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Things to do on Cinco de Mayo at Home

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The first week of May is pretty eventful by all standards, as it coincidentally celebrates Star Wars Day on Monday, followed by Cinco De Mayo on Tuesday in quick succession. However, the episode of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in its full-on party pooper mode means that celebrations will have to be tweaked. Not only has it ruined the whole Cinco de Mayo outings, but it has also caused an iconic combination to be left out in the cold. Yes, Cinco de Mayo 2020 is on Taco Tuesday after a while finally, and to see such an event again, you’ll have to wait six more years (2026). Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in Mexico to commemorate the victory of the Mexican Army over the much superior French Army at Puebla on May 5, 1862. However, in America, it is more of a celebration of Mexican culture in general. While it has become a norm to celebrate the festival together with friends, especially with the families who have roots in Mexico, social distancing norms in effect means you might have to sacrifice some of the fun. However, all is not lost as technology and innovation, makes it possible to enjoy festivals differently. From St. Patrick’s Day to Easter, it has also proven that you can still spend time with your friends and family. Follow some of these easy things to do on Cinco de Mayo at home to make your Cinco de Mayo Taco Tuesday exciting like never before. 

Listen to Cinco de Mayo Tales 

Cinco de Mayo Tales


There are lots of misconceptions about what Cinco de Mayo really is, and many often mistake it as the Mexican Independence Day. However, it is not the case as Cinco de Mayo is basically a celebration of Mexico’s greatest battle wins in all of North America. Not only did the Mexicans defeat the much-advanced French, but they also did it with fewer causalities as well. While Cinco de Mayo initially began to be celebrated as the triumph of the underdog, today it is more of a celebration of Mexican culture. As we are all locked down and isolated at home, it would be a good idea to host a watch party of Mexican history. If you have a senior Hispanic member in your family or circle of friends, a live stream with tales of Cinco de Mayo celebrations in their childhood days could offer an entirely different perspective. There are also many other videos available on the internet that features similar tales and history of Cinco de Mayo celebrations. 

Decorate Homes with Highlights of the Festival Spirit 

Cinco de Mayo Decor

Cinco de Mayo parades feature some of the most vibrant and colorful displays of Mexican culture. However, the lockdown ensures that most of the parades, if not all – will not be going on this year. However, you can still add color and festival spirit by adding a pinch of festival color with Mexican themed home decorations. For those with kids at home, the activity can also get them engaged for a few days, and help improve their creative skills as well. Most of the stuff required for craftworks, like glue and color papers, are available in most stores. Make sure to book your parking spots in advance, to avoid unnecessary delays. It would be a good idea to include red, green, and white of the Mexican flag in your decors to add some festival flavors into the mix. You can also check out some of the tutorials to make pinatas, which also double up an entertaining game for kids that can be played with on May 5.

Sing, Dance, or Play Mexican Music 

Cinco de Mayo Dance

Mexican music is one of the very few types of music to still maintain the soul and temperament of indigenous sounds and musical traditions. A celebration of Mexican culture is never complete without some Mexican music playing in the background. Popular Mariachi instruments like the Guitars and Vihuela Mexicana can always bring the Latin festival mood to the atmosphere. If you don’t have access to such instruments, you can consider playing some of these songs throughout the day from online music platforms, and maybe even sing along. While the easier way is to hire traditional Mariachi bands, but it would be impossible to have them with movement restrictions and social distancing in effect. Another fun thing about the upbeat Mexican music is that they make you want to go all out and dance. Latin dance forms like salsa, rumba, or folk-locrio are perfect for the atmosphere, and if you are just looking to have fun, try the Mexican Hat Dance. 

Cook Cinco de Mayo Recipes or Order Takeaways 

Food and drinks have a special place when it comes to defining culture, and it holds the same for Cinco de Mayo. While Tacos, Tortillas, and Margaritas are popular choices, there are hundreds of other options to explore from. If you happen to be a person who is not really into cooking, plenty of restaurants still offer and provide amazing deals for takeaways. Having access to the Way Dining Subscription Plan further helps get affordable deals for your favorite dishes. There are also plenty of awesome recipes and recommendations by many websites that feature tons of Cinco de Mayo dishes like the Chicken Taquitos, Tomatillo Shrimp, Chilaquiles with Eggs, and Red Beef Pozole. What’s even better is that most of these dishes can be cooked at home as well (provided you have access to the ingredients). 

Play the Cinco de Mayo Games 

Cinco de Mayo Pinata

Even if you are restricted to the home, it should never be a reason to not have fun. Cinco de Mayo, regardless of your age, is all about being together with friends and family. As online platforms allow you to interact with video and audio chats, try to organize digital versions of popular Cinco de Mayo games like Chili Pepper Guessing Game, Bust out the Pinata, and the Limbo. While Bust out the Pinata requires all of the participating players to make and hang a pinata and take one swing, blindfolded on each round, the others seem to be much more practical and easier to implement. 


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