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Tips for Feeding a Baby in a Car Seat the Right Way

  • Expert Corner
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 4 minutes

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How can you feed a baby in a car seat the right way? What are the risks of feeding your baby while traveling? How long can you travel with your baby in the car? Driving with your little one, you may have many questions about traveling comfortably with them. 

Before traveling with your baby, get to know the best tips to keep your little one comfortable and safe. Unplanned trips or not following the right steps while you feed your baby in a car seat can be dangerous and affect your newborn’s health. You should know everything about feeding your little one in a car seat. 

Can you feed a baby in a car seat?

Is it safe to feed a baby in a car seat? 

The safety of feeding your newborn in a car seat depends on their age. You can feed your baby, provided you know and take the necessary safety measures. But don’t feed your baby in a moving car, no matter how long or short your drive is. 

Make sure to follow these safety measures while feeding your baby in a car: 

  • Make sure your seats are safe as per the child and car safety standards. 
  • Read through the instructions in the user manual about how to use the seat and the dos and don’ts. 
  • Know and follow the 2-hour car seat rule. 
  • Do not repair a worn-out car seat, as it can affect your little one’s health. 
  • Never feed your baby in the front car seat, as it may cause motion sickness. 
  • Change your car seats according to your child’s age. The wrong seat choice can lead to suffocation. 
  • See that you don’t leave your baby alone in the car seat. Always have someone travel in the back seat with your child. 

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Dos and don’ts while feeding your baby in a car seat 

Remember these simple etiquettes while feeding your baby in a car seat: 


  • Keep any toys or sharp objects away from the baby’s seat. 
  • Lock the car while feeding your baby in a car seat. 
  • Set the AC temperature to neither too hot nor too cold. 
  • Likewise, fix your car seat at the appropriate angle. 
  • Feed your baby in a car seat that is ECE R44/04 certified. This certification confirms the safety and comfort levels of the seat you use. 
  • Check the quality of the car seat before buying it. 


  • Hang toys from the seat handle. 
  • It is equally important to fasten the car seat if your baby wears a woolen coat or an extra layer of clothing. 
  • In the like manner, place your toys on a grocery cart or any other uneven surface. 
  • Also, don’t forget to clean the car seat regularly and keep it hygienic. 
  • Finally, don’t use accessories along with the car seat if the part doesn’t have the necessary certifications. 

Tips for feeding your baby in a car seat 

Here are some tips that help you feed your baby in a car seat safely: 

  • Don’t feed your baby any solids until they are of an advisable age. 
  • Secondly, wait for a while after you feed your baby. MaEnsureour little one is comfortable and doesn’t show any sickness symptoms after feeding. 
  • Consequently,  see that you maintain your car seat clean and do regular maintenance. 
  • In addition, use car seat covers to prevent the seats from excess heating. 
  • Avoid solid foods such as colored vegetables and fruits, which may mess up your car seat. 
  • Ensure you have an emergency kit in your car while driving with your baby. 
  • You can get a ‘baby on board decal and use it when you travel with your little one. 

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