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3 tips to know before parking by the Hollywood Palladium

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  • Renee Martin
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Parking by Hollywood Palladium won’t come easy. Sunset Boulevard’s vibrant attractions keep the neighborhood buzzing, and car-obsessed Angelenos waste no time in grabbing the closest spots to the theater. It’s no surprise that Hollywood Palladium parking spots get sold out in minutes. But we’ve got you covered – here are three tips to keep in mind when searching for affordable parking near Hollywood Palladium in LA.

The Hollywood Palladium schedule is once again filled with your favorite shows. But before you drive down, spare a few minutes to work out your Sunset Boulevard parking plan. Availability and affordability get you the best LA parking deals – you don’t want to park too far from the theater nor pay a fortune on a parking space. As Los Angeles is one of the busiest cities in the country, finding affordable LA city parking could be tricky, especially around Sunset Boulevard. However, it isn’t impossible. LA parking tickets are the next big challenge – street parking is affordable but too risky unless it is a quick stop. Keeping a tab on time limits and expiring meters is not what you’d imagine doing while attending an event. 

Check out these essential tips for a hassle-free parking experience before your show at Hollywood Palladium. 

#1 Never park in residential neighborhoods without permits 

Due to the high demand and steep rates, you might be tempted to for street parking near Hollywood Palladium. Some of the blocks across Sunset Boulevard are Residential Parking Zones. If you knowingly or unknowingly end up parking on the streets in these areas, expect an expensive LA City parking ticket on the windshield when you return to your car. Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) is quick to spot parking violators. Keep up with LA parking rules and check posted signs to make sure you are not parked illegally. 

Palladium in Hollywood
Codera23, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

#2 Watch out for street cleaning schedules

Street cleaning is in effect once or twice a week across all prominent LA neighborhoods like Hollywood, Venice Beach, Downtown, and Beverly Hills. Look for signage indicating the duration for which parking is restricted during the street cleaning. Usually, this spans over 1-2 hours; however, it varies from neighborhood to neighborhood. If you are unsure about street cleaning schedules, consider going for offsite parking garages in LA. You can find some of the best Hollywood Palladium parking garages online on parking apps or websites like Way.com.  

#3 Reserve your parking by Hollywood Palladium 

Pre-book LA city parking near Hollywood Palladium online. Parking apps make it easier to find the best parking locations in the city. You can also compare parking availability, facilities offered, and rates. Another advantage of  Los Angeles parking apps like the Way app is checking out user reviews of LA parking lots. It is always best to reserve Los Angeles parking in advance when looking for the lowest rates at premium garages near Hollywood Palladium. Most LA parking lots also offer special rates and exclusive discounts on online reservations. Book your spot at the earliest to save more time and money. 

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