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Things to know before parking in Washington DC 

  • City Parking
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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Being the United States capital, there is a lot to explore and experience in Washington DC. From the numerous historical sites to prominent buildings like United States Capitol, the White House, Lincoln Memorial, and the National Mall, there is a lot to visit in Washington DC. The only problem is that parking in Washington DC can be hard to come by, and you’ll have to be pretty fortunate to drive into a vacant parking lot. Your best alternative to ensure that guaranteed parking in Washington DC is available on time is to pre-book parking through Way.com. Get instant access to some of the best Washington DC parking garages by reserving your spots online for some of the best rates. Regardless, you need to be aware of a couple of things before parking in Washington DC. Knowing these essentials can help you avoid expensive parking citations and have a hassle-free experience driving around Washington DC.

Make Use of Metered Parking in Washington DC 

There are more than 18,000 metered parking spaces spread out across Washington DC that lets you park conveniently. Most of the metered parking spaces in Washington DC are relatively cheap and will only cost you rates as low as $2.30 for the first hour. However, metered parking spaces are in huge demand, and it can be pretty challenging to find vacant metered parking spots in DC.  

Parking is Impossible Without Reservations Near Popular Attractions 

Lincoln Memorial, National Mall, Smithsonian Museums, Capital One Arena, Washington Monument, and Capitol Hill. If you plan to visit any of these attractions, it would be a good idea to pre-book parking in Washington DC next to these locations before heading out. Way.com offers plenty of options for Washington DC parking next to most of these locations. What’s even better is that most of these locations provide premium amenities like contactless parking, covid-19 compliances, and much more for some of the best rates.

Be Extra Vigilant in Tracking Parking Restrictions  

Parking in Washington DC

Washington DC is known to have parking restricted zones earmarked for Residential Parking. Keep an eye out for traffic signboards to make sure there are no restrictions. Only vehicles that display a valid Residential Parking Permit (RPP), which can be obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Office in Washington DC, are allowed to park in Residential Zones. Illegal parking in Washington DC on a residential parking zone without permission for more than 2 hours could result in a $35 parking ticket issued by the DMV.  

Go for Offsite Parking Garages Instead of Street Parking 

While metered parking garages are cheap, they are hard to come by as vacant, and it can be frustrating to drive around looking for Washington DC parking. There is also no option to pre-book metered parking spaces, whereas, with parking garages listed on websites like Way.com, you have the option to reserve a spot in advance, and that too for rates as low as $3 per hour. You can also read reviews, compare prices, check parking availability and do much more when you go for pre-booking. 

Check for Street Cleaning Schedules Before Leaving 

Street Cleaning schedules and construction restrictions are pretty standard across Washington DC, and these are usually mentioned in traffic signboards located around where you park. It is always best to ensure that the spot you choose does not have any parking restrictions that could land you in expensive parking citations. District Department of Transportation (DDOT) that enforces parking in Washington DC is pretty vigilant and will enforce tickets for even the most minor parking violations across DC.

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