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The Best Way to Cover Broken Car Window- What to Know

  • Auto Insurance
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 4 minutes

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What’s the best way to cover a broken car window? Covering a car window to prevent further damage is the first thing you should do. One important thing to do is to keep calm. Covering your car’s broken window is important since it only takes a few seconds to get dirty when left open. Let’s find out some of the easiest ways to cover the window. 

Leaving the broken car window open is indeed a bad idea. You never know how quickly moisture can accumulate inside the car and make the car moldy and smelly. Similarly, driving a car with broken windows is risky for you and the passengers. Therefore, experts suggest that you cover your broken car window immediately.  

We shall discuss the most important things to remember and the best way to cover car windows.

The Best Way to Cover Broken Car Window- What to Know

Things You Need to Cover Broken Car Windows 

In case you break your car window, keep these things handy so that you can act quickly: 

Duct Tape 

Duct tape is something that acts as the best way to cover broken car windows. Compared to the other quick fixes, it is also an affordable and cheap solution. While using these tapes, ensure that you stick them closely without any gaps in between. Use at least six to eight layers of tape and close the broken space fully.  

Plastic Sheets 

Go for thick plastic sheets, which are thicker than a carry bag. A plastic covering is the best way to cover a broken car window. The reasons are that firstly, it is easily available. Secondly, it is a solution for months if you use the right adhesive to fix it. 


If you want to cover a broken car window and stop thefts in future, you must buy some reflectix. A reflectix is nothing but a handmade temporary car window. It contains cardboard cut to the size of your car windows in a ready-to-fix size. Also, a reflectix is worth every penny and is quite easy to clean and reuse. 

Window Shade Socks 

Window shade socks are also known as mesh window coverings. These are helpful as you cover broken car windows. As the name suggests, you must pull it down through the windows. This way, they stay in place for longer. 

Fabric and Magnets 

If you are looking for the best way to cover a broken car window inexpensively, go for fabric and magnets. These are two things you can easily find at home. Lay the fabric on your window frames, add hot glue to the magnets and stick them. Then, your temporary window frame is ready to use. 

The Best Way to Cover Broken Car Window- What to Know

Knowing the Best Way to Cover Broken Car Windows 

What are some of the most important things to do if your car window is broken? Here are some tips that may help you: 

Remove the shattered glass pieces 

With a broken window, your car might have glass pieces and dirt spread inside. Hence, make sure that you clean them thoroughly. Also, wear gloves while removing the glass pieces stuck to your windows to be safe. Once you remove all the glass pieces, collect them in a disposable plastic bag, and seal them well before throwing them away. 

Clean the window well 

Once you remove the shattered glass pieces, clean the windows using a fiber cloth. Cleaning up your windows, you ensure that your car window frames are dry and there is nothing stuck inside. Another way of doing this is to stick duct tape to your car window frames. Take as many strips as you need and place them vertically. Again, cleaning is the best way to cover broken car windows and stay worry-free. 

Prepare plastic layers as temporary windows 

Plastic layers act as the perfect temporary car windows. Cover and seal your window frames using thin plastic layers to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt. Ideally, go for high-density plastic layers to clean your car without windows.  

However, using enough layers as high-density plastic is unreliable in the long term. If you still prefer using plastic, go for water-proof, puncture-resistant types. This is also the best way to cover broken car window cost-effectively. Acrylic sheets or plexiglass are the best choices for temporary windows. 

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