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The Most Dangerous Place for You & Your Car in San Francisco

  • Cars Explained
  • Jeannie Assimos
  • 2 minutes

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Two words: Mission District. This is where the majority of carjackings and auto thefts took place in San Francisco in November 2021.  In fact, 282 auto theft-related incidents happened in The Mission, an increase from October’s numbers of 250.


When it comes to the sharp rise in catalytic converter thefts, models most at risk in SF and all over the country are the Toyota Prius, Lexus SUVs, and the Honda Accord. Thieves target other Toyota models, including high-riding SUVs such as the 4RunnerTacoma, and the Tundra. Since these vehicles sit high off the ground, it’s easy to slip underneath and steal the catalytic converter. What’s more, the engine in these SUVs is tuned to offer the best fuel efficiency possible to save the catalytic converter. And that means there’s more precious metal inside them.

There are several things you can do to reduce the chances of becoming another statistic (besides avoiding The Mission or North Beach altogether!).

First, park your car in a secure location whenever you leave it unattended for a lengthy period. Of the 865,000 cars across the country parked in secure lots with Way.com in 2021, just 42 thefts have occurred. That’s less than 1%. In November? There were zero incidents in the San Francisco bay area in any of our partnered lots.

Wherever you park, make sure you are leaving your vehicle in a well-lit location, and be very aware of your surroundings as you exit and enter your car. Translation: don’t be texting or staring at your phone. Remember to never leave valuables in your vehicle, either, as this will make you a prime target for theft.

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Data: SFgov.org

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