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The Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin and Its Importance

  • Car Registration
  • Melanie Barrett
  • 5 minutes

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How do you exactly prove the age of your car? Have you ever come across the word Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin? Well, this is an important document you’ll need to keep handy when you buy a new car and for as long as you use it. In simpler terms, an MSO certificate is the birth certificate of the car you own. 

Not having a manufacturer’s Statement of Origin can put you at great risk. If you don’t possess this certificate, your driving can be at risk. You need an MSO certificate to avoid paying a hefty late renewal fee. Here’s everything you should know about your MSO. 

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The Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin and Its Importance

What is a manufacturer’s statement of origin? What does it mean? 

A manufacturer’s statement of origin (MSO) is a document that has got all the details of the car, such as the date of manufacture and VIN. If you’re looking for the model year, name, number, and other specifications, you can find them too in your MSO. The vehicle manufacturer assembling the car sends this statement to the dealer. 

The dealer then looks at the checklist of details and confirms and endorses them. He then forwards this statement to the DMV as a part of vehicle registration. The DMV verifies the car’s details, ensuring that it is ready for use by the new owner. Hence, the manufacturer’s statement of origin is an ownership document, confirming that the car’s documents are valid and that the car is safe to use. 

The Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin and Its Importance

How is an MSO different from a car title and registration? 

You may think that a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin, a car title, and registration are the same. However, you get the MSO after the car’s registration. You can only obtain the car title after you pay in full for the car. To get the car title, you’ll need to go to the DMV and register your car. Once you get the car title, the dealer transfers the ownership to you. 

What are the steps to obtain a manufacturer’s statement of origin? 

Do you want a manufacturer’s statement of origin? Here’s what you’ll have to do: 

  • Remember to collect the statement from the dealer before you leave. 
  • Keep the documents ready, which will help you get your MSO quicker. 
  • Also, if you purchase your car from out of state, it may take extra days to get your Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin. 
  • Even if you plan to buy or import a customized car, you should have the statement before it reaches you. 
  • Remember, if you plan for an import, you should contact the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA). They can help you get the statements in an authorized manner. 

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The Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin and Its Importance

The process to obtain a manufacturer’s statement of origin for your cars 

It’s quite simple to get an MSO document from your car dealer. You just need to do is to follow the steps below: 

For old cars 

The vehicle dealer should share the manufacturer’s statement of origin if he plans to sell the car. Once the owner receives this statement, he can complete the title registration. Here are the steps you need to take to get an MSO for your old car: 

  • Talk to the dealer who sold the car. 
  • Ask him for the certificate of origin. 
  • If he doesn’t possess the certificate, ask him to contact the manufacturer. 
  • You can browse and locate the dealer if you can’t recollect the dealer’s name. 
  • Then, find out where the car’s registration was done. 
  • Also, ask the DMV authorities to provide you with the car registration details. 
  • Do this only if you can’t find the manufacturer’s statement of origin through the dealer. 

For new cars 

If you are planning on a new car, you’ll need to take the following steps to get your manufacturer’s statement of origin: 

  • The Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin should confirm that your car follows the necessary safety standards. 
  • There should also be an MSO stamp certifying that your car is documented. 
  • The manufacturer must also attach a bill of sale with the statement. 
  • Collect the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin and the Bill of Sale together if you purchase a new car from a dealer directly. Only when you receive both of these documents will the purchase be valid. 
  • Finally, you must print the MSO on 7”/8” paper. 

Also, the following details are needed for the MSO of a new car: 

  • Date of issue of statement. 
  • Ownership transfer details from the manufacturer to the buyer. 
  • Year of manufacture. 
  • Make.
  • Model.
  • Weight.
  •  Horsepower. 
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). 


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