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Things You Can Do for Memorial Day from Home

  • Things To Do
  • Renee Martin
  • 6 minutes

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The observance of Memorial Day is a gentle reminder and a fitting tribute to remember the valor of the heroic men and women who lost their lives serving our country in the armed forces. Even as the world goes through a pandemic, these brave men and women are out there in the frontline, doing their duty of protecting the citizens – us! If you are still wondering about what to do during Memorial Day weekend, we present to you a curated list of options to choose from. More than looking forward to a day where you can relax with some beers and barbeque in your backyard, consider engaging yourself in some of these exciting things to do for Memorial Day 2020 that honor and pay tribute to those brave hearts. 

Teach them Young

Memorial Day Child

As we live in a world where most of the countries peacefully coexist with each other, children today might not necessarily know much about our history. It is essential that your child grows up knowing about the contribution of the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives to have the peaceful world we live in today. It is the perfect time to brush up on your U.S History knowledge and share it with your children so that they can understand why we celebrate Memorial Day. This will also help them distinguish Memorial Day celebrations from similar observations like Veteran’s Day, for instance. Since we get to spend so much time together with the kids these days, it is also a good idea to read them some stories and memoirs of veterans. 

Try Patriotic Craftworks

Memorial Day Craft

Movement limitations are still in place across several parts of the country. This means that you get lots of more time to engage in creative and stress-free Memorial Day activities at homeWe still have plenty of time left before Memorial Day arrives, which is observed during the last week of May. It would be a good idea to consider spending time on some of the Do it Yourself (DIY) craftworks. From American themed bandana garlands, to neatly cut patriotic theme wreaths to hang on the front door, there are countless options to work on (provided you have the interest). This can also be an excellent activity to get the children busy and engaged while being bored at home. If you have to go out to stock up craft supplies like glue and paper, consider booking your parking ahead before leaving home. 

Share Gratitude and Love to the Heroes on Duty 

Memorial Day Carepackage

Even as the rest of the country celebrates and honors the military personnel, hundreds of men and women are deployed in various parts of the world and are in action 24/7. Most of the men and women in the armed forces follow a lifestyle of being always stressed out and alert all the time. A care package with gratitude letters sharing lovely messages from the kids could bring so much happiness in such tough times. You can also send some of your DIY crafts for the soldiers to make them feel closer to their homes and loved ones. There are many organizations across the country as well, who are ready to make sure that your care packages reach military personnel. Providing mental relief is one of the best things you can do on Memorial Day to the heroes. On the auspicious occasion of Memorial Day Weekend 2020, cheer our nation’s heroes up with gratitude. 

Take Part in the National Moment of Remembrance 

Memorial Day Remembrance

On May 25, 2020 – participate in the National Moment of Remembrance at 3:00pm from your home. While the president or vice president lays wreath at the Arlington National Cemetery and reads out the proclamation prayer of remembrance, you can do the same from your home. You can consider participating and paying your tributes with a moment of silence or read out the prayer which is available online. What matters is your participation and willingness to give back time. For these, men and women gave their all to protect the welfare of our country. 

Watch Movies that Depict Lives of Military Men

Memorial Day Movie

Serving for your country on the frontline is no easy job. You are often exposed to all kinds of scenarios. This aspect is usually invisible to the outside world and is something that most of the ex-servicemen and women deal with themselves and their colleagues. There are still war veterans who have trouble with sleep, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and horrifying nightmares daily. While movies cover only around 10% of what they actually go through, they do provide a glimpse of the military lifestyleMovies like the American Sniper, Fury, War Machine, Top Gun, and Black Hawk Down are some excellent suggestions to start off your watchlist. 

Every Donation Counts

Memorial Day Donation

Yet another easy thing to do on Memorial Day weekend or the buildup to is donating whatever that is possible to war veterans, wounded soldiers, and to those nursing traumatic memories. There are numerous charity and medical organizations that have fundraisers to help relieve the mental and physical pain of the war veterans. Every donation, regardless of how small it is – counts! Just remember that there are hundreds of military families struggling to make ends meet after losing their only breadwinner. 

Spent Time with Military Families who have Lost Someone 

Memorial Day Sad

If you don’t have much to give, worry not – all of us can give time and attention to our fellow beings. For families who have lost a loved one on the line of duty, Memorial Day Weekends can be quite depressing as they go down the memory lane. If you know someone who has lost a soldier, call them up and engage in casual talk, it will definitely cheer them up. There aren’t many things more reassuring than consoling someone in distress. If that is not a viable option, consider visiting a military cemetery and join in to decorate the tombstones with flowers, or maybe share a moment to console those who are unable to hold back the tears. Let them feel that all of us are in this together.  

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