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The Shed: Must-Visit Place for Art Fanatics in New York

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The Shed is a unique kind of art center in New York that commissions and supports different forms of art. You can expect to see live music concerts, dance, theater, and more. In addition, visual art like paintings, sculptures, and even literature and digital media exhibitions are also hosted by this venue. 

In this blog, you can get the features, location, and more about the prominent art centers in New York. You can also find some of the best The Shed parking ideas when you visit for events. 

Save money on city parking using Way.comThe Shed location 

545 West 30th Street, New York is the address of The Shed NYC. You can find the art center between the 10th and 11th Avenues. There are two entrances to the venue. The first entry point is the lobby entrance at 30th Street. In addition, you can also enter the venue through Hudson Yards Public Square. Mercado Little Spain is a popular Spanish restaurant located near this art center. Other notable attractions near the venue are Bella Abzug Park, Javits Center, and Edge. 

How to get to The Shed? 

The Shed is closer to many attractions in New York and Manhattan. If you begin at Times Square, drive through W 43rd Street and 11th Avenue for 1.4 miles to reach the art center in nearly 7 minutes. Similarly, from Greenwich Village, there are three routes to The Shed. The fastest among these is via West Street. It will take you 10 minutes to cover 2.3 miles. Another alternative is through W 15th Street, which will take around 11 minutes to reach the venues. 

There are multiple local transit choices for you to get to The Shed. The 34 St Penn Station is half a mile from the venue, and the 34 Street-Hudson Yards Subway Station is only 0.2 miles, and you can walk to The Shed in less than 4 minutes via Hudson Boulevard East. Buses will also get you to the venue easily from different parts of the city. 

The Shed features 

Two large gallery areas are perfect for visual art exhibitions like paintings and installations. Spread across eight levels, The Shed has enough space to accommodate more than 2,000 people. Other features include rehearsal space, Griffin Theater, and Tisch Skylights event space. 

The outer shell of the venue can be deployed using rails that can accommodate around 2,000 people. Deploying the shell creates the ‘The McCourt,’ which is perfect for bigger events, concerts, and installations.

How much are tickets for events? 

There are a variety of events at The Shed. You can get free tickets for some of them while others charge different prices for tickets. You can see the official website for the complete calendar of events at the venue and to purchase tickets.

The Shed parking 

Street parking is one of the cheapest options for parking near The Shed. Some of the streets where you can find these spots include 11th Avenue, 10th Avenue, West 28th Street, West 29th Street, and West 27th Street. All of these spaces are operated by NYC DOT and are within 10 minutes of walking distance from the arts center. Even though some of these are free, the regulations like alternate side parking and street cleaning schedules can be a hassle. 

Parking violations can result in tickets with huge fines and even getting your car towed. Also, it is not safe to leave your car on the streets. In addition, these spots are generally in high demand throughout the day. 

The Shed off-site parking 

Off-site parking garages near The Shed can provide safe and cheap parking spaces for your car. You can pre-book spots at these garages using online services like Way.com and enjoy hassle-free parking near the arts center. These have premium features like valet parking at no extra charge. In addition, you can avoid the traffic at the street spots, and safety is also an added advantage. 

We have found the best off-site parking lot near the destination. Read more about it below! 

384 8th Ave Garage

Affordable parking near The Shed is made easy by the 384 8th Ave Garage. You can get hourly outdoor valet at $13 per car at this car parking facility in New York. Apart from The Shed, you can park here while visiting other notable attractions like Penn South Playground and The Museum at FIT. Apart from these, Chelsea Park is also within a mile of this garage. 

From the Shed, this facility operated by Icon Parking is only 0.6 walking distance. It is open from Monday to Friday between 6 am and 11 pm. No in/out privileges are allowed, and you can get features like valet parking, camera surveillance, and paved parking spaces. 

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