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Three Ways to Celebrate Easter Digitally!

  • Cars Explained
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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Easter is right around the corner, but it is not festive in its usual spring break glory of celebrating the resurrection of Christ from his death. In fact, it is almost confirmed that for the first time ever, the world will probably celebrate Easter online, or in other terms – a digital Easter. Preparations and Easter ideas are already being charted out by the Christian community as well as other, like-minded groups. Many innovative suggestions and fun Easter ideas, like Easter Egg Hunt at home for the kids, are already being implemented. Pastoral and clergy representatives are all busy arranging online platforms to make sure that the Easter mass can be broadcasted online so that the believers of the faith can take part in the service safely from their homes. As the Christian community happens to be one of the oldest religious groups to actually broadcast spiritual prayers onlinemost of the churches are already well equipped to go online amidst the whole coronavirus scenario. Regardless of how you decide to celebrate this Easter, there will definitely be scenarios where you will have to go out. We present to you some exciting and interesting ways to make your family Easter celebrations – fun at home. Make sure you plan your parking and book parking spots in advance. 


Easter egg hunts to be virtual or backyard quests 

Egg Hunt

What is Easter without Easter Eggs? It has been an age-old tradition followed for decades to go on Easter Egg Hunts during the holy weekendThe situation today is not ideal for hosting such Egg Hunts at public parks. Hostin such an egg hunt always has the possibility of people gathering. In the wake of such a concern, community groups and churches have decided to either host Egg Hunts online or provide the Easter Egg kits to parents so that they can set up an Egg Hunt at their home or garden. If you opt to go for the Easter Egg kit, book your parking ahead of time. Having a subscription to the WayPass allows you to park conveniently close to almost all of the churches in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. You also don’t have to worry about the safety of Easter Egg kits as the church and community groups have assured that all methods to disinfect the kits will be taken before handing them over. 

Follow the Easter Bunny Online 

Easter Bunny

In line with the social distancing norms put in most parts of the country, it is quite unlikely that we would get Easter Bunnies visiting kids at the doors this year. But not to worry, some states have granted permission for Easter Bunnies to hop around the neighborhoods from a safe distance. However, because of the restrictions in movement and social interactions, the bunnies will not be able to handover the Easter eggs or candies to the children, though. Some of the Easter bunnies are also available for interactive sessions online from their Rabbit Holes as they too are quarantined. But the Bunnies do love spending time with the children – so parents can check this up and schedule a video call with an Easter bunny and your kids. The other option available is to purchase a bunny costume and surprise your kids (make sure they don’t take off your bunny mask though). Check out available parking lots before leaving your home to stay safe. 

Consider Ordering in you Easter Dinner 

Family Easter

As travel restrictions, social, physical distancing, and etc., continue to be in place, for the time being, it would be better to consider ordering your Easter Dinner and getting it delivered online. Having a grant dinner with all of the family, friends, and relatives this Easter is impossible. Plus, cooking an Easter dinner would mean you end up spending valuable supplies and stockpiles – which alternatively means that you’ll have to spend more time going out shopping again. In such a situation, it is always best to order your Easter dinner online. If you have access to our Meal Subscription Pass, you can enjoy EasterEaster with family meals for three by just paying $18.75and save up to $7.50 on your Easter Dinner!  

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