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Things You Should Know About Parking at JFK Airport

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For people who are new to the idea, finding parking at JFK Airport can be a daunting experience. However, the convenience of having an airport parking space ready and waiting for you is unmatched when you’re heading out for a long vacation. Instead of going through the grueling process of finding an empty parking lot for your vehicle,  reserving JFK airport long term parking ahead of your travels can give you vehicular peace of mind.

Best Rates On JFK Long Term Parking

Nowadays, airport parking options have transformed and greatly expanded. From short-term shuttles to long term parking, along with valet and other passenger services, there are many different types to suit your needs.

JFK airport parking garages are usually priced at very reasonable rates to maximize your convenience. While the parking rates will definitely depend on the distance from the airport terminal, there are plenty of good deals available.

Many people think that parking in a mighty airport like JFK is akin to a headache. And, it’s true; finding a parking space near JFK airport is quite a hassle because it’s not an easy drive. During, the peak travel times, a simple journey from Manhattan to New Jersey can take you over 3 hours.

However, with the following guidelines, you can definitely make it on time and find a good spot in JFK airport long-term parking.

Plan Your Journey Ahead

Being one of the busiest airports of the world, there is always a thick block of traffic going to and from the area. Ideally, you should plan your trip by saving at least an hour just for the road journey. Rush hours in New York City can be insane and usually last 3-4 hours in the mornings and evenings.  

By planning your schedule ahead, you will be able to find a good parking spot. Instead of going through the grueling experience of driving from one parking lot to the other, try to book a long-term parking sport beforehand. If your flight is scheduled late, look for a nice JFK airport hotel to spend the time.


Switch on your GPS for convenience at least 2-3 hours before you leave for the airport. The GPS will help you sort out the different traffic times and will tell you which alternative route will quickly get you to the airport. And of course, this goes without saying— always re-check the departure and arrival time of your flight. A GPS system will also help you for driving direction within the JFK airport.

The Best Places to Park at JFK Airport

Cheap JFK Airport Parking

If you book a parking lot and research your options ahead of time, you can certainly find a good parking spot at JFK Airport. For many travelers, the distance from the terminal to the parking spot plays a huge factor.

The Bolt Parking at New York JFK airport has been one of the most popular spots for around 64% of the customers. This is no surprise because it is only a mile away from the airport and is cheap.

The second best place to park is the Radisson Hotel JFK Airport; yes, again only a mile away from the giant airport. However, the prices are a tad bit expensive, so if you’re on a tight budget, pick your options carefully.

Nonetheless, both of these places are wonderful options for long term parking at JFK airport and flying out. The nearest next options are SmartPark JFK and Park Plus Airport Parking respectively.

Long-term Parking at JFK

JFK Long Term Parking

If you’re specifically looking for long-term parking lots, you can find them at Howard Beach and at Lefferts Boulevard. Once you’ve locked and secured your car, hop onto a shuttle bus to get you to the nearest station for the AirTrain shuttle. The shuttle is free and connected to every single terminal of the airport. Make sure to have your GPS in the front and follow the signs on the parking lots so that you don’t get confused.

Short-term Parking at JFK

JFK Short Term Parking

Use short term parking at JFK only when you’re picking up passengers on the go. If you’re unable to coordinate a time with them when they’re exiting the terminal, simply park your car at the nearest gate. Short term parking at JFK is also a viable option if someone’s family member requires a wheelchair, has little children, or is an out-of-towner.

Make sure to plan all your travel details and documents before you head out, including airport directions, parking options, and hotel check-ins. After all, with such convenient parking options, both you and your vehicle will be at peace. Safe travels!

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