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Wrench Light Symbol in Your Honda Dashboard: Should You Be Worried?

  • Car Services
  • Barrett Mohrmann
  • 5 minutes

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You might be going to work or on a late-night drive when the horror strikes- the wrench light is flashing on your dashboard. Should you be worried by that- absolutely not. The dashboard of the majority of Honda cars features a wrench-shaped, yellow indication light. The wrench light on Honda automobiles does not signify a significant problem. This light is merely a maintenance reminder, so you should not be concerned if you see it on your dashboard. 

Car services

What does the wrench light indicate? 

Based on your driving habits, more recent Honda vehicles calculate how frequently you should service your car. Honda’s wrench indicator illuminates automatically when the oil life reaches 15%. And it remains on till the oil life is reset. The oil referred to here is motor oil, the most often serviced component. The oil life is determined by mileage and time since the last oil change and how the vehicle is driven. For instance, if you usually drive short distances in the city, your oil will degrade more quickly than if you mostly drive on the highway. The vehicle’s computer watches the sensors, collects the data, and reduces the oil’s service life. When you drive through steep terrain, make many stops and starts, or take short journeys, the engine runs at a higher temperature. If you drive under more normal conditions at lower RPMs, your oil life will last longer.¬†

The illuminated wrench is a feature of your car’s self-care system. Your car’s sensors can tell you if it requires maintenance, and this system relays that information. After that, it lets you know when your model should get serviced. A wrench icon and a maintenance alert will appear on the dashboard. The purpose of this message is to alert you to the fact that your car requires maintenance. In addition, the Honda owner’s manual will shed light on the meaning of the code.¬†

Newer Honda models like the new CRV, can display specific details based on Oil life percentage: 
  • 15%- A wrench indicator and a maintenance code appear on the dashboard with the list of items that need to be serviced.¬†
  • ¬†5% – Service is due now and will be indicated¬†
  • ¬†0% – Service is overdue. The number of miles overdue (with a negative sign next to it) will also appear on the dashboard. The remainder will remain on the dashboard until the vehicle has been serviced¬†

How to turn off the wrench light?

After changing the oil, you must reset the oil life to 100 percent. It does not automatically reset. Resetting the oil life turns off the wrench light indicator Here are the steps to reset the oil life. 

In short, you have reset the oil life after changing the oil. 

  • Turn the ignition switch to ON¬†
  • Press the Select/Reset button or knob until the oil life is displayed on the information screen.¬†
  • When the oil life is displayed on the information display, Press and hold the Select/Reset knob or button until the oil life starts blinking.¬†
  • While the oil life indicator blinks, Press and hold the Select/Reset knob or button until the oil life reaches 100%.¬†

Routine maintenance items


Honda Civic Dashboard
KńĀrlis DambrńĀns on flickr.com
  • Oil and filter changes.¬†
  • A routine check of major systems (brakes, shocks, transmission, etc.).¬†
  • Replacing fuel, engine, and air filters¬†

How to avoid the wrench light from appearing on the dashboard

The solution is to stick to Honda’s recommended maintenance schedule if you want to keep the Honda wrench light from blinking on the dashboard.¬†If you have a Honda and the dashboard displays a wrench icon, it is time for your next scheduled maintenance appointment.¬†

The wrench indicator on Honda automobiles is merely a maintenance indicator. The indicator lamp is a component of Honda’s maintenance reminder system. In addition, the device displays oil life and other maintenance schedules. In addition to using time and miles to predict oil life and maintenance plans, the system also considers driving style. Especially if your car is under warranty, it may be vital to adhere to the maintenance schedule.

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