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Tips to Avoid Los Angeles Parking Tickets 

  • City Parking
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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If you thought it was challenging to find Los Angeles parking, wait until you start stacking up those Los Angeles parking tickets! You will soon realize how easy it is to find parking when you see how difficult it is to avoid parking tickets. The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) is famously efficient and ensures you get a parking ticket issued without any delay for even the smallest of violations. Expiring a parking meter by even a minute can warrant you with a ticket because of how active LADOT are in their duty. LA has time and again struggled to find solutions to its long-lasting Los Angeles parking problems. Therefore, traffic enforcement cannot take violations easily, and that’s precisely why it is essential to know how you can dodge parking tickets. It is also always best to have Los Angeles parking reserved in advance through websites like Way.com. If you are unsure how that can be achieved, here’s a detailed guide with some quick tips and tricks to avoid Los Angeles parking tickets. 

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Watch Out for Special Parking Zones 

You might see a vacant street parking zone and think that it’s okay to park there. However, if the vacant spot happens to be a blue curb or residential parking zone, you could be in for a rude surprise. Knowing where you can go for Los Angeles parking and knowing where not to help you stay clear from expensive parking tickets. Los Angeles follows a colored curb parking system, and unless you have a disabled parking permit, you will be booked for parking in blue curbs or red curbs (no parking zone). You are also supposed to have a Residential Parking Permit (RPP) to be eligible for parking in residential zones. If you don’t have an RPP, you will be ticketed for parking in residential zones.  

Keep Time Limits Under Check 

Los Angeles Parking

When it comes to street cleaning schedules and parking meter time limits, it is essential to pay attention to time limits. If you don’t pay enough attention to time limits and park for more time than what you are allowed to, you will be booked. There are around 35,000 on-street metered parking spaces, and even so, there is high demand for vacant metered parking spaces, as they offer one of the cheapest alternatives for Los Angeles parking. The majority of metered parking spaces across LA are in effect from 8 AM to 8 PM. Even failing to move your vehicle out a minute late than required could result in a parking citation.  If you have trouble finding street parking, you can always book a spot for LA parking, online through Way.com

Take Your Time to Make Sure You Are Parked Right 

Even if you have the precision of a racing driver, it is always best to double-check your parked car and make sure no wheels are outside the parking space. One of the easiest ways to bag a parking citation is to be charged $35 for failing to comply with parking space markings. Apart from the legal issues, if you overlap the marking and park irresponsibly, you are also taking away the right for another driver to park at a vacant and legal street parking space. When it is challenging to get Los Angeles parking, you are not helping improve the situation by careless parking. Always take enough time to ensure that you are parked legally.  

Do Not Hesitate to Go for Parking Garages 

Good parking is never cheap and cheap parking will not always be good parking. If you genuinely care about your car and want what’s best for your car, do not hesitate about going to parking garages for Los Angeles parking. The best thing about going to Los Angeles parking garages is that you will not be ticketed for an expired parking meter or improper parking. You get access to premium features like contactless parking, and that too for just a dollar or two more. Way.com offers a seamless interface to pre-book your LA parking online at the click of a button.

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