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6 Tips to find parking in Manhattan  

  • Cars Explained
  • Renee Martin
  • 6 minutes

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Manhattan is one of the busiest boroughs in New York City, and finding affordable Manhattan parking is always a challenge. So, should you stop driving around in Manhattan and go for alternatives like cabs or trains instead? Absolutely not! Manhattan is a busy city where cabs and train tickets are pretty expensive. In fact, you can save more money, and time driving your own car than traveling in a cab or train. There is also no shortage of Manhattan parking spaces, but the only problem is that most of the good parking spaces get sold out as soon as they become available. So is it that difficult to find parking in Manhattan all the time? Most people looking for stress-free driving in NYC would come across articles that ask you to park outside the city and then take a train to your destination. Is it the best option, though? Not exactly! Driving around Manhattan is probably the easiest way to get around Manhattan. If you are still unsure about parking, don’t worry, we are here to help you sort out all your parking concerns. Here is a detailed guide to help you get that secure and affordable parking in Manhattan. We also make sure that you don’t end up parking outside the city, so feel free to drive through Manhattan and just follow these simple tips. Pre-book parking in Manhattan online through  Way.com, or download the Way App from App Store or Play Store for hassle-free parking bookings.

6 Tips to find parking in Manhattan  

The basics of finding parking in Manhattan

Driving around Manhattan can be pretty annoying because of the insane traffic, flocks of pedestrians and bicyclists, and the infamous double-parked cars. There is just never enough parking in Manhattan to help every other car in NYC find a parking spot. While the patient ones drive around or pre-book parking, the impatient ones go for double parking. Ensure that you are focusing on the road, or you could end up banging bumpers with a double-parked car. Another thing to remember before venturing out on the streets of Manhattan (or anywhere in NYC for good measure) would be to be on the lookout for taxis that have a habit of cutting drivers off without warning. You also need to have the quality of ignoring honks. As Manhattan’s streets are pretty busy and parking spaces hard to come by, you could come across plenty of impatient drivers who want to go ahead. They won’t care if you are backing up to the parking space or taking time to make sure you don’t end up hitting another parked car. Focus on your job at hand and park without worrying about them.   

Street parking in Manhattan  

parking in Manhattan

Street parking in Manhattan is not something that is highly recommended and should be considered as a last resort to ensure parking in Manhattan. It is always best to pre-book Manhattan parking online through Way.com. Street parking in Manhattan is a mess in most scenarios as people are used to carelessly parking, double stacking, and parking on the painted lines. You could also end up unable to move your car out from the parking space because someone decides to double park like an idiot. Some metered parking spots also have time restrictions like a 1-hour maximum limit. Parking at these locations for more than 1-hour could end up with expensive parking citations, and that’s the last thing we need, right!  

Manhattan street cleaning schedules  

Having an idea about the street clean schedules in NYC can help you save money and lots of unwanted stress. If you are new to New York City, you should consider researching street cleaning schedules and Alternate Side Parking rules. Street cleaning schedules in Manhattan are appliable for each side of a block from either Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday. When street cleaning schedules are in effect, you are not allowed to park for a particular duration. Most of the street cleaning restrictions are usually in effect for around 1.5 – 2 hours at maximum. Regardless, if you don’t want to end up with expensive parking citations in NYC from the department of transportation, best follow the street cleaning schedules.

6 Tips to find parking in Manhattan  

Manhattan metered parking 

Metered parking is in effect across New York City from 6 AM to 7 PM, and this is more or less the same for the parking meters of Manhattan as well. All of the parking meters accept quarters, dollar coins, and parking cards as payment. The mobile app, hotline, and website can all be used for paying for your metered parking in NYC. All the meters marked with a credit card logo also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Network credit cards.  You can also park for free at the metered parking zones on Sundays and holidays like New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.   

Know the signs  

The best way to prevent expensive parking tickets is not to get parking tickets in the first place. If you are careful enough, it’s not difficult as you’d think as well. Always take your time and go through the parking spot. Make sure that there are no parking restrictions like Alternative Side Parking restrictions. If everything looks ok, if it’s a street parking spot, check for time restrictions before confirming your Manhattan parking spot. You can still go for online booking and avoid all these unnecessary hassles by simply booking your Manhattan parking online through Way.com. What’s best about pre-booking is that you can be confident that a parking spot is guaranteed and take your time to reach the parking spot. Most of the NYC parking spots listed on Way.com provide excellent facilities like contactless parking and paved well-maintained lots.   

Take your time and park legally

parking in Manhattan

It’s easy to fall in love with the bad apples in a busy destination like New York City. However, when you get into the company of bad apples and become one yourself, remember you are only making the situation worse. Parking is already pretty congested and hard to come by in NYC, and the last thing we need in cities like Manhattan is to make it even more difficult. Always go for clean parking at zones designated specifically for parking. Make sure you park in a suitable space without overstepping the painted boundaries. Take it slowly and make sure not to hit the bumper of vehicles ahead or behind you. If your parking space is parallel, see to it that you park in the middle of your parking box so that drivers that park left and right of you can leave their cars without trouble. Ignore the constant honking from your impatient colleagues and meet them head-on with a smile.   

If parking in Manhattan was impossible for you, we hope that this guide has helped you make it easier than before. Way.com is your car’s best friend, and we are here for your car. Visit Way.com for more information and helpful parking guides. 

6 Tips to find parking in Manhattan  

Looking for more parking options near youWay.com has you covered – get online or book your parking space through our iOS or Android apps now!

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