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The best Pennsylvania auto insurance quotes of 2021

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To drive a car on Pennsylvania roads, you would require car insurance. You may spend more or less than other drivers for the best auto insurance in Pennsylvania, depending on your specific driving profile. Now how can you find the best and, at the same time, cheap Pennsylvania auto insurance?

best Pennsylvania auto insurance quotes

Before we proceed, always remember the golden rule, compare car insurance and car insurance quotes before deciding on insurance.

best Pennsylvania auto insurance quotes

Pennsylvania drivers have a variety of alternatives when it comes to affordable car insurance. According to Way.com’s 2021 analysis of quoted yearly premiums, the average cost of car insurance in Pennsylvania is $1482 per year. The annual premiums are less than the national average of $1680. Way.com examined average annual premiums received from our ground personnel to identify Pennsylvania’s best car insurance companies. 

Third-party rankings, available coverages, discount offers, and customer service scores were also examined by our editorial team.

Cheap Pennsylvania auto insurance quotes

Our best recommendations for the cheapest Pennsylvania auto insurance quotes in Pennsylvania for 2021 are based on a wide range of coverage options to safeguard you and your family while driving.

best Pennsylvania auto insurance quotes

Pennsylvania has many wonderful options for affordable car insurance, but prices vary significantly from one car insurance company to the next. Way.com has analyzed consumer reviews, investigated multiple businesses’ coverage options, and compared quoted insurance costs to develop our picks for the best cheap Pennsylvania auto insurance quotes.

Penn National

Penn National is likely to be a strong option for Pennsylvania drivers seeking convenience. The Auto PennPac plan is a package of auto insurance coverages that includes pet insurance and death benefits and a seat belt and restraint benefit. Penn National gives supplemental coverages for towing and labor, travel interruption, locksmith services, and airbag repair, among other things, when you purchase collision and comprehensive coverage. To round out coverage, replacement cost auto coverage is also offered, identity theft protection, and 24/7 roadside assistance.  Bundling your auto insurance policy with homeowners insurance, renters insurance, or condo insurance is one of the many discounts offered by the firm.


For a variety of reasons, Nationwide could be a fantastic option to explore in Pennsylvania. It is well-known for working with bad-credit drivers and has local agents on hand to assist you if you have any questions. Roadside assistance, rental car insurance, and gap insurance are among the company’s many coverage options.

Accident Forgiveness and a Vanishing Deductible of up to $500 off your insurance are also available from Nationwide. The mobile features are also helpful, as they keep you connected whether you need to check your policy or file a claim while you’re on the go.


QBE allows you to add transportation expenses coverage to your policy, in addition to towing and labor protection and audio/visual equipment coverage. QBE may potentially offer some of the best car insurance rates in Pennsylvania, depending on their circumstances.

The company also offers the FlexAuto program, which uses a regular evaluation of your driving patterns to provide you with additional insurance premium discounts. QBE also offers discounts for safety devices, good students, and an accident-free driving record through its Accident Forgiveness program, among other things.


Personal injury protection (PIP), emergency roadside assistance, rental car insurance, and gap insurance are just a few of the fantastic coverage options available through Auto-Owners Insurance.

best Pennsylvania auto insurance quotes

Drivers also benefit from the convenience of the Personal Automobile Plus Package’s all-in-one bundle, adding over ten types of additional coverage to an already stacked policy. In addition, if you are in an accident with another Auto-Owners policyholder, there is no deductible.


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