Daily Parking or Economy Parking lots. 

Can I reserve parking at Atlanta Airport? 

Yes, you book parking on the ATL Airport website. However, if you’re looking for cheaper options, you can book offsite ATL parking via Way.com. 

What is the busiest time at Atlanta Airport? 

The busiest times of the day at Atlanta Airport are from 1 am to 2 am and from 11 pm to 12 am. 

ATL parking tips

  • Offsite ATL parking lot shuttle pickups have been moved from the airport’s ground transportation hub to the lower-level curbside of Terminal North.
  • Official ATL parking lot shuttle pickups are back to their original location at the Terminal South curbside.
  • The free cell phone waiting lot is on the approach to Terminal South. The international terminal has no cell phone waiting lot.

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