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Life in the Time of Coronavirus: Tips to be Safe from Covid-19

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Life in the time of Coronavirus: Tips to be safe from Covid-19 Outbreak  

As countries slowly start isolating themselves by imposing travel bans and border restrictions to combat the Covid-19 threat – the world faces an even bigger threat in the form of misinformation. This is closely followed by the scavengers and profiteers who exploit the situation for monetary gains. Panic is not the answer to solving the crisis. A calm and collected understanding of the situation and self-care that is what’s important. We’re sharing a few simple DIY tips to stay safe from the Covid-19 outbreak.  

Breaking down Covid-19  

There is an overload of misinformation spread through various online and offline platforms on covid-19. Not only does this misguide the already panicked citizens, but it also negatively impacts the efforts to combat the outbreak. While containment was the focus in the initial stages across the world – to keep it from spreading into a community, the scenario has changed now. The focus today is on mitigation – and that’s why you’re hearing terms like isolation, self-quarantine, travel bans, and shelter in placeRather than wait for the government to impose lawseach citizen should take on the responsibility of containing the spread. It is not just good things that come to a close; bad things do too! For those who are unaffected, make sure you are well protected with your face covered and always use your own vehicles for those limited but necessary travels. Plan and book a parking spot before leaving out for those urgent requirements or supplies.  

Social Distancing  

With more than 6500 positive cases of covid-19 reported in the United States (March 2020), it is the need of the hour to start practicing social distancing. As covid-19 is a respiratory disease that spreads through contact, the most effective way to lower the risk of coming into contact with the novel coronavirus strain is to reduce human contact. Avoid public gatherings, parades, events, and places with common touchpoints like skyscrapers with common elevators and escalators. If you have options to work from home, use that, and avoid traveling to workplaces. If you still need to work from the office, make sure you park close to the workplace to reduce the distance of walking in the streets. For those working on busy cities like New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, having access to a WayPass helps you find parking spots across any part of the city at some of the most affordable rates.  

Shelter-in-place and Safer-at-Home 

A more stringent version of social distancing, the shelter-in-place order is usually issued by local, state, or federal agencies to constrain people in the building they occupy. The idea is to ensure that people don’t come into contact with a threat, which in today’s case, is the novel coronavirus. As the number of covid-19 cases dipped into 6300 with over 100 deaths, six counties of the San Francisco Bay Area went into the status of being shelter-in-place from Monday onwards. On Thursday, in a bid to further stop the outbreak, Governor Gavin Newsom issued a stay-at-home order and has asked all Californians to stay indoors. With the order in effect, you are only allowed to move out of the building for specific circumstances labeled under essential activitiesIf you are traveling for such essential activities, reserve your San Francisco Parking ahead of your travel. The city of New York is also considering introducing a shelter-in-place order.  

Isolation and Quarantine  

If you are somehow infected, don’t panic or lose hope. Our medical professionals are going all out on combating the pandemic. You can also help by reporting the case to your local medical center and go into isolation at the soonest. By doing this, you are not only improving the chances of making a full recovery, but you also minimize the risk of transmitting onto others. As medical facilities are filling up fast, you can also opt for going into quarantine by restricting yourself in a room or building until the incubation period is over. If you are quarantining at home, it is always best to inform everyone you have been in contact with to practice self-quarantine and avoid contact with friends and family as a precaution. Always remember that minimizing contact is the best defense against covid-19 for the time being 

Things to do from home  

The idea of being restricted to a room or house may seem to be dull and tedious at first thought. But you can still have fun and make the best of your time at home, provided you have the energy and ideas. It may be difficult at first, but since most of the public gyms are closed down, consider doing some workouts at home. You can always find DIY tutorials on social media that can even help you build workout equipmentA workaholic who misses office? Well, work from home can be equally fun as in the office. You can still talk to your mates at work through chat platforms, and follow work instructions from your manager at homeWork from home also saves you an hour or two that is usually spent on traveling to work (yay, more time to sleep!) If you aren’t working, chill out with some games on your Xbox or PlayStation. At times of crisis, there will always be free multiplayer games coming to your rescue. Too lazy for games? grab some snacks, and stream your favorite shows. As long as you have the urge to do something, you can always come up with ideas to make your social distancing very interesting indeed.


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