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The Top Tricks to Unlock Your Car Door without a Key

  • Car Services
  • Nova Kainen
  • 6 minutes

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You are in a hurry to get into your car to reach your workplace, and that’s when you realize that the car key is inside your locked car. But how to open a car door without a key?  

You might go through situations where you’ve lost your keys, had them locked inside your car, or had them stolen. If you need expert help, you can contact a locksmith. But what if you are in a hurry and need to resolve the issue quickly? Here, we’ve provided you with the different methods that you can try in such a situation.  

how to open car door without key

How can I unlock my car door myself?

Different types of automobiles have a vast range of locking methods. Modern cars can be unlocked with the push of a button on a remote control, but older models require key fobs. Additionally, the locking knob can be found either on the handle or inside of the door, near the window.  

Find the unlocking mechanism on the inside and outside of your automobile door before continuing. Once you know about it, you can choose any of the following methods to unlock your car.  

Using shoestring

When your car gets unlocked by pulling up, then shoestring can be your help.   

Steps to follow

  1. Tie a small knot in the middle of the shoestring, which gets tightened once placed around the locking mechanism.  
  2. Get the string inside the car through the gap between the door and the car’s body.  
  3. Hook the string around the lock and then tighten the loop.  
  4. Now pull the string in the upward direction.  

With experience, you can easily unlock it on the first attempt, else you will have to keep trying.  

Using plastic strip

A long plastic strap or a set of plastic wedges is easily available. Even these can help you to get your car unlocked if your car has pull-up type locks.  

Steps to follow

  1. Bend the plastic strip in half and slid it through the door’s little slit with the other end on your hand.   
  2. Once the strip reaches the lock, pull it up. Now the car gets unlocked.  

Using coat hanger

Another familiar method is to unlock the car door using a coat hanger. You can use this technique for cars with pull-up type locks and those with horizontal locks.  

Steps to follow

  1. Untwist the wire hanger into a hook that can get inside the window’s weather stripping.  
  2. Once it is placed inside the stripping, move the hanger up and down or side to side.  
  3. Continue the process until the door gets unlocked.  

Using a rod and screwdriver

Another cheaper method to unlock the car door is by using a long rod and a screwdriver.  

Steps to follow

  1. Place the screwdriver in the door slit and use it as a wedge to make a small gap between the car frame and the door.  
  2. As a gap is made, slide the rod into the gap and move the rod toward the unlock button.  
  3. Using the rod, click the unlock button and unlock the car in less than 30 seconds.  

Using inflatable wedge

An inflatable wedge, along with a stick or rod, can help in the unlocking mechanism. The tool includes a wedge, an airbag, and a protective cover to avoid any damage to the door’s paint.  

Steps to follow

  1. Place the wedge on the door slit, insert the airbag slightly, and then inflate it.  
  2. On inflating, the gap between the door and frame increases. Continue this by placing the wedge at other points.  
  3. Once there is a proper gap, insert the rod through the gap and unlock the door.  

This method is similar to that of using a screwdriver and rod, but when a screwdriver is used, there are chances that the door’s paint will get damaged.   

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Using cellphone

You can now get in your car without breaking the car window, thanks to the growing number of car apps for your smartphone. Apps for Apple and Android allow many modern cars to be operated without using physical keys. The programs transform mobile devices into a second set of automobile keys, allowing remote locking, unlocking, and starting. Pairing your car key with the app before becoming locked out is crucial. You should download the manufacturer’s app if you own a newer model from Hyundai, GM/Chevrolet, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Ford, or Honda.   

How can a locksmith help unlock your car door?

If none of the above techniques work in your case, or if you don’t want to do it yourself, hire a locksmith. A locksmith is a person who is trained in making and repairing locks. He is the perfect person to help you to unlock your car door.   

AAA, or American Automobile Association, is a famous car service provider. By receiving an AAA membership in which roadside assistance is included, they will send you a locksmith for free. You can get their help if you are not confident enough to do the unlocking. If you have received their service before, they can reach there soon. Contact them to know more about the membership details if you don’t have a membership.  

Based on the severity, the service cost of a locksmith varies from $50 to $250.  

Can police unlock your car for free?

If a child or an animal is locked inside the car, or if you are in any other imminent danger, call 911 immediately and give the dispatcher the make and model of your automobile and your exact location. The police and fire department will be there faster than a locksmith or roadside assistance. You shouldn’t call them unless it’s an emergency; you’ll have to pay to fix the broken window.  

Bottom line

It’s inconvenient and frustrating to lose your car keys or have them stolen. You can minimize the hassle you experience by carrying a spare key, but be sure to put it away safely. If you have lost your key and don’t have a spare key, try the techniques we have mentioned in the blog and see which works for you.  

You may be able to get locksmith services as an additional benefit from your auto insurance provider. Find the perfect auto insurance policy from Way.com which meets your needs and budget with a free quote. It is typically included in roadside assistance plans, though the scope of coverage and the maximum allowed distance may change depending on the specific plan. 

how to open car door without key

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