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Top Ten Tips for Buying Used Electric Cars!

  • Electric Cars
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 6 minutes

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Are you planning to buy an electric car? The reason may be the cars are eco-friendly, and you can avoid unwanted gas prices. However, electric cars can be costly when new and have very low depreciation rates. So buying a used electric car will be a good choice, but you must buy one that will last. But how can you get such a one? What are the tips for buying used electric cars? 

Purchasing a used electric car might be terrifying, especially if you’ve never owned one. Electric cars necessitate a different way of thinking than gasoline or diesel-powered cars. Buying an electric car has so many advantages. When buying a secondhand electric car, there are a few more factors to consider. 

So, our blog has covered tips for buying used electric cars. Keep reading to know in detail!  

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What is the advantage of used electric cars over used ICE cars? 

When comparing used electric cars to used internal combustion engine (ICE) cars, you will see that fewer parts can break or fail. Electric cars don’t have many parts as standard cars! It lacks timing fuel injectors, belts, transmissions, fuel pumps, manifolds, piston rings, oil filters, crankshafts, and other components.  

The quality of the battery is the most vital factor to consider when buying a used electric car. Plug-in hybrid cars (PHEVs) that run on electricity and gas contain ICE vehicle components. On the other hand, wear and tear are less on the ICE vehicle components as an electric motor powers them. 

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Tips for buying used electric cars 

If you’re planning to purchase a used car, you must ensure you’re not buying a lemon car. These are the recommended tips for buying used electric cars. 


Look for cars that have been available for more than two years 

Electric cars like Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt EV, the discontinued Kia Soul EV, and Volkswagen e-Golf have been available for over two years and sold well when new. The availability of used electric cars may be rather high, and their prices may be lower than those of newer ones. Many of them would’ve been introduced as premium or near-luxury models, carrying their higher costs into the used market. 

Try buying older models 

Evaluate your daily driving routines and shop for older models that don’t have much range but are excellent cars for daily commutes and many other local activities. With electricity costing less than a quarter of the price of gasoline on a miles-per-gallon-equivalent basis, every mile driven electrically offers a significant saving over driving an ICE car. 

Check prices online  

Check out online pricing guides like KBB to know what a good average price is for the make and model you’re interested in—and don’t go too far above that. 

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How often did the charge attain 100%? 

While buying a secondhand car from a private seller, ask how frequently the car was charged fully. Frequent charging to full capacity can fasten battery degradation, especially in earlier models without battery pack cooling mechanisms, such as the Leaf. 

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Check where the car was driven 

Always avoid buying cars that were operated in areas with very high temperatures. It can drain the battery and considerably affect the car’s battery life. 

Look for certified pre-owned cars 

Consider certified pre-owned cars from franchised dealers if you require financing. These frequently offer significantly lower loan rates than non-certified older cars.  

Battery health report 

Always try to obtain a battery health report. Private sellers may allow you to drive the car to a mechanic or dealership that performs such testing. Used car dealerships do battery inspections on used electric cars they sell. The majority of EVs also have a dashboard readout that displays battery capacity. You can also look for online battery health comparisons. 

Check for warranties 

Look for dealerships or websites that provide warranties on used electric cars. Some offer complimentary battery checkups as well. 

Inquire whether the cars are from auction houses 

Inquire with dealerships about if their used electric cars came from auction houses and whether there was an examination on the battery.  

Look out of state 

Always look for cars outside of your state. Because California has more than 40% of all EVs, it has the greatest used EV cars, meaning cheaper pricing and more options. Even if the asking price is the same, the actual cost of purchasing a used EV can differ by the state due to sales and motor vehicle taxes. 

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Which used electric cars can you buy? 

These are some used electric and plug-in hybrids that you can consider buying.  

  • Ford Focus Electric 
  • Tesla 
  • Nissan Leaf 
  • Chevron Bolt EV 
  • Volkswagen e-Golf   
  • Fiat 500e 
  • Chevy Volt 
  • BMW i3 REX 
  • Ford Fusion Energi 
  • Ford C-Max Energi 
  • Hyundai KONA EV 

Do electric cars have high maintenance?  

Since the motor, battery, and associated electronics require tiny to no regular maintenance, all-electric cars typically require less maintenance than standard cars. Fewer fluids, such as engine oil, require routine maintenance. 

The bottom line 


Like any used car, a used electric car has many advantages and disadvantages. You will save money but not get a car in perfect condition when you drive it away from the dealership. Always check for the car’s battery before buying it. If the capacity is less, you may need to charge it often while driving.  

tips for buying used electric cars


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