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Tips to find the best parking spots in San Diego

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Parking in San Diego is never easy. From expensive parking lots to parking regulations like street sweeping, special event parking, and colored curbs, finding a parking spot in the city of San Diego can be a pain. It is also pretty easy to get parking citations for breach of traffic regulations in the city of San Diego. Navigating through all of these and making sure you get a safe spot for parking can be difficult but not impossible. Continue reading to find out some very useful information that can help you find the best parking spots in San Diego. With that said, the straightforward trick to get the best parking in San Diego remains to be by pre-booking spots online through websites like Way.com and Premium Parking.

Tips to find the best parking spots in San Diego

Know the Color Codes

San Diego is one of the many cities in the United States that feature color-coordinated parking regulations. You can find red, yellow, white, blue, and green colored curbs throughout San Diego. However, what exactly do these colored curbs mean? A short answer to this query would be “specific regulations related to parking!”. A red curb means you are not allowed to park or stop near the curb. Failure to do so, or if any part of your vehicle protrudes into the red curb zone, traffic administration can slap a ticket on you!
On the other hand, white curbs are passenger loading zones where vehicles are allowed to stop to unload and load passengers. These curbs can be found next to hotels and airports. Yellow is similar to white but different because these are commercial loading zones where trucks and commercial vehicles can load or unload goods. Blue curbs are reserved for the disabled, and unless your vehicle displays a disabled license or placard, parking in disabled zones will result in your car getting towed away. Green curbs are short-term parking zones that offer parking for a short span of 15 – 30 minutes.

Book Parking Spots Online

Parking in San DiegoIn the present day, with COVID-19 broadly disrupting ordinary life as it used to be, hygiene and people you interact with play a key role in decision making. Professional parking services like Way.com and Premium Parking offer parking apps that let you park in high-quality parking lots operating in the city of San Diego. Most of such parking apps also provide an insight into what all services a specific parking lot offers. Lots that offer contactless parking is a very much sought out service today, and if you can get access to parking spots that provide all these at affordable rates, why not go book parking spots online? You will never have to worry about finding parking again, and you will have a general idea of the services to expect from the particular parking vendor in the city of San Diego.

Metered Parking Spots Help!

Yes, metered parking spots compared with parking lots and garages offered by parking services like Way.com and Premium Parking are no match. However, they are not bad by any means, and for quick parking in San Diego, metered parking spots can be your best friend. San Diego has a metered parking system that accepts everything from quarters, nickels, dimes, and even pre-paid parking cards. Different meters have different enforcement times, and these are displayed in detail above the parking meter. If you have difficulties finding a vacant parking lot or garage, you can always park in Metered parking zones. Compared to lots and garages, they might be a bit more expensive, but when you have no option to get parking in the city of San Diego, they help!

Just like any challenge, the task of finding parking in San Diego is difficult but not impossible to overcome. If you still struggle to access affordable parking in San Diego, consider following these tips and see if the situation improves for the better.

Tips to find the best parking spots in San Diego

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