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Tips to get Assigned Risk Auto Insurance

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Specific high-risk drivers must obtain assigned risk auto insurance. However, just because you are expected to obtain assigned risk auto insurance does not imply that you must spend a lot. Today, we’ll share some tips on assigned risk car insurance.¬†

What is Assigned Risk Auto Insurance?

Assigned risk auto insurance is a form of high-risk automobile insurance for drivers. A driver who has obtained multiple speeding tickets, traffic violations, DUIs, or at-fault car accidents, for example, may be eligible to obtain designated risk auto insurance.

When you apply for assigned risk insurance, the insurance provider cannot turn you down: the insurance company sets a premium, and any driver willing to pay the price will be able to obtain car insurance. This is the only form of auto insurance available to specific high-risk drivers.

Assigned liability auto insurance plans account for approximately 1% of all car insurance policies in the United States. However, numbers differ significantly between states: North Carolina, for example, has one of the largest residual markets in the country, accounting for approximately 20% of auto insurance premiums.  

The rates of allocated risk auto insurance policies are set for each driver. However, some factors continue to affect the cost of allocated risk auto insurance. Any of these variables, such as your driving background, are beyond your influence. Other considerations, such as the ZIP code where you park your car at night, are under your influence. 



Process of Assigned Risk Auto Insurance

Each state has its risk pool, also known as the residual or mutual market. This is a pool where high-risk drivers can purchase expensive auto insurance plans. The distinct characteristic of the risk auto insurance is that insurers consider policyholders.

In most cases, an insurance agent has the authority to determine whether or not to cover a policyholder. An insurer may want to insure a stable, low-risk driver but not a risky, high-risk driver. The insurance provider does not get to make the final decision for assigned liability car insurance. Any insurer is forced to recognize a certain number of assigned risk drivers under the assigned risk auto insurance scheme.

Allocated liability auto insurance schemes

The number of drivers that an insurance provider would approve is proportional to its size. Drivers may use the designated risk pool scheme to obtain auto insurance for various vehicles, including commercial vehicles, bikes, motorhomes, campers, ATVs, snowmobiles, golf carts, and others. Every state has a market for assigned risk auto insurance. There are four types of allocated liability auto insurance schemes:

  • State-mandated pooling
  • State-funded system
  • Assigned risk plan
  • Reinsurance facilities

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How to qualify for Assigned Risk Auto Insurance 

Assigned risk auto insurance is not like standard automobile insurance in that the premiums are set between insurers. You can pay the same premium for assigned risk auto insurance regardless of which car insurance provider you choose. However, you will not pay the same rate as the other drivers in the allocated danger pool. Your rates will continue to vary depending on factors such as your age, driving record, and ZIP code. In your allocated risk pool, you will also have a variety of policy choices. You can save money by buying only basic liability insurance. It is the bare minimum for driving on the road. You can also add collision and comprehensive coverage for extra protection (at an added cost). 

Tips to qualify for Assigned Risk Auto Insurance

  • Change your ZIP Code:¬†Different insurers charge different rates depending on your ZIP code. Some ZIP codes have a higher rate of break-ins and collisions than others. Changing your ZIP code, for example, by moving to a safer neighborhood will significantly reduce your auto insurance premiums.¬†
  • Opt for basic liability insurance instead of full coverage: Assigned risk auto insurance may provide either basic liability coverage or comprehensive coverage. By rule, most states only provide basic liability coverage, and none require accident or extensive coverage. Insurance schemes that only have basic liability coverage would be the most affordable alternative. Look for a simple liability package if you want low-cost assigned risk car insurance. Avoid purchasing complete coverage plans that provide collision and comprehensive coverages.¬†
  • Improve your credit:¬†In some jurisdictions, your credit score affects your auto insurance premiums. Insurance providers use a credit-based insurance score (also known as an auto insurance score) to determine the policyholder’s risk. You should be able to reduce your auto insurance premiums by raising your credit.¬†
  • Patience is a virtue:¬†As you grow older, your driving past fades. Your at-fault arguments are further back in time. When you get older and more advanced, you gain wisdom. Waiting a year or two may often result in substantial reductions in car insurance rates.

More tips on Assigned Risk Auto Insurance

Each state has its own set of eligibility requirements for assigned risk auto insurance. The most significant criterion, though, is that you have recently been rejected for auto insurance within the last 60 days. Some states require you to be refused at least twice, while others require only one rejection. You may also be eligible for assigned risk auto insurance if you have only found car insurance plans sold at a higher rate than the assigned risk pool’s premiums in the previous 60 days.¬†¬†

Businesses set prices for assigned risk auto insurance. However, such considerations, such as your age, gender, credit score, and policy choices, continue to influence assigned risk auto insurance. If you want the best-assigned risk auto insurance possible, consider having simple liability insurance, which allows you to drive on the road at the lowest possible cost safely. 


Assigned risk auto insurance will never be cheap. However, by following the tips above, you can get the cheapest allocated risk car insurance possible. Three years is the average allocated risk duration. After three years of paying for assigned risk auto insurance, you should be able to re-enter the voluntary market. 

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