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Three Best Parking Facilities at Detroit Metro Airport

  • Airport Parking Guide
  • Jeannie Assimos
  • 3 minutes

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Best Parking Facilities at Detroit Metro Airport

Parking at Detroit Metro Airport can be uncertain, as it is in other airports. It can prove challenging to find the best facility, as well as the best rates and services.  With that in mind, the following is information that looks at three reliable DTW parking facilities, as well as explaining what makes them stand out from the rest. From their free rides to the terminal to their security features, these facilities are the best out there.

Best Parking at Detroit Metro Airport

1. Park-N-Go.

The high perimeter fence and proper lighting will be the first things you notice at Park-N-Go.  With such features, this fully operational facility works all day and throughout the week, ensuring the safety of your vehicle. Located a few miles from the airport, this uncovered DTW airport parking facility offers both valet and self-parking to its customers.

You may want to consider giving yourself ample time to park by arriving early at the facility. The free buses offer rides to and from the terminal at any time of the day. If the facility is full, give your keys to the valet drivers. They will be able to park your vehicle. When you return from your trip, wait at the luggage claim for your bus back to the parking facility.

Keep in mind that while you are away, you will have to leave your car keys with the facility.

2. Qwik Park.

Being one of the best parking facilities near Detroit Metro Airport, Qwik Park offers more than a few complimentary services to its customers. The first is that they will help you with your luggage. Second, they will provide your car with a number of services, from re-igniting the battery to pumping your tires if they’re flat. Lastly, they also offer free transport to and from the terminal.

Best Parking at Detroit Metro Airport

Located just a few miles from the airport and with four exit points, Qwik Park saves you time. It is also secured with a perimeter fence and security cameras to make sure your car is safe. Arrive early to ensure you receive all the services they offer without hurrying through the process.

3. US Park.

Conveniently located a few miles from the airport, US Park offers you uncovered parking. Available all day, you can easily access a parking spot and get your vehicle easily when you return. Give yourself some time to properly park and go to the terminal by arriving a little early to the facility.

They provide free bus rides to the terminal once you have parked. Transportation is accessible all day long. It is a secure facility with a perimeter fence and CCTV cameras to make sure your vehicle is safe when you are away.

Final Thoughts.

To make the right choice when deciding which Detroit Metro Airport parking facility to use, you need to look for parking spaces that have the right facilities. You can also check out our DTW Airport parking guide and make an informed choice for a DTW Airport parking facility that you believe will serve you right.

Best Parking at Detroit Metro Airport

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