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This Memorial day cover your asset – your car!

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  • Xavier Sabastian
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The unofficial beginning of summer in the United States is marked by the celebration of Memorial Day. It is a three-day weekend full of friends, relatives, and good food. Every year on Memorial Day, millions of Americans hit the streets. Memorial Day weekend means busy American roads. Holiday seasons usually mean riskier roads. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Memorial Day Weekend has the highest fatal automobile crashes of any holiday weekend.  

As if the weekend didn’t already have enough problems, Memorial Day was also the deadliest day for drunk drivers. There is a need to be hyper-aware while driving on Memorial Day weekend to arrive safely. Memorial Day weekend can be challenging to drive, but it can also be enjoyable if you prioritize protection!

What leads to accidents on Memorial day? 

Driving under the influence (DUI)Driving under the influence of alcohol is a popular theme when celebrating, and people prefer to overdo it. Drinking impairs judgment, impairs concentration, and delays reaction time. 

Driving when exhausted – Many drivers experience sleep deprivation due to the planning for the road trip and the excitement of weekend activities. Driving while tired can be just as risky as driving while drinking. 

Running through red lights – During the Memorial Day holiday, there is a rise in drivers who run red lights. To reduce traffic delays, drivers become more violent and impatient. These factors, when combined with speeding or drunk driving, may have serious consequences. 

The question is are you ready to tackle the accidents on Memorial Day? 

Over the Memorial Day holiday, the odds of being involved in a drunk driving accident increase. An intoxicated driver was involved in almost 40% of all deaths over the Memorial Day weekend. Although you may be relaxing this Memorial Day, car robbers are unlikely to do so. According to the most recent National Insurance Crime Bureau records, Memorial Day was the fifth-highest car theft holiday (NICB). There were about 2200 car thefts on Memorial Day than 2700 thefts on New Year’s Day, making Memorial Day the most theft-prone holiday in 2019.  

Purchase a roadside assistance package if you will be driving for long periods away from home. As extra coverage, certain auto insurance providers have roadside assistance. 

How to get safely to popular Memorial Day getaways 

  • Plan your travel time accordingly – It is more critical to arrive safely at your destination than to arrive on time. Don’t race through traffic lights to get to your destination on time. Expect heavy traffic and be aware that it can take longer to get to your destination on holiday. 
  • Take a break – Stretching your legs and going for a walk every couple of hours will help you stay alert while driving. We also recommend parking farther from when you take a break, so you have to walk a little further.  
  • Stop your drive when you feel tired – The danger is most serious on Friday afternoon when people are getting off work and preparing to enjoy the weekend. Be prepared at these periods because the sun will be setting, and travelers will be exhausted from the day’s work. Ensure your visor does not obstruct the lane and carry a snack because you will most likely be hungry, leading to stress levels. 


Way.com wishes you a happy Memorial Day weekend and encourages you to drive safely. It’s upsetting to hear about incidents, particularly when they could have been prevented. We want everyone to be aware of the high risk that Memorial Day weekend presents and prepare accordingly. 

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