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Tips to find the best spots for LA parking

  • City Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 3 minutes

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Looking for vacant LA parking spaces can be tiring at times. Most of the good spots are usually in high demand and get filled up pretty quickly. Los Angeles parking spaces that are vacant are usually pre-booked, offer no value for the rates they offer or have restrictions that limit parking. You don’t need rocket science to know this, but yes, the traffic in LA is brutal, and when you have to find parking in Los Angeles after dealing with heavy traffic, the situation can be pretty frustrating. This is one problem that is the worst at popular attractions like Downtown, Hollywood, and Los Angeles Convention Center. So, how can you find the best LA parking spaces without having to go through all the unnecessary hassles? If it’s the absolute best way to pre-book parking in Los Angeles that you seek, you need to consider pre-booking parking in Los Angeles through Way.com. Alternatives to find the best LA parking spaces are as follows

parking in LA

Early birds get the best parking in Los Angeles

Just like how the famous saying goes, if you are an early bird, you can get instant access to some of the best parking in Los Angeles. If you are looking to get parking in Los Angeles right next to popular attractions, you need to reach the spot as soon as metered parking begins. In LA, metered parking is in effect from 8 AM onwards. However, it should be noted that most of the good spots for Los Angeles parking are in high demand and get sold out within minutes of being available.   

Pre-book LA parking through a parking app

LA parking

Having a parking app downloaded on your android or iOS smartphone is a great way to get instant access to some of the best Los Angeles parking spaces in the city. Downloading the Way App lets you compare prices, read reviews, check parking availability, and reserve parking at the click of a button. You also stand a chance to get great discounts for parking in Los Angeles by booking your parking space through the Way App.   

Check if the hotels you stay in offer parking services

Yes, you read it right. The majority of mainstream hotels in and around Los Angeles offer premium parking for affordable rates. Some hotels that do not have parking may still have partners offering parking nearby for convenient rates. Always check with your hotel and see if they have a parking facility. You can also browse for Los Angeles parking next to all leading hotels through Way.com and choose a spot that meets your requirements.   

Do not forget about these Los Angeles parking rules

Los Angeles has some unique rules and regulations that make it pretty easy to stack up on parking tickets if you are not careful enough. For instance, you cannot park at a public LA parking space for more than a maximum of 72 hours. Failure to do this will result in your car getting towed away. Be on the lookout for street sweeping schedules before leaving your Los Angeles parking spot. Street cleaning schedules are usually displayed on the traffic signboard near your parking space.  

Even if you follow all these essential tips, you could still end up without a vacant LA parking space. However, if you book your parking in Los Angeles through Way.com, you can be assured that a guaranteed spot is readily available when it’s time.  

LA parking

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Make an online booking now, or reserve your parking spot through our iOS or Android apps!

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