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Things You Can Still Do During Social Distancing

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Social distancing is here to stay, and from the looks of things, it could be in effect until the end of 2020. Social distancing has already shown that it is one of the best methods to keep COVID19 at bay. Hence, it won’t be a surprise that practicing social distancing in public spaces will be a norm in the foreseeable future. Theoretically, social distancing only requires you to maintain a safe distance between each other, however as we are used to socializing differently with handshakes and hugs, this could be a bit difficult to follow at first. Changes are inevitable, but we have time and again always been capable of adjusting and adapting to challenges. In time we will do the same with social distancing as well. Waiting in long ques for hours is yet another development we would witness in the postmodern world. We would need to develop new habits and follow the rules more than ever in the post coronavirus world. While restrictions are bound to follow when social distancing is in effect, you can still do many things like you used to do before. Let’s take a look at some of these fun and exciting things you could do with social distancing in effect.¬†


Social Distancing Travel 

Undoubtedly one of the most affected sectors in the coronavirus pandemic, the traveling industry, is all set for massive changes when things return to normal. You would soon be allowed to start traveling again (both domestic and international, hopefully). However, expect to witness lots of changes in the ways of travel and destinations you choose. The most confusing thing you are bound to come across is vacant seats. Regardless of your mode of transport, some seats will have to be left empty to ensure that social distancing is maintained. Public transportation in Italy already have markers on seats that lets passengers know which seats are available, and which are not. Airlines are considering cutting down the middle seats, so book your tickets in advance to make sure you don’t miss a flight. It will also not be permissible to board passengers like how we used to on cars, so if you are planning a day out, consider the total number of vehicles your group might need. Ideally, it would always be best to drive your car. Make sure to book your parking in advance with the¬†Way App¬†. We offer some of the best¬†parking spots¬†in the city at the most affordable rates.¬†


Social Distancing Workout

It is quite unlikely for gyms to open up in line with social distancing guidelines staying in effect as they have the possibility of becoming a hotbed for coronavirus transmission. With so many people coming together and using the same equipment, under the same roof, it would be impossible to practice social distancing. However, parks could soon open up with regulations and restrictions. You will probably be allowed to access the parks (at least on your own) for a morning walk, jog, and some exercise. Make sure you wear personal protective gear like masks when you do go out. Avoid resting in solid structures like public benches after your workout. If you need to sit, try placing a towel on the ground and sit on top of it. If you bump into a friend, don’t go for the usual handshakes, elbow bumps please, and always maintain a safe distance, or talk with masks on.¬†¬†

Public Institutions 

Social Distancing Transportation

Most of the public institutions like places of worship, museums, schools, colleges, sporting venues, and workplaces are all gearing up to start operations again. However, there will be directions and stickers everywhere, along with limited occupancy capacity at a time. You will have to use designated paths and follow the rules at all such places. However, roaming around as you please won’t be possible anymore, and there will be guidelines, and directions on how to stand, sit, and walkthrough. While you can destress at these places once again, it is essential to always act according to the rules and maintain social distancing. You will also probably have to wait outside as most of these places will start working at 50% capacities in the first few weeks of reopening. Closed down institutions are already arranging seats and paths with designated minimum distances for the reopening.¬†¬†



Social Distancing Dine Out

While it is still early to say if diners and restaurants will be allowed to operate across the country, we could be expecting at least a limited number of dine-in reinstated by early or mid-June. Even so, there will still be relatively less seating capacity across restaurants, and you would probably have to wait outside for a while before being allowed in. With nearly 47 states moving into phase 3 of reopening, we could see sit and dine options becoming available sooner, rather than later. Takeout will still be the safer option, but if you miss going out to eat with friends, visiting a diner is a good option as it will give you plenty of time on the line to socialize and talk about things you missed during the lockdown and shelter at homes. 

Fishing, Camping, and Hiking 

Social Distancing Hike

These are three activities that you can still enjoy and safely maintain social distancing as well. Fishing can be defined as the ultimate activity for social distancing as not only does it lets you disconnect from everyone else, and into the solitude of deep waters. Average paddle boats with fishing equipment are only large enough to board three to four people at a time. Fishing in deep waters can also provide you an opportunity to finally breathe in fresh air without wearing a mask like you usually have to in public. If your house has adequate space in the backyard, why not set up a campsite, complete with tents (marshmallows and campfire too if it’s legal). You can also invite friends or family to chill out, and even have a sleepover at the camp for a change. The third option is to go hiking to the popular trails, which will be less crowded and with less traffic along the way. If your state has relaxed restrictions, then why not go hiking along a forest or mountain trail. A day outdoor could do wonders for both your physical and mental health, and provided you maintain social distancing at all times, you can even go out with friends.¬†

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